Deja Vu

I believe in reincarnation with all my heart. I also believe we all return to the source when we leave this world. There, we learn from our guides, soul group members and special teachers. We dissect and examine our Earth lives and the choices we made while mortal humans. I've written this all before, but here is something new to think about.

Each incarnation is unique unto itself. I have experienced and learned during my regression meditation, that we can come back to our current life at very specific turning points...and we get a "Do Over". We are not aware of these second chances on a conscious level, but we experience them if we choose to. Since time has no meaning in the spirit world, we can do this as many times as we and out teachers decide is appropriate.

The reason we feel Deja Vu as: "I feel like this has happened before" is because it has! When we return to our most recent incarnation at very specific times, we are about to make a critical choice that did not turn out very well. These off balance Deja Vu experiences are due to the return of our souls to this life just before we screw things up. Without specific memories of our divine lessons, we have the opportunity to change the path of our lives, or the lives of others...if we make a course correction.

The several seconds that we experience as Deja Vu, is because our souls are returned several seconds before we make a bad choice. These usually occur at inconsequential moments that will have major implications in the course of our lives in the near future. It is also a notice to those who are aware, that a course change is required here and now to learn a lesson that we missed the first time around.

If we returned to this life several seconds AFTER our earthly timeline, we would freak out due to what we would consider "lost time".

When I experience true Deja Vu, I do something completely opposite of what I had in mind. The more Deja Vus that we experience means that we are not learning the lessons we came back to learn. Then it becomes "time" to reincarnate in a completely new life...or maybe in another world.

This has taken me years to learn and believe. How about you...what is Deja Vu to you? Love and light to all, really! Either I'm onto something, or, someone is changing the Matrix!

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Tarheel: You ARE onto something. Deja Vu is... is some GREAT Deja Vu for you, Star.
You get a tasty cut due to your stellar post. Spankin CSNY .

What it actually is to me??? Wow, I have to say I don't get it much but when I do, It is more of a "Woah, cool !" moment, and not at a point where I feel like I need to render a critical decision. Maybe I am in err.

We have similar beliefs regarding afterlife, not exactly the same but similar.

Quinton: I really like where you're

I really like where you're going with this. I've never seen it this way before and it makes perfect sense. After hearing your explanation I would have to say this makes the most sense as to what Deja Vu really is :)

On a similar note I had an interesting thought at the gym a few months back that is kinda similar to this...

Since there is no time and we are all living multiple lives at the same time I was thinking about how listening to viking metal on my phone while I worked out was fueling my life as a viking in a past/different frequency life. And by that life getting energy from this life it was in return giving energy back. So it was as if I had both lives living off each other at the same time. And obviously there are all my lives going on at the same time fueling each other. And beyond that we are all connected and all giving off and receiving energy from everything at the same time. It's an awesome dynamic, responsive universe :).

So yeah, your post made me think back to this.

LoveTruthPeace: Very interesting

Thanks for the post Star, I have been waiting for it. It does make sense but I noticed a lot of the times I have deja vu don't seem to always be pivotal moments. Most often it's usually someone telling me something the exact same way that I feel I've heard it before or I have feelings like I've actually been at that exact physical place before even though I haven't. I do believe everything happens for a reason so having deja vu must be for some important reason if most people experience it. Before I used to think that it was just things happening that we saw or experienced in our dreams and that's why it seems so familiar. I will do more research on this and if you get any more info or you learn something else on this topic I hope you share with us again.

Starperson: Quantum physics, multiverse

First, I am no expert in the field of quantum physics or mechanics. I have read some books, sat in on a few lectures and looked around the net, of course. This field of study actually got me started on my spiritual path. I really need a solid base foundation to build upon before I can accept any of my truths or beliefs.

This forum topic is reflective of my beliefs, based on my life experiences. Since none of us have the exact same life experiences, mine might sound ridiculous to some, resonate with others, and hopefully motivate some to do their own research to find their own answers.

My favorite physicist is Dr. Michio Kaku. I don't have a poster of him in my den or anything weird, but he explains complicated issues the way most laymen can understand. It is a fascinating field of study, and easily merges with my spiritual progress, development and insight.

LTP, sorry it took so long. Quinton, parallel universes!

In the link below, Dr. Kaku discusses his theory on Deja Vu. Sub-atomic particle vibrations, string theory and the multiple universe interactions. This might click with someone...and inspire a deeper look into their own souls. That is my hope. It is only 3 minutes. With love and light.

Tarheel: Doc Kaku is way cool.

Let's NOT forget it was Albert Einstein and his theory of relativity that gave rise to quantum mechanics. I personally think that was his most important contribution...not his , but that his paved the way for quantum physics.

Remember AE thought everything could be foretold exactly, but his thinking gave way to probability(QP) vs exact science.

Tarheel: Subtopic re: Dr Kaku

I used to frequent BigThink and I got away from it. I need to go back. It was WAY forward thinking and concepts. There are or at least there were some braintrusts there.

Tim Lovell: whilst for some people at

whilst for some people at death they do return to source most on death just go into the gold light and lose their ego and sense of self and are in `storage` until they reincarnate a new life to finish lessons or pay of those stupid karmic debts :) if we had the 12 strand dna plugged in like the ETs do we would not be stuck in these string of lower lifetimes and also because of the frequency control going on , on earth etc with 12 strands of dna you ascend up into the 4th dimension

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