Difference between red and white ufos

So have a serious question about the difference between red and white UFOs. I've had close experiences with both. They give me different vibes.

White ones are intriguing, and it's like they know I'm watching them or talking about them, and they give us a "show". My first experience was with a friend in a car. We were driving at night when a white light about the size of two SUVs, appeared on the ground about 20-30 ft off the side of the road. When. It lit up, my friends car showered down the lights flickered and the music cut out making a weird buzzing sound that felt like it was inside my head. It felt like about 15-20 seconds, but when the light took off away from us, towards the atmosphere, the car was back to normal and the song was at the same spot like it never happened. My friend and I were both freaked out but excited about what just happened.

About a year ago my friends would sit outside from 12pm to sometimes 5am watching them zip around. I thought that maybe it was a military tech kept in secret, but what I saw one night made me know it was other worldly. We were sitting in a circle watching the light that was almost playing with us. Zipping back and forth, coming in and out, of what looked like a portal. Than we saw a bright light coming through the trees. The light was pointing directly at us, as if we were going to be abducted. Then I heard this whooshing sound, subtle, almost like wind. It was at the moment I realized it was some kind of military jet. It was moving so slow I thought it was going to fall on us. Then out of nowhere the white light appeared in front of the jet, sat there for a second or two, before leading the jet away.

The red one though..uuugh...talk about creepy... I was at a friend's house with some friends around a fire late at night. My brother, friend 1, and I are already believers, so we are talking about the shit we think, know, or have seen. Friend 2, and friend 3 are non-believers and were talking about trucks.

I decided to walk up to friend 2, and said "I hope you see a good damned ufo tonight!". Right as I ended my sentence my brother yells "what the fuck is that!?!". We all looked over and less than a football field away was a big red glowing light that had a black center, was slowly floating across the tree line. The light was so bright that even the trees below were making shadows from the red light as it went by them. It slowly lowered into the trees than dimmed down to blackness, landed just inside of the tree line out of view.

I asked friend 2&3 "sooooo what's you're excuse for that?" They tried saying it was a plane crashing or a meteor. Obviously wasn't either of those. We all were creeped out like it was sitting there stalking us. So we went inside to go to bed at about 11 pm.

Later that night I woke up just after 3 am. I was shaking, covered with cold sweats, and terrified about SOMETHING.... Idk what... I managed to calm myself down and fell back asleep.

Later the next day my brother and I woke up, and I told him what happened. He went white and proceeded to tell me he had the exact experience at 3 am. When friend 2, woke up we asked him where friends 1&3 went. He said they must have left already because their car was gone. I then told friend 2 about what happened to me and my brother, and that maybe they felt it too and booked it. Friend 2 told me "shut the fuck up..." and put his hands over his ears and walked away.

A few weeks later my brother noticed something under his skin at the base of his neck between his vertebrae. He though it was a pimple and told me to see if I could get it. When I looked at it, the first thing I said was "that's not a pimple, you have a stinger in your skin. Did you get stung?" I took tweezers and tried pulling the little black thing out. When the tweezers hit it, it made a *tink* sound like it were metal on metal. I got ahold of it the best I could but it felt as if it pulled itself back in deeper. I couldn't find it again.

About a year after that I asked my (now ex)wife to try to pop "a pimple" in the crease of the back of my ear. She said it had a black thing in it. I immediately remember the black thing in my brothers neck...but mine is near my ear drum. When i tap the bump it sends a *thud* almost like tapping a microphone at sound check. It's creeped me out ever since.

So what the deal with the white ones being humbling and the red ones being terrifying?

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Fromdahbush: Sorry about the typos

When it lit up, my friends car slowed* down.

Fromdahbush: @bluebaby5050


bluesbaby5050: When it lit up....

My friends car slowed down. That's because the occupants of the ship caused it to, so you would see the ship. They wanted you to see it. Did you have loss of time? Did you notice any strange markings on either of you after? Did you two feel any strange or unusual symptoms? Strange dreams? If yes , please post them here and share. We all are still learning and researching. Thanks.

bluesbaby5050: Colored space crafts....

They come in many colors, because of their origins, and whether they are metallic or plasma lightships. The plasma ships are living organic beings that are organic living lightships, and they will change colors, and some seem to bounce around sometimes. They travel innerdimentionally. Some use ships, and some ETs use their own LIGHT bodies to travel around. Some do it in groups as well. Orange crafts are said to be from our own world governments that are allied with on, and off world ETs with their shared agandas.

Fromdahbush: Now that you say it, my buddy

Now that you say it, my buddy who's house we were going to asked what took so long and it was almost an hour later...when he lived only maybe 10 mins from where we left and it was maybe 200-300 yards from his drive way...as for makings I didn't notice any, but about 6 months later maybe longer I partially ruptured my spleen and paralized half of my large intestine, doctor's had "no idea" how...

As for the dreams I rather regularly wake up at 3-4 am like something important just happened but I can't remember what exactly. Used to dream alot...

My brother, the one mentioned in the post, gets extremely vivid dreams. He's been in a white room on a weird metal chair holding a massive baby on his lap. He said the head of the baby was double the size of his head. Had massive blue eyes, and the baby seemed to communicate to him by telekinetics, not words but with feeling, as if the baby was telling him he's the father, but he couldn't talk back.

bluesbaby5050: Your brother....

Is a Daddy! He has a hybrid baby and gets to visit with him! That's great! Wow! Next time he should ask from what star system, and ask to remember the name. What is his baby's name? Sex/gender? What's his mom look like? Did he get to see her? Was she artificially inseminated? Or by the usual method? 🤔 😉

bluesbaby5050: The baby hybred......

Spoke to your brother, by telepathic method. Mental telepathy. Telekinesis is to mentally move objects, such as bending spoons, bouncing a Ball using your mind to will it into moving. Turning lights off and on, and any electrical objects. Many more examples are known.

Fromdahbush: Yeah I tend to get those

Yeah I tend to get those mixed up. I'm in my mid 20s so im new to this basically stuff just started happening (I noticed) about 7 years ago.

Fromdahbush: I told him that too but he

I told him that too but he has a hard time believing... He did mention, when the baby was on his lap he saw a very tall blonde woman with big blue eyes, like the babies, standing in the door way smiling.

bluesbaby5050: His mother.......

That's his mom. He should be happy to have that ET family. He could learn so much, UNCLE!!! 😀

Fromdahbush: What race looks like that?

What race looks like that? Tall, well over 6 ft, light blond hair and big blue humanish eyes. Most likely they're friendly towards us. Giving what he felt from the dream, it wasn't fear.

bluesbaby5050: They could be.....

The tall Nordics, or the Tau Cetis, or the Pleiadians, that share your descriptions of her. Yes, they are friendly towards us, because we share some long history with them. Many of us are family to them. Your also related to them by blood. You could be a father too. You both have tracking devices inserted so your starseed family can find you, and stay united. I hope your wife doesn't get jealous, if you find out your a Daddy too.

Fromdahbush: I'm divorced hahaha I'll go

I'm divorced hahaha I'll go with them any day hahaha

Fromdahbush: Just talked to my brother.

Just talked to my brother. The woman he saw wasn't a dream that was the spirit of our stepsister that passed away that was looking into his room. Different occasion. Still paranormal tho!!! hahaha

Fromdahbush: Its not all good... I hope he

Its not all good... I hope he joins!

bluesbaby5050: The man in all black......?

That sounds like George Carlin! 😂 😀🤧😃

bluesbaby5050: Just kidding!

I was just kidding. George passed away a few years ago, and is missed by many. Seriously, tell me more about your possible sell out. IF you don't mind. This is a very open minded forum, site, and we welcome all your experiences. It is a great relief to tell your stories of your life right on this site. It helps so many people in many ways. Don't ever feel alone, or ashamed to open up and to trust others of like mind. Believe me I shared many of my own on here, after I felt comfortable here. I'm female. Just thought you would like to know.

Fromdahbush: I had a feeling you were

I had a feeling you were female tho. I'll start another forum for my brothers dreams. I'll also start one about the times I hear people's thoughts (post implant)

Fromdahbush: Hahahahahaha


Fromdahbush: (No subject)
Fromdahbush: Bahahahahahahahaha sorry

Bahahahahahahahaha sorry bluesbaby5050 I had to steal it hahaha

bluesbaby5050: George Carlin was my favorite

My favorite comedian ever. He spoke about everything! I've posted on him on here before, under - the section of people. Look it up. This forum loves him too. 💕

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