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The PTB (powers that be) have a long history of showing their hand "in plain sight". As you will read in many posts on this sight, the truth is often...right in front us.

The following video is from The Disclosure Project led by DOCTOR Greer. What they are attempting to disclose is proof of ET.

When you watch this video, do not pay attention to DOCTOR Greer...keep your eyes focused on the man to his left.

Was something not disclosed? You be the judge.

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Crackdown: There are some problems with that "Disclosure Project"

And I completely agree with a comment of Freesa, uploader of this torrent:

I payed for this movie strictly so I could share it with the people. I find it absolutely ridiculous a film that was funded by the people is pay to watch. This movie deserves to be freely accessible by everyone, not removed from sharing sites like Youtube and so on.

I also find it funny this movie preaches against the rich keeping people from free information and intuitive developments, yet they themselves are suppressing the information you and I payed to have, but only at a cost

bluesbaby5050: The Man to the Left of Dr.Greer is................

Controlling the speech/words of Dr. Greer though the movements of this mans facial twitchings of his cheeks, and the blinking of his eyes, and these are clues as to how this man is able to control Dr. Greer's speech. I have seen this done with many top military officers, and this is also done with the many top leaders of countries. The mind controllers usually stand or sit to the left of the speaker, or they will sit to the left, and just a little behind these people. Sometimes you will see 2 people controlling the speech of the person talking, and they will stand closely to the speaker, and on both sides, and stand just behind the person speaking. These people speaking are just puppets as you will see. Just watch closely as Greer speaks, and when he pauses, take notice of the man to the left of Dr. Greer, because this man is giving SIGNALS though the movements of his eyes by blinking a certain number of times, and doing the same though the twitching of his left cheek, and by way of coaching what to say, and when to say it by using Mental Telepathy. The movements are in synk with the words of Dr. Greer's speech. You will see this taking place during many important gatherings. When president Obama gives speeches, the controller/controlling person will sit behind, or stand as close as they can get to the president, and they will twitch, and blink with rapid eye, and cheek movements, and this will be in synk with Obama's speech. The controllers will say what they want the speaker to say by way of using Mental Telepathy along with the twitching of the cheek, and the eye blinking. And this happens with many top government people in places of power. This is very common. You will notice this as you become aware of high profile people when they are speaking during meetings, or during important events.

Karoline: Dr Steven M Greer disclosure video:

I have just watched the above disclosure video. If you go to
Are UfOs created by humans?
It is clear that the whole UFO new age movement has been manufactured by humans along with the actual UFOs.
It all started with Nikola Tesla. Who needs ETs when the Elites have already staged the whole performance without them.

Tim Lovell: Karoline its obvious you are

Karoline its obvious you are biasd towards this point of view and that's fine anyone can belive what they want, but the only `ufo` the americans have that they made is the flying triangular `tr3b` (if that's its name` this ships drive created about 83% mass reduction so the 2 corners have boosters to eliminate the rest to make it float , the `ufos` that ETs use are entirely different , the tr3b could never convert to fine matter to travel thru time (no 3d space) 4d time to conquer the interstellar distances anyway its everyones views here not just mine!

dvogel: Well there might be more

human made UFOs. According to my knowledge it seems that the Americans as well as the Germans made disk shaped aircrafts going at trenmendous speed.

However not the interstellar kind.

Like these

Karoline: All part of the illusion:

The new world order will be ran by the same group of Elites that have been running the old world order - as a business.They hedge their bets both ways, they start the wars, they end the wars. Humans have been making UFOs since the advent of WW11 and such suppressed technologies could be used to replace oil and nuclear power. So the Elites create the new age movement to get the public interested in extra terrestrial beings. From top down we are bombarded with ski-fi literature to implant the concept of alien visitation. Meanwhile humans on Earth continue to churn out the UFOs and the Nazi war criminals flee to South America and continue their genetic experiments. The concept of alien visitation is starting to take shape. Enter the disclosure project to stand up for the public and Bingo - the scene is set. The public gladly receive the new world order, they need protection from the aliens (which were created here on Earth along with their craft). Protection is given (for a price) - alien craft are intercepted, the public are grateful. The oil and nuclear assets remain untouched and the Elites hold on to their dosh. You've got to hand it to the Elites, they are incredibly shrewd business men. And still not a genuine ET anywhere in sight.

I see no interstellar space stations or star ships in
only motionless splodges.

Karoline: Anything you say gorgeous!

OO my little green banner dwindles by the day (I have this effect on people)
I repeat: says otherwise.
but Tim...

Jynxallen: Go to the beginning to look

Go to the beginning to look for answers and then u will find the questions that have no answer.

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