The Demise of the Anti-Christ

As I have stated before, Christ is on this plane at this time for the final battle between Good and Evil. However, Christ will not be recognised by most because the misinformation in various myths, legends and gospels about Christ make it nearly impossible for most people to recognise Christ.

There is also an Anti-Christ — the personification of Evil — on this plane at this time. Despite what many think and believe, there is a personal Devil. The Devil is an inveterate liar and deceiver, a manipulator and performer, a murderer and controller who derives pleasure from watching beings suffer. The Devil is a manifestation of the Anti-Christ.

While the concept of the Anti-Christ is predominantly a "Christian" idea, a concept synonymous to that has been known by other names in various cultures from time immemorial. A rose by any other name still smells as sweet; a putrid stench cannot a rose become, regardless of the amount of deodorant caked upon it.

Esoterically speaking, there are 22 parts to the Anti-Christ. Often, any one of the 22 parts can be properly referred to as the Anti-Christ. In this generation, all 22 parts are all being hosted in human bodies. One of the parts of the Anti-Christ is represented by the "Big O".

The "Big O" may appear to be fighting for some political/religious freedom/ideology, but his "spiritual" objective was to act as a catalyst for the implementation of the One World Order.

The "Big O" has been proclaimed by many world leaders to be "Satan" personified, which ironically, is correct, although they do not really believe their own propaganda. The"Big O" is a terrorist in the eyes of many, and the hatred kindled for him has allowed world leaders to contrive and hijack a world-wide war upon terrorists.

By implementing this "war on terror", the world leaders have gained a great deal of control of the population of the Earth with draconian legislation and policies which lead the world closer and closer to the formal establishment and acceptance of the One World Order.

Some of the parts of the Anti-Christ are in rather insignificant positions by worldly standards. However, as with most things in this world, they are not always what they appear to be. It might be of interest to you that the number two part of the Anti-Christ is in the body of an Eastern religious guru.

In this generation, the third part of the Anti-Christ plays the most significant role. This part was also the part that played the role of John the Baptist in the time of Jesus. Of the 22 parts of the Anti-Christ, the final two parts were recently identified, exposed and neutralized.

The 22 parts of the Anti-Christ is not by any means complete. There are sub-parts of each of the 22 parts that number into the hundreds. Now that the 22 main parts have been identified, exposed, neutralized and harnessed, the hundreds of sub-parts will crumble. What is to transpire — will transpire.

The Attas (for detailed discussion of Attas and The Rescuers see my essays circa 1978-82) and all the Light beings working under The Rescuers will all assist, heal and comfort the beings of Light, especially in the time of CHAOS when the parts of the Anti-Christ are fracturing. The Anti-Christ is the Evil Force that holds the Evil Creation together.

Evil beings with extremely well disguised "compassion" and "love" do not really express True Divine compassion or love. Evil pretends to express love and compassion, but what it actually expresses is founded upon Its own self-interests and agenda — true love and compassion do not come naturally from within for Evil beings nor are they in any way altruistic. False-Light beings have no true love and compassion because these are not qualities they have in their essence. Their pseudo-love and compassion are only superficial emotional expressions.

The sixth part of the Anti-Christ has heavily promoted acceptance of the Anunnaki mentality of degradation of females and the establishment of polygamy throughout the world.

While most parts of the Anti-Christ are in male bodies at this time, one of the parts housed in a female body is a prominent political figure in the West. Incidentally, although the other parts of the Anti-Christ are using adult bodies, one of the parts is at present using a youngster's body. Another thing that needs mentioning — all parts of the Anti-Christ are inter-changeable from body to body. This means that any of the parts can use the bodies used by their other parts, which is why all 22 parts had to be identified and exposed.

Once a part of the Anti-Christ is exposed by the Attas, that part is neutralized. The parts of the Anti-Christ can also temporarily use bodies of animals, humans, etc. at any time to do their bidding. The switching of bodies to house the consciousness of the various parts of the Anti-Christ can be done knowingly or unconsciously by the particular parts. Likewise, on the physical level, the parts and sub-parts of the Anti-Christ may or may not be aware of who they are.

In the current Bible, it was claimed that Jesus implied that Elijah had come already. Then the disciples of Jesus supposedly concluded that John the Baptist was Elijah in a previous incarnation. The disciples of Jesus could never make this mistake because they knew that Jesus was Elijah and that John was an enemy of Christ.

Jesus taught Love, Awakening, Purity and Light. On the contrary, John the Baptist preached Hell, Fire and Brimstone to frighten people into submitting to his god — this is another typical trait of the Anunnaki.

The following two verses from the current Bible are worthy of reflection and will make more sense when you consider what John is:

Verily I say unto you, Among them that are born of women there hath not risen a greater than John the Baptist: notwithstanding he that is least in the kingdom of heaven is greater than he.

And from the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven suffereth violence, and the violent take it by force. Matthew 11:11-12.

At the present time, Jesus and John the Baptist are on the planet Earth as "walk-ins".

The Anti-Christ has a main purpose of avoiding the Correction of the Celestial Error, or delaying it for as long as possible. It knows that Its time is limited, but It will drag it out as long as It can. The Anti-Christ hopes to take as many beings down with It as possible, so It will keep up the illusion that all is well until the very bitter end when it will be impossible to maintain the charade.

The "Twelve Sisters" (most of these are "walk-ins" using human male bodies) are now re-united as One Force working with the Christ Energy for the final confrontation with the Anti-Christ Energy.

The long awaited confrontation between the Christ Energy and the Anti-Christ Energy has very recently taken place. Some of you are aware of the prediction given on 25th May 2003 that the time would come for the Christ Energy to confront the Anti-Christ Energy head-on over the airways.

Contrary to expectations which are based upon religious dogma that the Anunnaki sponsored, the real battle took place in relative anonymity, hidden from all but the awares. This confrontation occurred on the airways for all to see and witness (including aware beings on the astral level). It happened at the very moment when the Anti-Christ Energy manifested through Its instrument shamelessly mocking the Divine Mother and blasphemously calling Jesus an evil son of God.

Mission accomplished!

The Anunnaki elite escaped from their future into the past. That is why they gave the information that 2012 was a marker of the end of this planet. At the time they thought that they could come back here into the past to reset the clock before 2012, but they have been impeded by the Light from doing it. Time is running out for them.

The enemies of Light do not truly befriend the children of Light.

As the Divine Mother says: "Do not take my words for a teaching. Always view them as a force in action uttered with a definite intent. They lose their true power if ever separated from that purpose."

For the beings of Light, may your hearts remain strong and warm, yet soft and powerful.

© 2004 Amitakh Stanford

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