Descendants of the Annunaki

Here is a somewhat accurate review of the timeline of Earth and the arrival of the Family of Anu/Annunaki et al. and Nibiru etc , I think it is very enlightening tho I think that Nibiru origionated in another part of the galaxy and was moved/flown here as it is a vessel planet , but this is a very valuble article , enjoi...

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bluesbaby5050: Niberu also has it's very own smaller planets, and planetoids

And asteroids within it's own, Niberu system, and some of the Anunnaki tribes inhabit them also. Not all the Anunnaki are living inside Niberu, because it is a War vessel, and has an actual crew aboard it. It also has another starship vessel that is a Lyran Federation Flagship, Pelegai.

Pelegai is the last of the remaining original flagships of the Galactic Federation Council from Lyra. It was built during the time of the First Grand Experiment on the planet Avyon, the First Earth in the Vega Star system of the Lyra Constellation. Pelegai is the forerunner and higher dimensional version of Nibiru.

Pelegai was one of the few ships that survived the First Great Galactic War which destroyed the planet Avyon as well as the colonies on neighboring planets in the Vega star sytem of Lyra where the humans had migrated. Those who survived the war were taken to Sirius B aboard the remaining ships still operable.

Members of both the House of Aln and the House of Avyon live on Pelegai at this time. This means that Humans, Reptilians, Felines and Carians all live and work on this starship.

As with Nibiru, Pelegai is like a very bright eight pointed star. Its symbol is a winged horse flying through a triangle surrounded by a circle. This symbol represents Pelegai’s level of access to all stargates up through and including the 9th dimension of our universe. Only civilizations that have achieved a great degree of integration are given this level of access to the dimensional stargates by the Founders.

Tim Lovell: hmm yes BB but I thought

hmm yes BB but I thought Pelegai was just the higher dimensional version of nibiru?
to access it you need to be fully intergrated in the higher frequencies?

bluesbaby5050: Please have a L00K at my next post Tim......

In it you, and other members, and readers will find the answers to your questions, and so much more, about the war , and the 3 experiments of Earth, and the different clans that had a big part in this play. Niberu is a divine/holy messenger flagship as well. Study these advanced members of our solar system.

Tim Lovell: the first galactic war , was

the first galactic war , was when the planet Avyon or Bila was destroyed by the Ciakar/draconians and the surviving lyrians fled to Vega and Erra/pledides right ?

bluesbaby5050: You and I already know this...........

Because we all studied this though extensively with this forum. The master teachers also had a part in this as well. The post I just added will show some of the main players in this as well, and it's history too on this web site. It all connects with the whole subject matter that has been posted in the lessons all along. It is a huge history, and many historical figures are named also. People will just have to research this site to get the history. We put it in here, and all they have to do is look on their own , and they will find it.

Tim Lovell: off topic this tune is king,

off topic this tune is king, when it says , mabey well come back to earth again... and this tune reeks of pliedian energy lol...

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