The distance emerged by each step take painted dust consequence fades behind us.

My first rant offered not as answer, rather meant to stretch form beyond the minds boundaries.

Kangaroosatvas caught in cycles of endless rebirth eforting to free their fractals selves from ignorance. The noble quest to wed in a subjective truth relying on a unified field projecting creation formed a pyramid.
Hop and run towards the light find by extension expanding the circumference of darkness.

Trapped in the bifrocated prism layered minds fracture in belief of time and space reside clutching relational ignorance. In currents of the conjoined compact shared spun within a quantum ring of three dimensional constructs. Blind in imagined disjointedness of their contiguous wholeness in the silent still offered as canvas for the cocreative conjuring of circumstance.
In this present fullness before measure of uncircumscribed consciousness and wherein probability unfolds through center-less entropy.

This is really not a Fifth dimensional awareness given the acquiescence of numbers and division of space in compartmentalizations. The hole and the whole as relative reflections are experienced clear absent origin or destination.

The concurrent navigation of the separated idea of self given rise to travel through light tethered to a notion one is solid. The dream within try to achieve superconductivity being the very thought that things are apart. They are the kangaroosatvas.

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Mark Richard Nichols: Kangaroosatvas


Mark Richard Nichols: Kangaroosatvas by Mark

Kangaroosatvas by Mark Nichols

Mark Richard Nichols: Savior complex

Kangaroosatvas by Mark Nichols pursue an impulse to return endlessly in the role of liberator.

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