Did the et turn animals in the humans

by kaleohrile on December 20th, 2017

i see humans faces that look like animals , i what to know if et at some point took animals and made them in to humans because the need more labor , the reason i ask i seen woman and man that have faces like that
i know it be a good questions to ask , thanks and happy x mas stay safe and have fun !

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bluesbaby5050: Did the ETs turn the animals into humans?

The Anunnaki needed a strong worker to mine the ore from the mines of Earth to use the gold to stabilize their home planet because their atmosphere wasn't strong enough to block out all the harmful rays from outta space. And it was also used as an anti aging agent when mixed propertly with other ingredients. So the genetic scientist's used a primate that was suitable to mix the DNA of the Anunnaki with that chosen primate's DNA and combined them for the final worker to use in the mining operations. This project took a while to get the final results because there was many failures until they got the desired results. As time went onward, those same scientists performed many experiments that had combined human DNA with other animals to get the centaurs that were half man and half horse. And the DNA of humans and the bulls was combined to get the Minitors. And very many other hybrids were created using the same methods to see what those would be like by studing them. After a long while there were so many mixed up creations you could not tell what the creature was and they suffered alot. A great flood was used to destroy those abominations because they were creating chaos with the other inhabitants that also lived on this planet. Very many other ETs also visited this planet and tinkered with the human races down thoughtout Earth's history and that's why the races of this planet are so diverse in colors and cultures in different regions. This planet is a living library of DNA and flora and fauna in the air on the lands and in the seas.

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