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UN.i1-PHI: i recall

a post that asked someone why they dont focus more/only on so called 'starseeds' instead of the 'asleep ignorant people', where can i find this?

UN.i1-PHI: i only ask where that post is

cause it was asking somebody to not pay much attention to the ignorant people and more/only to so called starseeds instead... where's this post i tought it was chris who wrote&posted that so i'm just asking for that

bluesbaby5050: I think that someone had asked..............

Annunaki 77, or Edisonik this a long while back, and maybe it was removed along with a lot of other material when TC Web Site was RE-vamped by Quinton a while ago, and he's still making changes to his site.

UN.i1-PHI: no

it was somewhere else to somebody else, not from this forum but someone who made videos or interviews awakening ppl, i just can't find it, it was saying stuff like to pay attention/effort/messages to the awakened starseeds and not to ignorant ppl...
i just want to know where it is and i read it quite recently, maybe it was in this posts and was deleted to 'none' ???
i'd like an answer from chris tough as i think he/she wrote it

bluesbaby5050: I see now..............

By the way, Chris is of the male gender, and from the U.S. :)

UN.i1-PHI: yes

if no one cant find that post or its deleted/edited away maybe chris could re-state that opinion/request of 'focussing on starseeds'...

ps theres no need to reveal people's genders and countries where they live in if that ones dont talk about it themselves...

UN.i1-PHI: thnx could be but

i tought you (or somebody else) contacted someone making videos and asked/requested to focus on the so called starseeds instead of the so called asleep ignorant people, i was trying to find the forum topic/post (not necessairly the video) in wich that was stated...
so i'm not sure if it was that, dont you remember writing something like that (if not it was probably someone else so idk...)

bluesbaby5050: There was NO Harm done, because..............

This information was old news from way back. People on this forum already know where most of us are from, because we ourselves have already stated this way back in other threads on this forum a few years ago. If they don't want us to know, then they don't say, and it's that simple. I have not let out any secrets as this was implied with your PS. Most of us I guess except you , didn't know this about Chris, but the older members on this forum already did.

bluesbaby5050: It's Important.............

To WAKEUP the Ignorant people first, so that they/ we can talk about the Star-Seed subject matter. Most people will refuse to talk about this subject, because they aren't aware that they even exists, therefore they can't or they will not be able to understand it, BECAUSE THEY ARE STILL SLEEPERS IN WALKING PHYSICAL BODIES! Some people are so Blind that they still don't realize that they actually live, and breathe in a System of the Matrix. Many people saw the Matrix Movie but, they only thought of it as just a form of Entertainment. A lot of people are still like this. I hope for their sakes that they wakeup soon.

bluesbaby5050: As Always use Discerment when viewing what................

Other people are telling you in their videos, because they don't really have any proof. I have yet to see a Alien Insectillian that thrives on sugar ruling planet Earth, or any other planet in this solar system for that matter. People should not be so gullible, because anyone can make a video, and say anything they want to the public viewers. Just because someone says it's true does not make it true. The more thumbs up people get in from their videos the more money they make. Let's see the proof then, bring it on.

UN.i1-PHI: i can say the same thing to you

anyways insectilians was not the point (in that vid), but that some ppl get too overwhelmed being a starseed or thinking they are and get 'crippled' up by that and want attention spend to them and not to 'ignorant people who anyway ignore', thats just selfish, those people need to be awakened the most now and get the info for them, thats just the point here... i tought it would be 'necessary' to propagate this message as is made clear in that video thats all, and btw i'm glad someones finally exposing the insectillians as most people are just talkin bout reptilians and greys etc

bluesbaby5050: I already know what was in that video................

What this mans tells people in all his videos can not be proven. I only agreed with him about people eating meat, and other animal products, because it is not healthy, and this forum already had discussed this topic though the roof many times. This man even admits to being a CONman before as he stated this fact himself in some of his videos, I heard this myself while watching them. Don't forget that he is also making money off from his over 200 videos he says he already made, and all the hits he gets on them from people curious enough to watch them. Everyone knows though YT that when you make a video, or many videos, that they get hits, and these hits makes a certain percentage in money for the maker of their videos.

UN.i1-PHI: but even so...

why you talk as i was trying to convince ppl about insectilians, i didnt even mentioned that here, you did and came up with that now, i wasnt trying to prove anything just sharin the messages, but then you start saying i have to prove something while you dont neither, and say you've seen reptilians while he said he saw them insectilians, how does this prove yourself more than him by this alone?
anyway if you want to prove him(or me while i wasn't sayin nuthing) wrong as a conman pls just share the vid where he really say's he's a conman doing this only for money as you implied

you popped talkin up bout this i wasnt sayin nothing bout insectilians, even in my reply before to obentenyson i didnt mention the insectilians but i provided da13thsuns vids where he does talk about reptilians and insectilians, for this reason avoiding this kind of commentary to me i didnt mention the insectilians only reptilians but what now i dont care insectilians and reptilians both out there doin bad so i'll tell it now and i won't shut up

bluesbaby5050: Like I already said..........

SHOW ME THE PROOF THAT THIS IS THE TRUTH. I have already seen the Reptilian shape-shifters as well as many other people have too. And I don't care if people believe me or not. I do not try to convince anyone, because, I KNOW WHAT I KNOW, BECAUSE I HAVE SEEN THEM THOUGHOUT MY INTIRE LIFE, EVEN AS A SMALL CHILD. I used to get Night mares from this, and my parents had to console me. I am also an Abductee, and so are my brothers, and sisters, we lived this reality. This really shook me/us up, and being a small child really made it worse. So I do not need others to confirm what I/we saw, and experienced. I am not alone in this either. I am not the only human that had these experiences, many others have also. And that's the truth.

UN.i1-PHI: lol i just knew/felt you were about to say that... but

i'm not here trying/needing to convince others just connecting and putting out the info and sharing from others, for others,
now i already felt you were going to react like this someway saying you've seen them reptilians and others not etc... but what is actually your point here, da13thsun says he has seen them insectillians as he mentioned also so what makes you more credible for others than da13thsun, it doesnt!
so what you're trying to do here?
and for your info i did not talk about insectilians here, and i havent really done that before, nor did i came up with that here so what you're talking as if i'm trying to convince people about insectilians, neither does da13thsun he's just giving/sharing his messages so you can take it or leave it!
why dont you proof something as you're implying me to do, i dont need to prove you nothing!
do what you do but dont shoot the messenger bluesbaby

bluesbaby5050: Funny Thing............

How you always PRESUME to know what I'm going to say to you, BEFORE I even get to post my thread. You don't know me other then from this forum. I say what I need to say, and when to say it, and to whom to say it to. If it RUBS YOU the WRONG WAY, THEN TOO BAD. I speak the truth from the beginning. You have always tried to put up blockages like RE-PEATING YOURSELF OVER AND OVER DAY AFTER DAY, AND PUSHING YOUR SAME OLD THREADS TO THE TOP OF THE FORUM LIST WE NOTICED LATELY. INSECTS, AND SUGAR FOR 2 WEEKS STRAIGHT. Or get OFF the meats Human! Is just another one of your steady diets to us.Your very judge-mental, and have been from the start, and you Poo-Poo anything people say, having to do with their Actual alien experiences, and this is un-fair to them and to the rest of the interested members here, and just because you disagree with them, because it never happened to you. I have seen this repeatedly mostly in the past 2 months on this forum. I take days off from the forum, but you live on it daily, from sun up to sun down and then some. I share with this forum as well, and I give knowledge from my own head, and not by posting Some One Else's Videos, or their own information. I don't feel that I need to do that. You try to act open minded but, you have shown us other wise lately, and even with Tim Lovell. I saw your PS ABOVE, and it was NOT NEEDED, or wanted, but, you do this anyways, thinking no one takes notice, your wrong on that, because we DO take notice.

UN.i1-PHI: there goes YOUR poo poo
How you always PRESUME to know what I'm going to say to you, BEFORE I even get to post my thread.

well somehow you did act as i suspected, maybe you're just a bit predictable, i only meant i already tought you were going to say you saw reptilians, but what's the point of saying it like you're proving something to another who basically did the same; he (da13th sun) said he saw insectilians, that was my point where i predicted your behaviour and what makes your statement or experiance shared better then another who technically did the same (regarding that part only)

You don't know me other then from this forum. I say what I need to say, and when to say it, and to whom to say it to. If it RUBS YOU the WRONG WAY, THEN TOO BAD.

i know you long enough on this forum and by that i see how you act and sometimes you come up with things rubbing people and what they're saying the wrong way, too bad indeed

I speak the truth from the beginning. You have always tried to put up blockages like RE-PEATING YOURSELF OVER AND OVER DAY AFTER DAY,

sometimes like now i have to explain myself and what i meant becaus you took it the wrong way and start to talk 'wrong' stuff about me


hey that's what happens when you edit your comments, it goes up on top in the recent activity list, i dont even like that and i also dont like to see too much of my own comments in a row like flooding the thing, but i edit and post my comments when i still can and choose to, i even told quinton sometimes i didnt meant to flood the recent activity list when i did, so too bad for you if it bothers you too much

oh and a funny thing, suddenly when i edit a comment, suddenly you edit yours to come on top of the list as i noticed and even checked you haven't changed a damn thing in its content, i sometimes have to correct some stuff as i write uncarefully(too bad bare with it i dont care too much anymore i even dont like to read em back myself i just hope my message what i meant to say is passed on and interpreted right regardless of the grammar or whatever) and sometimes i have to edit things that you don't really notice visually like when i'm using html tags for links etc...

INSECTS, AND SUGAR FOR 2 WEEKS STRAIGHT. Or get OFF the meats Human! Is just another one of your steady diets to us.

yes i did post about sugars and meats in crackdowns forum topic about foods and the 7 key system, i also shared many links that had to do with that as i tought it would be 'important' for them to be listed somewhere on topic for additional info

and i was asked by somebody to write an 'readers digest version' on meats and sugars because that someone couldn't watch the video, so i just tried to tell some things about it even if i wrote it very uncarefully

Your very judge-mental, and have been from the start,

oh really?, isn't that just very judgemental from YOU...

and you Poo-Poo anything people say, having to do with their Actual alien experiences, and this is un-fair to them and to the rest of the interested members here, and just because you disagree with them, because it never happened to you.

that is not true, thats just how you take it, look i was just stating why i am suspicious and not gullible regarding billy meier's info, then tim told he wasnt a hoax and told stuff about his own memories, but suddenly you took it as if i was discrediting tim, and i had to explain that it was only meant regarding to billy meyers fake looking videos, if you think that's unfair than you're just a judgemental ass who tries to portray others the wrong way you (MIS)interpreted it, and it was sure not the first time that happened, and i try to avoid it from happening so i dont need to keep explaining myself for the wrong things you're telling about my intentions!

I have seen this repeatedly mostly in the past 2 months on this forum. I take days off from the forum, but you live on it daily, from sun up to sun down and then some. I share with this forum as well, and I give knowledge from my own head, and not by posting Some One Else's Videos, or their own information. I don't feel that I need to do that. You try to act open minded but, you have shown us other wise lately, and even with Tim Lovell.

yes i was more active lately but i havent always been this active and everytime i do you tell me as if i have no life and am only here, but that is not true and i also appeared more active because i post many links recently to share information on relating topics without that i would go talk about it all myself without that it is needed, and i check the forum trough the days so what, what's your problem! i wont be doing this all the time i'm busy with other stuff too only not that much recently so i check some more truthcontrol

and that about tim lovell just shows that you're not open minded, you can't even distinguish between what someone means; just being sceptical and critical about billy meiers videos and you immediately associate that as i was talking negatively or critically about tim's experiances or memories, wich i didnt and even tried to explain you after that accusation, you can go look it up its all still there

I saw your PS ABOVE, and it was NOT NEEDED, or wanted, but, you do this anyways, thinking no one takes notice, your wrong on that, because we DO take notice.

haha what? i do what anyways? and think no body takes notice on what?
you does that! i tried to tell you normally but now again you make a big deal of it to me lol

i said it was not needed to tell somone's private info as you oftenly had done and then falsely accuse others of doing that, in this case it was just the gender and country as you also did before earlier that day you unnecessairly told the country where someone else supposedly lives, eventough it didnt matter in these cases, you do this more often and sometimes offend others by that especially when youre portraying others intentions wrongly
don't you think i don't notice the things you're implying in your messages, i oftenly think how really unbelievable it is that you can come up with things and take them so far the wrong way, again and again, and you falsely portray others by talking bout some stuff but putting it in a nasty false perspective as i have noticed many times!
and i dont want to keep explaining myself everytime you do this yet i feel i have to when you talk like this about me so here you have me flushing your poo poo down the toilet!

bluesbaby5050: I Copied YOUR POO-POO in your past threads..............

GET OVER YOURSELF Uni. You always draw everything way out of proportion, as usual. Funny thing....Your the ONLY one that does all the complaining. I get messages from new comers in my Inbox before they even do any postings in the forum, they just ask for my opinions, and I tell them the truth, and then they will proceed to post. This happens to me all the time, and eevie, and Starperson, and Obsrvantlouie has, and many others have also, and this is just a few. I don't need to go down a list of names of the very many people that have approached me in private before they decide to post. And I think this speaks for itself plenty here.

UN.i1-PHI: you, get off me!

i can't stand talking to hypocrites especially when they accusing others for stuff they havent done and do themselves
you're the one coming up with random stuff and blowing it out of proportion, and portraying other stuff disproportionally and implying false stuff about others by putting it that way

now again, that speaks for WHAT?
you suddenly talk again about yourself and people coming and asking things to you like you're all proud about it but what does this have to do with anything here?

just like you did in your comment in the post that was debunking billy meier, and i only showed my critic on billy, but you associated it with tim and also started to talk stuff about how people come and ask you things and tell them experiances to you this that blabla about yourself trying to make yourself look so good and important or whatever, but you keep doing this crap to me so i just can't take it anymore and i can't just leave it without explenation neither, but now i did explain and im done here

you think you're always telling the truth and many times you do but when it comes down to talking about others you got it so often wrong, especially me so get off me i have to say it again you keep doing this and yes i call it 'crap' because you're falsely talking 'shit' about me as i said before and your reaction was that i was using 'vulgair' words/terms to express myself, well yes that's what you get when you talk like that so nasty to and about people, so whats worse, telling someone's talking shit about you, or doing it! really i cant stand talking with hypocrites i did enjoy many stuff you were sharing but you spoil yourself all away by doing like this to me

bluesbaby5050: In the first place Uni............

Some Beings don't feel comfortable in the things they want to share with people, and SOMETIMES they will share only such things with me, and choose not to post until they get a better feel by reading the contents of this web site first. I always make them feel welcome. I have no need to feel proud, and for what? They are approaching me, I'm not approaching them, and how could I when I don't even know them until they Inbox me first. They KNOW who they are. I don't need to say more.

UN.i1-PHI: you didnt need to say that at all, again!

why you suddenly talk about how some others approach you in your inbox, you're diverting again and i dont know for what other reason than to try to make yourself look good n all
stop talking random stuff (towards me) as you started with them insectilians totally off point again, leave me alone i dont like how you do to me occasionally like now again and again
go talk nice with them ppl in your inbox or whatever but i dont care why do you mention this at all theres no connection except that you keep coming up with this stuff, so you dont have to talk to me anymore BYE!

bluesbaby5050: BECAUSE YOU TURN PEOPLE AWAY.............

From this web site by Your Attitude. You would be very surprised at who they are. That's WHY I posted this information here, and NOW!

bluesbaby5050: They don't want to be made to feel like NUT-JOBS.........

They also read what everyone posts here on this forum, along with mine too, and maybe that's why they approach me first. I support them, and ask them to stay, because not everyone here is closed minded, and that they would have a lot to gain by staying on.

UN.i1-PHI: you keep on ranting like a nut job

and by YOUR ATTITUDE you cause conflict by pushing your own misinterpretations on others and making them look bad for whatever you think about them, and even propagate this to others off the forum pretending your just wanting them to stay, but you're just trying to smear off some ppl like me now because of what you think, well guess what you're not always right and truthfull so some times like this keep it to yourself as you're talking about others you really have no idea about except your own judgemental delusion
and you cause me to explain myself over and over and this conflict makes people want to go away like it did to me now and before, i even deleted my account and was also actually because of you and me having to explain like this again, so now it happened again but you've had you're say and atleast i've had mine so pls lets leave it now here i'm done with you!

bluesbaby5050: It shows by Da13thsuns videos you keep posting............

As IF they are THE TRUTH, because this man wear a TOPAZ necklace does not mean it's the truth. I can make many videos too, and rub a crystal ball to use as my props. This is just a man that need attention, and though YT he gets it plenty, like many others do. I am not one of those people, nor do I try to convince people of what I Know. I don't need to, because some of the other people have seen them too, BECAUSE THEY HAVE SECOND SIGHT, and that's why. No SNAKE EYES HERE, or CRYSTAL BALL Either.

bluesbaby5050: Your not a messager as you love to call yourself...........

All you ever do is you post what others have ALREADY REPEATED, and it keeps on going like a broken record, and doesn't stop. Come up with some new material for a change Please, since you live on this forum. It's becoming boring reading the same things all the time lately. And your the only one on most of the time.

bluesbaby5050: Show me the Proof that DA13thsun is trying to prove.............

in his repeat videos, with the Same Subject Matter in them. It's always RE-peats of his same OLD material. That's what was meant, but, as ALWAYS YOU CHOOSE TO TAKE IT, AND MAKE IT PERSONAL to Direct Attention to you. This man even threatens to tear down another persons house, and make damages to some people home, and in areas where they live, and then this man goes though a big belly laugh, and he thinks this is funny. Well I don't. And this just TELLS/SHOWS ME ALOT about the real man in the videos. GO FIGURE.

bluesbaby5050: Thumbs down it all you want to...........

Uni/11orion11. I said what I had to say. Dis- agree all you want to. All I asked was this mans proof, at what he says is the truth that he has seen his Insectilians Terra- Forming the cities where he lives, and it could not be done. You would have to be with this man to experience them also. And that was my point. It can not be done. He sees what He sees though his own eyes, the same as what I see with my own two eyes. That's my point I was trying g to make to you. You always ask others for proof in many of your past threads/postings. And when the people here can't give it, you seem to have satisfaction in this, like they're liars, all the while knowing they couldn't prove what they were saying is true in the first place. That just puts them on the spot, and nothing more, and it's obvious.

UN.i1-PHI: hypocrite

why you ask me for his proof? i just posted his vid and you came up with the insectillians while it was totally off point here, so what you're asking me to prove stuff and now trying to play me as the one asking for proof,
'yes it can't be proven' that's what i meant so you said you've seen them while you can't prove it neither, so that was my point to you after i you told me to prove it (as i already suspected it would happen :( )
i didnt ask you to prove you seen/experienced reptilians so why you ask me to prove his experiences? or should i ask you to prove it?
but really it wasnt even about that so why you're coming up with this
really what's up with you seems like you're having satisfaction with this i'm tired of your misinterpretations and coming up with misleading stuff about others and having to explain myself

i have a genuine reason to thumb you down as you're coming with this disturbing misleading BS again
but everytime i explain i'm just fueling the fire and you pop/poop up more crap on me
i've had it with you again

bluesbaby5050: Name calling gets you NOWHERE..............

If it makes you feel superior, then have at it. I spoke the truth. I made a POINT! I asked for proof, just as you always do. So how does it feel. Like I care.... Nope.

UN.i1-PHI: well then dont give me genuine reason to call you for what u do

its rather you trying to make yourself feel 'superior' by the way you talk but you think i dont notice, well i dont take it neither anymore when you start doing like that to me
so just leave me alone now and i'll leave you alone too, i told you i dont need to prove you nothing as i was not saying anything that had to be proved, you came up with this insectillians all by yourself now here i didnt even mention it here and it was totally off point of the message, so you can come up with all kind of random 'points' but i dont have to prove you nothing so stop talking like this to me and about me, then i dont have to care neither

you're the one who goes round talking like this or whatever to ppl who shared their suspicions about billy meier for example, i said it didnt look real but i wasnt really demanding the proof,however i did ask if tim if he can show me a vid that would look real to me, but you already was talking as if i was critical about tim's experiances wich i did not associate with or talk about when i was just being critical about billy, so just leave it if you can't stand someone who doenst agree or is suspicious on something
you dont walk what you talk and you dont speak the truth always neither especially when it comes to judgin others by your own misinterpretations of their intentions
how you think that feel? feeling like to need to explain the wrong assumptions and accusations in your messages everytime you do, well i dont care anymore i have had my say now too and i did spoke the truth!
you had you r say and i had my say on this so just leave me alone now so i dont need to explain myself more, i'm done with you!

bluesbaby5050: IT WAS DA13THSUN's Subject Matter, Get It Now?

And all his Insectillian Terra- Forming in his cities I was speaking about AS ONLY ONE EXAMPLE OF HIS. I didn't bother to take parts from ALL HIS OVER 200 video's he said he had made, because it gets boring, and is time consuming. I figured that the members here are smart enough to get the Point that I was making to you about his videos. That's all. I'm not the only one that you do this to. One of the newest members had the same problem with you too. She knows who she is.

UN.i1-PHI: THAT WASNT HIS OR MY SUBJECT MATTER, GET IT NOW? this video i posted: 'Message to The So Call Star Seeds that is not.' was not having the subject matter about insectilians terra forming earth, you're again totally off point and should be referring to another forum topic if you want to be correct, i posted the video about insectilians terraforming earth in an entire different/other forum topic: here
just proves your delusion and how you're coming up with this crap about me and other random stuff all by yourself so leave me alone now

i think i know who you're talking about, you mean moonstar in the forum topic about the pyramids, where i just wanted to state that that size does not 'really' equal to importance, but that that is an common ideology and that is commonly used, but some ppl took it as i was critisizing and accusing her of doing it, while i just wanted to share some stuff on the subject matter, people took it personal, especially that killingwithkindness guy took it that way and then she did too and was all upset because she tought i was being mean to her, all by misinterpretation again while i didnt mean anything bad and i did explain an am explaining here again because you're the one taking it all wrong again!

bluesbaby5050: I was on Topic, as this story is all a part of his mans

videos, and this has to do with " Star Seeds "as well. ALIENS. If he wants people to believe in what he says to "THE STAR SEEDS" then this also contains the ALIEN SUBJECT MATTER ALSO. ARE THE STAR-SEEDS ORIGINALLY FROM EARTH? NO... they are not from Earth. And Neither are the Insectillians. They are aliens.

bluesbaby5050: I was on Topic, as this story is all a part of his mans videos..

They are ALIENS. Star Seeds, and any other kind of living Being. Earth was also Terra-Formed wayyyyyyy back in Earth history. Many aliens have contributed many different diverse life forms here. Including Humans. Some life forms flourished, while others did not.

UN.i1-PHI: lol u sirius?

he was talking bout so called starseeds who tell him to focus more on them instead of the ignorant people who ignore anyway, wich is a selfish thing as he mentioned and explained, that's all i wanted to share, but you came up with insectillians terraforming earth wich was from an entire other video that i just now showed to you here cause you were talking about that and telling me to prove that he has seen them and you start tellin you've seen reptilians, so why dont you prove it? is your statement of experiencing/seeing reptilians better than his seeing insectillians? why dont YOU prove what you're telling yourself instead of asking me to prove something someone else said!

but oh-oh it's technically on subject because insectilians are 'aliens' and 'starseeds' actually are too... lol really?? you came up with this insectilians thing here i did not mentioned it here before you did and made a story with that attitude against me

bluesbaby5050: I can use any of this Mans videos I so Choose just ..........

To make MY POINT! I don't need your approval first. I do my own research, and I don't have to post links repeatedly to explain myself. I made my POINT. I'll word it as I see fit.

UN.i1-PHI: then dont ask me to proves his statements of other videos here

when that stuff about insectilians was not the point of his and mine, in his video i shared here first and you reacted to it as if it was the others i shared here
that is an entire different subject matter than what he(and i) was talking about here
Message to The So Call Star Seeds that is not.
here i show you again because these were entire different subject matter, talking bout fake starseeds and then you ask me to prove his insectilian sightings/experiences here with an attitude to me?
damn apparently i do have to show this repeatedly because you still dont get it
but i'm really done explaining myself to you and everyone else who would take the effort to read and follow this
so leave me alone now BYE!

bluesbaby5050: This mans videos and his SNAKE EYES ROUTINE ..............

Was getting OLD, and Drawn out. Nothing like getting carried away with HIS SNAKE EYES, AND HIS BLOOD RAW SPEECHES. Most people are ABLE to see though this Reptilian in a Human body from Sirius B.

bluesbaby5050: This man is NOT a GOD!

He does not Impress me. All he repeats is his BLOOD RAW VIDEOS! This man LOVES BLOOD RAW! He always says this in his videos too. Don't want to put A SPELL ON YOU! Reptilians always stick together-BLOOD RAW! REPTILLIAN IN A HUMAN BODY. SNAKE EYES, the Whole Nine Yards! LOL! Sounds Familiar. It does to me too. I'm Human and proud of it, SKIN DEEP. LOL!

UN.i1-PHI: nobody said that he was, stop coming up with stuff

i aint even going to explain the difference between them low shapeshifting snakes in the grass and the 'SERPENT' all transforming/becoming,
so keep your 'inferiority complex'(as you like to call (and do) it) assumptive reptilian prejudice discrimination with you i'm not talking to you no more

bluesbaby5050: Oooooo............

I see I hit on a Blood Raw Nerve. LOL! I'm not Prejudice against aliens at all , and not even the Reptilians until they go after the Humans to feast upon them in any ways that they can. That's when I draw the line. Your the one that's prejudiced, and full of hate, and it comes across to us in your past threads.( We know of your True Origins some of us aren't fooled). Even Tim brought this ugliness to my attention just last week from your recent threads. So now I'm laying it out front for all to see. You can't take it back, too late for that. Us Humans will always stick up for each other, as well as stick together. Reptilians will always hate humans, and they will learn to fear us soon. By the way, some Reptilians already do LOL!

UN.i1-PHI: lol im a human now as you are

i just dont like your attitude how you do to me sometimes and imply things sneaky with your words as if i dont notice, look i'm not looking for any fight or conflict with you ,all i did is try to explain myself from the things you mistook and propagate unfairly and even without reason start talking about insectilians here while i didnt and telling me to prove it/him and go tell all other kind of weird false stuff about me like this now
you said before you tought i deleted my account because of some 'inferiority complex' you were talking about because most people think all reptilians are bad or just talk like that about them, well guess what bb i'm not a reptilian i just like their looks and i dont agree with the hatred and carnage of the majority towards others neither, so stop talking like this about me like you dont know better, maybe you dont, so stop talking about me cause you keep telling many things about me that arent true and twisted, so i can't just take it so i have to explain myself over and over again to you? i tought i said i was done with this so let's just please stop with this
i'm not even angry to you i just dont like this happening everytime, look i want peace and no confusion or misrepresentation by misinterpretation, so why dont we just drop all of this and go on with caution to try not to create this ongoing conflict again, i dont want to ignore you by not talking to you no more but i dont like talking this explaining myself because of what you keep talking about me... so i said that i dont want to talk to you anymore because i dont want this BS to happen again but if we can just recognize and go on in peace, please!

bluesbaby5050: Ya I'M HUMAN ALRIGHT.......

And I know what my true origins really are, and they were NOT REPTILIAN as yours is. My mother never told me I came from an egg from the Orion constellation in this universe. BUT, YOURS DID! YOU TOLD US this a while back. We do remember this you know. Reptilians, and the Draco's get a BAD RAP, and it's all their OWN doing. They should just stop eating, and abusing the Human Races across this universe!

bluesbaby5050: Your the ONE................

That first posted this Da13thsun Blood Raw video, not me. I only agreed to the meat eating, and this bad habit should stop, or at the least be cut back with respect to the animals, because they have souls also. Then you SHOULD TALK TO TIM LOVELL before you really want to make peace, because he was not the ONLY ONE that made the same remarks about you, and I am not alone in this. Others feel the same way too. Many reptilians are born into human bodies to fool us humans and to carry out the Reptilian Agendas against the human race. We are NOT FOOLED AS REPTILIANS WOULD LIKE TO BELIEVE.

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