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by obsrvantlouie on November 6th, 2013

The Truth is, if you have a body you are operating in what is correctly termed the 3rd density. The 4th density is the where astral travel and dreaming occurs. The 5th density is where the higher self presides.

3rd density is of the body, the material, the decomposing and blooming cycles of life. 3rd density could also be called "playground of life in a physical human body". However, those of us that are awake realize that we are not our bodies but our spirits. 3rd density consist of the nature spirit (animal kingdom, parts of atmosphere) and incarnating spirits using physical bodies.

3rd density is a spiritual gameboard you signed up for (knowingly and according to the rules Star!) before birth as your current earth incarnation. You signed up in order to obtain unkown knowledge experienced via polarities/duality. Knowledge will be taken with your current incarnation and absorbed to your higherself. You have many incarnations in many time periods. Eventually, you will complete the gameboard when your "sign up" has expired.

Much of 4th density is a reflection of 3rd. The polarities still exist in the 4th density, aside from that you may as well be Hal Jordan because anything you can think of is available for your creation. Thought permeates and dictates...there is no need for technology as tech is of 3rd density. On the 4th you have no need for your are your in your true form...spirit.

5th density - I have been here one time for a nano second and the sheer magnitude of presences I could not comprehend was too much to bear for me. I have not attempted to travel there again. Getting there once was my mission and that is satisfactory....for now.

Dimensions are not unlike alternate universe theories. I am told they exist and research indicates this as well. I cannot substantiate certainties on dimensions like I have densities above...I leased the Millenium Falcon to the sheeple so they can find a clue. Time travel exists from 4th density upward (however the ability to fiddle with past/future events is not possible....only viewing of past and future, no interaction).

Lastly, if you are interested in understanding more about densities. Read; Val Valerian The Matrix Series; Robert Monroe Trilogy (Journeys our of the Body, etc), watch Thunderolts of the Gods....or if you have any success of meditating: Enter a dark room, no timer set and undisturbed, discard electronics, dampen interior/exterior sound as much as some of Robert Monroe on youtube and or buy his book "Journey's out of the Body" and you will educate yourself on a path towards verifying the densities for yourself.

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Quinton: Awesome information. Thanks

Awesome information. Thanks for sharing :)

cosmicstorm: time travel

Time travel yayyy, no interaction boooo

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