The Definition of Evil

I think this is an important and perhaps somewhat tricky definition to stamp out.

I'm curious as to how you guys would define evil.

I have my own take on it which I will post shortly, but I would be curious to see how you guys would define evil.

Thanks :)

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TillToTheWhen: To call a psychopath evil, is

To call a psychopath evil, is the same as calling a hurricane evil. Because it destroys things and causes destruction.

The universe has cycles of creation and destruction. It seems senseless to us at first, until you really start thinking...and then you can see valid reasons why it all happens.

I don't believe any of it is evil.

But it's all a state of mind as well. If you truly believe in evil, then I guarantee you'll see it. If you believe in a burning pit of hell, I guarantee you'll go there one day.

Whatever you believe is true, is what happens basically. You manifest it into your reality yourself. No two people will go to the same place when they die. It will always vary, at least slightly. Unless those same 2 people believed in the exact same thing. And no two minds are identical.

Everybody is different.

TillToTheWhen: Of course there is the

Of course there is the pessimistic view that EVERYTHING is evil.

We live in a downward spiral, dark universe, I read. And it's all evil.

I guess this could be true as well, depending on how you look at it.

The brightest star: wich degree

yes i see your vieuw on the subject.

BUT, to which degree is it okey to put believe over truth? the line has to be drawn somewhere, and i think this silver thin line is, common sense. this is something that we are all born with. to choose ignorance and then over time believing the lie...... is really destructive. but yet not evil.

The only thing that than can be looked at as evil must be intentional knowing doing the wrong thing.

TillToTheWhen: I hear ya...that is why I

I hear ya...that is why I dont believe in evil. Nobody would do something they thought was wrong intentionally, unless they had no conscious. You can't judge something that isn't alive as "Evil"

therefore evil is all an illusion and a reflection of love (love=evol) and so it doesn't actuallly exist. You manifest it in your own mind

freedmftr88: I can discribe evil using only one word

Hierarchy. But at the same time , sometimes there's things that can't be best described into words like love.
It's a feeling , it's an energy , if you experience it then you know what it is.
So " Fear " would be another word I can describe Evil because it's an energy that's uncomfortable and not made from the Soul's pure divine energy which is love , total opposite.
And what's interesting about hierarchy is that it can be expressed in any way. It can be justified in any way to make someone believe that it's good. But what makes hierarchy bad is that people want to be free. However probably since the time of the Eqypt pyramids or even beyond that , hierarchy has been justified.

According to the Anarchist FAQ , it says that the suppression of sexuality is a key factor which relates to psychological unbalances such as anti-social behavior.

So it kind of seems like Authoritarian / Totalitarian is very cultish as hierarchy is as a whole.
For those who want to gain power must feel powerless.

Because if all souls are attracted universally to positive higher vibrational energy such as love , peace , freedom , etc and all their needs where meet then there would be no need to be submissive or dominant.

Ego is of unconscious low vibrational energy so instead of being independent, they will take it from others if submissive or dominant. Like an "Energetic Vampire".

Perhaps where there is spirit guides in higher vibrations , there are so called demons and low vibrational dark entities which are just stuck in that vibration of bondage. All like an energetic collective of spirits.
Maybe the same goes with extraterrestrials. Not so much duality of Good vs Evil but polarity energy of Love / Fear .

It's like animals , fight or flight. Cats can love humans and sharks just care about their basic needs.

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