Divide and Conquor or Unite and Work together? What will it be Adamu

by Annunaki77 on September 6th, 2019

Our Enemies work hard at hurting Humanity, let's work together to see what the System is doing and do the opposite. Our Enemies want to destroy our Human family we say I don't think so. We love you all.

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Annunaki77: Billions of Humans are here ,

Billions of Humans are here , and we find it amusing how some regressive ETs work hard by deceiving Adamu

Annunaki77: Do not believe the News Media

Do not believe the News Media , Do not believe in this corrupt system, Do not comply with regressive Laws , it is time to defend Humanity to defend innocent people Worldwide

Annunaki77: Let's create a Society of

Let's create a Society of Contribution , a Society of Love and Power as ONE , that will save Humanity from Chaos and Insanity, Love and Power as ONE, not Greed and Mental illness, This will change our beloveds

bluesbaby5050: Let's create a society of contribution

A society of Love, and Power, as ONE. Yes, Annu77, I greatly agree with you! Welcome back my dear Annunaki 77! I've missed you on this forum, but I've always felt your presence, and your support in my life. So many of your family on this forum will be excited to see your still watching πŸ‘€ over us, humanity πŸΊπŸ¦…πŸ¦…πŸ¦…

Tarheel: agreed

I second that emotion.

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