The Divine Feminine

by M3RT0M on March 15th, 2013

Many of us have been programmed by society to buy into the patriarchal cycle of war, aggression, ego and materialism but these energies are changing.

According to Drunvalo Melchizedk, the earth goes through 12,000 year cycles between masculine and feminine energies. Right now, we are at the end of the masculine energy where wars seem endlessly continuous while material and ego run rampant. The masculine / patriarchal cycle has come to an end.

Enter the Divine Feminine. As the energies transition, we will notice a change in how we perceive our connections to self, others and nature. This doesn't mean that a man will be less of a man, but he will become more cognizant of the feminine side that we all encompass. The women of this planet already know and have experienced the male side, which also has its benefits, such as The Divine Feminine being known as the protector, feeder of the family, muscular strength and scientific intellect. But through time, this turns into ego, competition, war, control and materialism until the cycle runs its course.

At some point in time, the energies will level off until the point where the Divine Feminine takes over. Similar to the Divine Masculine, the cycle does not end in a favorable way, as there is over-nurturing, famine and disease.

Ultimately, there should be a consistent balance between these energies.

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bluesbaby5050: Drunvalo Melchizedk is another great teacher.............

And he has HIS OWN WEBSITE, and he also has many books on the internet, and in the book stores, and he covers a wide range of Spiritual materials also. He speaks about the workings of the Inner spiritual bodies, and your Higher Self, and on all Aliens, and all about them, and he covers materials about the nature of the Universe also. He is from the higher dimentions, and has come back to this plane of existence, to help Humanity evolve. He is also found on YouTube as well. I have studied alot of his works. I recommend him also.

Tarheel: Balance is The Key.

Strike a balance and you are on your way to heightened consciousness. This certainly is a step in the right direction.

Good work, M3RT0M.

Starperson: This post stays with me

Never let it be said that I don't put some serious time and thought into the teachings and opinions that I read on this site. I printed your post on PAPER last spring, and shared it with many of my teachers, mentors and students. You did such a good job explaining a basic truth in a simple and easy to understand way.

I have also been keeping up with the teachings of Drunvalo Melchizedk since you cited him in your writings. I have been noticing this shift in consciousness directly in line with your post. The Divine Feminine is not a threat to the male, macho compliments it. When fully understood as a truth in one's spiritual development, the Divine Feminine allows us all to accept previously difficult lessons about ourselves and our enlightenment.

Anyway, I wanted to send you a late response with my sincere thanks for what I believe is a valuable truth for all. Love and light

Tarheel: Good re-boot of a relevant topic

I would caution all NOT to confuse Divine Feminine/Divine Masculine with Matriachal/Patriarchal.

Matriarchal incorporates the ideas of Patriarchal and adds to it.
Patriarchal sees itself as superior.

I truly believe we're on a road to Matriarchy. I'm just not sure it will be here soon enough.
I hope this helps.

Sky: makes sense 1/2 of the MAZZORTH cycle goes to each gender

However, this still is planet Earth (home of several allien types with no known billing DSM DIAGNOSIS for insurance companies or forensic institutions) is still not even close to a economy priced honey moon. However, speaking of real life honey moons. Those honey moon real vacations that are done by newly weds in line with their realistic regular affordable lifestle tend to have more successful marriages since returning to work is not so dreadful. I LEARNED THIS FROM A WORK SHOP ON MENTAL HEALTH TO RENEW A MENTAL HEALTH PROFESSION LICENSURE FOR CEUS. So heaven may may vary depending on how many times one has to come back to earth and GET IT to use my FAVORITE idiomatic slang-expression as it were. This latter part is of course my opion. I hope their are exceptions such as myself--I am being humorous so I believe with undertow of truth as my hunch. [Guys have hunches and women have intuition]

Sky: don't like my sweeping generalization about alliens said previou

Many alliens are wonderful. I do believe many alliens are multidimensional beings for good or bad and draw on existing micro Allen's that the Gnostics of old mention regarding Sophia who drew our attention to. When one experiences micro like alliens, that are allien to our maturity, to say the least, consider the following. I am taking about alliens that can tweak havoc in insidious or obvious ways (hopefully not me) on us much like the money system does via the Federal Reserve. Here follows a strong rebuke that I heard from JOHN LASH author of NOT IN HIS IMAGE. Here follows a quote I wrote as best able late at night listening to John Lash on the topic of dealing with sociopathic entities on utube.


This I feel may help dismiss the caos of allien MIND parasites can play on us when experiencing them. Try catching them before they descend to the lower power centers of your body. This can even curtail robotic half-life stuff in our brothers and sisters as it were including outsiders. I hope it helps. I realize no one asked. This came to mind in noticing the short comings in my post just above this one here. I write this out of a hunch so pardon such certainly I write in. However, this may not be for you at all and you would then please seek assistance that is trustworthy to your support network.

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