Do Jews Control The World?

by Quinton on April 17th, 2013

With the addition of Dreg Hunter to the site I thought now would be a great time to ask the question, do Jews run the world?

Are they in control of our world religions?

Do they tie into many of the power structures throughout the world such as the Vatican, royal families and secret societies?

Are there certain types of Jews that control the world or are all Jews the same? What do we mean when we say Jew? Are we talking race? Are we talking Ideology?

Where do these Jews descend from? Are Jews originally from the Hebrews and Jacob, or is there a lot more to where they come from?

What is the difference between a Jew and a non-Jew?

I, myself, find the Jews to be a big part of the world conspiracy and think there is a lot of trickery going on with them. I don't think they are the main players behind the conspiracy, but I think they are greatly involved and used by other groups. I don't think the conspiracy is a fully Jewish conspiracy, but again, that depends on what we mean by Jew. If we are talking a type of person then maybe. If we are talking race, then maybe not. It depends.

I have a lot more to say but I'd be interested to first hear what you guys think, and in particular Dreg Hunter. Tell us what you really think Dreg Hunter :)

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Silenci030310: I agree with quiton. They

I agree with quiton. They have a part to do with it. I dont think all of them are like that just those that abuse there power to control others for example the rothschilds. I wanna read what dreg hunter has to say and everyone opinion on it too.

Terran resistance: yes but which jews?

there are many groups who are claiming jewish status even though they are not jews...Also lots of masonic jews worship different gods, some worship the god who took them out of Egypt, literally moses!! Who is believed to be the heavenly father, while some jews in particular kabbalist jews (who are fake jews, hitler is more jewish than this lot) worship joseph from the bible (earthly father, quite the contrast really), Then there are hebrews who are the orginal Jews. Then there is the khazer jews, which could possibly be related to julius caesar (etymology, caesar, Tsar, kaiser,khan, king) who worship fuck knows who...

AND that is only on the grounds of religion not ethinicity (apart from the hebrews).

Terran resistance: lets not forget

Kazakhstan, which has some of the weirdest geopolitics in the world let alone with surrounding regions, its gets on well with Russia, USA, China, this is impossible.

Pyramid in kazakhstan

star of david on the pyramid aswell (slightly altered, plausible deniability).

its not a war torn country at all, last time I checked they were helping india with making thermal missiles as new and deadly killers

Terran resistance: who kabbalist jews really worship

they worship Samael the arch angel, kabbalists are largely masonic so believe in transcendent gods through time so samael is the equivalent of Joseph from the bible who marries the harlot Lilith in jewish mythology, this is the Satanic aspect of judaism that most conspiracy theorists talk about but dont understand the WHY part of the equation.

these are not jews! they are claiming to be jews afterall.... jews are the people that can do no wrong! This is why they are claiming to be jews. Nazism and Kabbalism and interlinked they are apart of a larger agenda to undermine the hebrews. The real god of the hebrews is the all seeing eye... which is synomous with the star david.

Terran resistance: kabbalist fake jews

Masonic hand gesture for the kabbalists:

They also sometimes claim to be A-theist, which is also to confuse, when we trace the orgins of the letter A we find that it comes from the hieroglyph for a bull (which is highly controversial).

V symbol is actually a nazi symbol aswell, I wonder why...

the kabbalists and hebrews are fighting each other.

Terran resistance: netanyahu

netanyahu is a nazi!

these are the guys trying to fulfil the book of revelations in order for israel to be exterminated off the face of the earth. They hate jews! In order to bring about a 1000 year reich, or a 1000 years of samael should I say....

Revelation 20:7
"When the thousand years are over, Satan will be released from his prison"

Terran resistance: according to legend

the god of the kabbalists gave the god of the hebrews a blind eye, hence forth he was the all seeing eye.... This is seen in the bible as the story as barnabas and paul, where Paul declares he has a thorn the flesh which was given to him by satan... the thorn in the flesh is a reference to him being blind in the eye... Barnabas is known as Joseph from the Bible according to freemasonry. Apostle barnabas worshippers verses paulists. as for the alien connection, Hyades cluster and betelgeuese (COUGH), sorry couldnt help myself...

Terran resistance: p.s

sorry for hijacking your post XD

Dreg Hunter: That was all excellent stuff

That was all excellent stuff TR!!! Thanks for sharing!

Terran resistance: your welcome :)

honestly i could talk all day about it...

by no means am I saying the hebrews are the good guys in all of this, but they get blamed for alot of things that other "fake jews" do.

the hebrews in kazakhstan (the all seeing eye squad) are definitely gearing up for that country to be the new capital of the world, that is if another rogue group doesnt stop them.

most conspiracy theorists think that there is only one agenda and one group involved with the nwo, but there is actually several fighting each other.

the elites of the all seeing eye sqaud for starters are probably related to apollonius of tyana who went to france (jesus bloodline) and maybe maybe caesar. Which is ironic because alot jews dont believe in jesus....

Also by no means are all joseph worshippers kabbalists either, some of them are fans of aleister crowley, laveyanism, freemasonry is the new world religion with all relgions of the world, old and new added together. not all freemasons worship satan theres many gods in freemasonry...

bluesbaby5050: @ Quinton.....My answer is - YES THEY DO !

These Jewish Luciferians follow their HIGHLY SECRET UNholy book ,The BABYLONIAN TALMUD RIGHT TO THE LAST LETTER! The Jewish Luciferian MOTIVE IS TO: Steal from US,to RAPE Our Woman, and To SACRIFICE Our Children to SATAN, and To Keep US INSLAVED UNTIL DEATH ! The American Heritage Dictionary discribes as " The Consituting Basis of Religion Authority for Traditional Judaism," and the Merriam Webster Dictionary" calls "The Authoritive Body of Jewish Tradition" to Communicate Anything to a GOY about our religion would be EQUAL to Killing All Jews, for if The GOYIM KNEW what we teach about them,"THEY WOULD KILL US OPENLY. "LUCIFERIANISM JEWS = DECEIT." YOUR Absolutly Correct Quinton in your Complete Statement about the Jewish Control of EVERYTHING, and the Reptilians, and their Hybred - Offspring are all in this TOGETHER. These are The Plain FACTS Folks.

Dreg Hunter: Thank you Quinton!!!

Thank you Quinton!!!

The who's who of jewry is a deep rabbit hole in which most will tire in traversing. Doing so is a daunting and unfruitful experiment in frustration and it's for a reason. Everything is for a reason. This particular one is to further obfuscate the identity of the real players in the New World Orders' grab for a future of communism.

This is no small thing to these people. They know that if they fail, we will kill every last one of them for what they've done to all of us, our animal friends and planet earth itself.

That said, we might ask the following; How have they managed to survive the repeated wiping out and forced removal of themselves by peoples from every country on earth over the last several thousand years?

Could it be because they're very, very good at hiding their identities?

The answer is obvious. This is why we cannot allow ourselves to get caught up in the good jew, bad jew game. We must hold all their feet to the fire and while doing so we might come across a few who turn against their own. The next question is are those good or bad? Likely the latter will be true, just turncoats.

So, we're back to square one. Don't play good jew bad jew at all. Anyone who belongs to a group that uses the Talmud needs to be eradicated like vermin. We cannot safegaurd any minority when it means a horrific slaughter and loss of our republic for the majority.

This is war against mankinds greatest foe. And let's not forget that they created the wars we're currently in which 9 out of 10 being killed are completely innocent, non combative, non strategic men, women and children just like us and ours.

They've litterally killed 260 million of us, gentile innocents in just the last century. So, how much time should we waste worrying about maybe 1 out of every 100 of them being anything other than bad? It's a no brainer. Be it unfortunate for some, it is also a must. We have no options. All known jews are bad jews and the ones who aren't known are often worse.

So, go with what you know first and sort the rest out along the way. I'm very curious to find out if there's anything we can ask a jew or other luciferian to out them. Does anyone know of a simple question that would work? ie; something like "Do you solemnly swear to denounce satan/evil and to oppose all of those who don't from this day forward"?

Could it be that simple? I think we're going to find out!

All the Best,


Tarheel: EnLiL's chosen peeps.

To answer your question...methinks YES.


imagine dragons88: Is it not the jesuit general

Is it not the jesuit general or the black pope who mostly controls the world?

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