Discovery Channel’s ‘Eaten Alive’ Will Show A Man Being Swallowed By Anaconda

by bluesbaby5050 on November 9th, 2014

Discovery Channel’s ‘Eaten Alive’ will a show man being swallowed by an anaconda. The Discovery Channel is looking to put a stranglehold on Sunday TV rating next month by airing a special that will show a filmmaker being 'eaten' by an anaconda while wearing a 'snake-proof' suit. Filmmaker Paul Rosolie in a clip from 'Eaten Alive.'- Next month, the Discovery Channel will air a reality TV special that will show a man being swallowed whole by an anaconda.

But the Dec. 7 show, called "Eaten Alive," is no snuff film.

The filmmaker who gets “eaten,” Paul Rosolie, survived the stunt and has been tweeting promos to the bizarre jungle special.

Rosolie wears a snake-proof suit during the stunt.

In clips released by Discovery, Rosolie wears a protective "snake-proof" suit and breathing apparatus during his tangle with the beast.

In one shot, he appears to be tethered to something as he wades through ankle-deep muck toward the massive creature. In a post on his website, Rosolie, a conservationist, author and purported Western Amazon expert, defended himself against critics who claimed he and his crew were hurting animals for financial gain.

"In the days leading up to Eaten Alive on Discovery Channel, I understand that many people have questions. All I can tell you now is that all my work is based around the fact that wildlife and ecosystems today, across the globe, are at a critical moment. No group of animals so much so as apex predators," Rosolie. - For those worried about animal cruelty, I invite you to research my work — read my book," he added. "Then ask yourself: would this person ever hurt an animal?"

News of the new special comes on the heels of another Discovery ratings coup. -

The channel' cameras were rolling in Chicago Sunday as high-wire artist Nik Wallenda completed two tightrope walks between Chicago skyscrapers.

The special, which had a 10-second delay in case Wallenda fell, drew nearly 6 million viewers.

Last year, a major network was planning a similar heart-thumping jungle special, called "Manaconda," but it never made it to air, Entertainment Weekly reported. -

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