Did earth use to have three suns?

According to Contactee Alex Collier we used to have three suns but is there evidence for this?


on the Sumerian tablets!

On the Sumerian tablets they had three sun gods:

Notice the three men on top of the solar disk?

This is very similar to the story of the three wise men in the bible who people often mistaken to be a symbolic representation of Orion's belt but this is not the case at all since these three wise men were in fact sun gods and in freemasonry they believe that three wise men represents the sun as well.

Masonic picture with three suns:

Masonic bowl with three suns:

so what happened to our second sun and third sun?

In China an atmospheric effect makes there look like the appearance of two suns in the sky but what if it isn't an atmospheric effect?

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Quinton: There most certainly could

There most certainly could have been. Here is a more philosophic take on it by Manly P. Hall:

The solar orb, like the nature of man, was divided by the ancient sages into three separate bodies. According to the mystics, there are three suns in each solar system, analogous to the three centers of life in each individual constitution. These are called three lights: the spiritual sun, the intellectual or soular sun, and the material sun (now symbolized in Freemasonry by three candles). The spiritual sun manifests the power of God the Father; the soular sun radiates the life of God the Son; and the material sun is the vehicle of manifestation for God the Holy Spirit. Man's nature was divided by the mystics into three distinct parts: spirit, soul, and body. His physical body was unfolded and vitalized by the material sun; his spiritual nature was illuminated by the spiritual sun; and his intellectual nature was redeemed by the true light of grace--the soular sun. The alignment of these three globes in the heavens was one explanation offered for the peculiar fact that the orbits of the planets are not circular but elliptical.

dvogel: However of the 3 suns

mentioned only 1 is physical. As each planet is supposed to have a spirit and a soul, the sun problably will have that as well.

Terran resistance: you clearly haven't heard of...

you clearly haven't heard of the triple moon goddess then
also moon goddesses come in groups of three as well, hazard a guess why?

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