by edisonik on April 8th, 2011

Before the Gods Settled here on Earth , before the Creation of Lemuria, before the Draco & Atlantis & the Pleadians, before Enki & Enlil there was Mount Olympus, home of the Olympians and the God Zeus.
This King lived on Tiamat , a Planet between Mars and Jupiter, his Kingdom was this Whole Star System, all 10 Planets were under his Rule.
The Gods of Mount Olympus were the Lords of Heaven & Earth, Protectors of the Planets Oceans, Patrons of Sexual Pleasures, and Instigators of War, these Extraterrestrial Beings had Special Powers , Powers so Awsome that the Inhabitants did consider them Gods & Immortals .
Their History shows their Duality for they are neither Good nor Evil, they were alot like you Humans but with more Punch because they had Interstellar Capability and very Advanced Technologies.
The History of Zeus and Mount Olympus and the Olympians were Worshipped in Greece and their Worshipped even Surpassed Christianity. The Stuff of Myth & Legend they say, but I am here to tell you , this is not Myth or Legend these Gods were Real and they Battled the Titans of Sirius & Orion in a Titanic Battle for the Galaxy. The God Zeus was a Power in his own right.

Learn about the Gods and see just how Human they were. Never belittle yourselves and always accept your Divinity because your Genetic Makeup comes from the Stars.
Believe me when I tell you this , you are Divine and you can trace your History to other Planets in the Stars my beloved Humans , Terrans of Earth. ( 1 of 4 ) ( 2 of 4 ) ( 3 of 4 ) ( 4 of 4 )

History is an amazing thing.


edisonik: Learn the Heartlessness of some of the Gods

The Gods can be Loving and they can use very poor Judgement on the Innocents. ( 1 of 4 ) ( 2 of 4 ) ( 3 of 4 ) ( 4 of 4 )

Medusa was Innocent , yet Athena punished her by turning her into a Gorgon monster.

edisonik: THE MINOTAUR

Learn the History of the Gods and see the Unthinkable which has happened, learn the story of the Minotaur. ( 1 of 4 ) ( 2 of 4 ) ( 3 of 4 ) ( 4 of 4 )

The Stuff of Myth & Legend they say, let me spook you abit , because these Stories were Real.

Truth is Stranger then Fiction.

bluesbaby5050: Great topic Lord Edjakhan!

I just love this stuff! Ancient history is my favorite subject! Thanks!

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