The Day The Earth Stood Still - April 14, 1964 ........

The Day The Earth Stood Still - April 14, 1964 [click image to enlarge] [ This is a Drawing of THE STAR NATIONS COUNCILLOR ASHEOMA TE KA MEATA. NO photos were allowed to be taken during this world meeting. ]

By Richard J. Boylan, Ph.D. Councillor of/for Earth.
Councillor of/for Earth.

On April 14, 1964 one of the most extraordinary meetings in the history of the Earth took place.
The location was fifteen levels down within a subterranean government installation situated under El Capitan Peak in the remote Guadalupe Mountains of northwest Texas, (in what is now Guadalupe Mountains National Park), adjacent to the New Mexico border.
Present on one side of the meeting room were 24 representatives, personally selected by the Four Governments present. These Governments were: the United States, the Soviet Union, the People’s Republic of China, and the Council of Europe. Two Special Forces guards stood sentry at the door, armed with M-16s with the safeties off.
Soviet Premier Nikita Khruschev headed the U.S.S.R.-selected delegation.
Chinese Premier Mao Tse-Tung (Zedong) selected a self-effacing young man, a close confidant with expertise in international security matters, to represent him at this meeting as his Official Representative, and to head the Chinese-selected delegation.
The Council of Europe’s Secretary-General Ludovico Benvenuti had designated international law expert, Cambridge Professor, and Council of Europe Commissioner Anthony Bradley to represent the European Council at this Meeting; and Benvenuti’s successor one month before the meeting, Peter Smithers, confirmed that appointment.
"Representing” the United States, and having already brushed duly-elected U.S. President John F. Kennedy from the Preliminary Meeting, and not about to let Lyndon Johnson, only four months as President, represent the U.S. at the Ratification Meeting, was the arrogant super-wealthy patriarch of the Rockefeller family, David Rockefeller, the organizer and self-appointed leader of the Meeting from the Human side.Cautious about the Star Visitors, Rockefeller took a position by the door to assure a quick exit if needed. At his side was a recording secretary, a woman with long blonde hair. Rockefeller had assured her silence about what she would record by threatening her daughter if she ever talked.
Present on the other side of the meeting room were three representatives from the High Council of Star Nations, (the governing body of the galactic federation of star civilizations in contact with Earth): the Councillor For the Tall Zetas, the Councillor For the “Praying Mantis” People, and the Councillor For the Reptoid (Reptilian-Humanoid) People (1). Also present were four Short Zetas, who served as security for the Councillors, and who were prepared to provide a quick exit, utilizing energy field “tunnels”, if required. Another Short Zeta served as Recorder of the proceedings for the Star Nations.
The purpose of this historic Meeting was to ratify an Agreement about issues that had been under discussion and worked on via Star Nations individual contacts with the Leaders of the Four Governments over the period 1957-1961. The purpose of these contacts was to get these Leaders to agree to a joint meeting to develop policy agreements that would stop the attacks on Star Nations persons and vehicles, and permit the Star Nations to continue their protective mission here. The reason the Four Governments were present and not others was that these were the governments who were engaged in attacking Star Nations craft and persons.
President Dwight Eisenhower had previously agreed to a Preliminary Meeting for the U.S. And by March of 1960, all Four Leaders had agreed that they would have representatives ready to meet in London on December 12, 1961 for that Preliminary Meeting. That Meeting developed the issues for further refinement, and further individual discussions between Human representatives and Star Nations representatives. Those developed positions were then to be brought to a final Ratification Meeting of April 14, 1964, for finalization by the Four Governments and the Star Nations (Fuller details about this 12/12/61 Preliminary Meeting’s location, activity, and who were in attendance at both meetings will be provided later in this Report.)
The principal issues for Star Nations in agreeing to these Meetings were that these Cabal-controlled (2) Four Governments were persistently and violently interfering with the Star Nations mission to protect the living Earth (“Earth Being” in Star Nations parlance), and to protect and assist the development of the Humans, and animal and plant life upon her.
The problem which the Four Governments presented for the Star Nations was described by a Star Nations spokesperson not physically present at the Meetings, Councillor Asheoma Meata, as follows:
“Star Nations was faced with difficult choices. Our own attempts at direct communications with humans were met with violence and many records of entrapment and torture of Star Nations Beings manifesting on this level (Earth). It was at this same time that [planet] Earth Being was faced with problems of destruction in the form of new [nuclear, electromagnetic, scalar, and quantum] weapons developed. Our intervention in effort to protect Earth Being was not favorably received by those who had the ability to ‘shoot us out of the sky’. For Star Nations, we were not in a position to demand that only those true of heart be allowed to speak with us. And without communication exchange and the resulting Agreement, the chance was very high of Star Nations being forced to withdraw all assistance from Earth Being.”
Basically, Star Nations was seeking a cease-fire agreement, so as to be left unharmed to do their important mission of protection, restoration and upgrading of Earth, its ecosystems and the cherished fellow intelligent species upon it, Humankind.
The geoplutocratic Cabal, through its proxies heading the Four Governments, had quite a different agenda. They saw these negotiations as an opportunity to take advantage of the Star Nations’ high ethics and culture of dealing only in honesty, to manipulate the Star Nations and extort advanced-technology information. The representatives pretended to be acting as responsible officials interested only in Star Nations accountability for its traffic in Earth’s skies, and in assuring cultural autonomy for Earth’s peoples. The Cabal’s real interests lay elsewhere.
The Four Governments’ representatives demanded, in exchange for a cease-fire, that the Star Nations provide them with detailed information on the energy workings of Star Nations vehicles, equipment or other energy devices used while within Earth’s atmosphere.
The Four Governments restricted how close Star Nations ships could come. The Agreement restricted the ultra-large motherships to a distance or location where they would not be readily visible by Humans. The smaller craft were limited to how low they could fly within atmosphere unless on a mission pre-announced to the government.
The Four Governments insisted on scientific and technical assistance in making advances in the areas of energy (which would include energy physics), transportation (especially antigravity), and biology (which would come to include genetics and cell physics). These representatives also demanded that the Star Nations give them genetic samples of the Star Races who were visiting Earth, as well as distinguishing energy-signature samples for each of the Star Nations races.
And the representatives insisted that the Star Nations provide continual information on the identity of every Human person whose consciousness/soul/personality was a Star Visitor before the current incarnation in a Human body, as well as every person who was an upgraded Human by virtue of having a few Star Visitor genes added to their Human genome: the Star Kids and Star Seed adults (3). This reporting requirement applied not only to Humans already alive in 1964, but all such persons born thereafter.
The Four Government representatives required that Star Nations refrain from any influence on religious institutions and establishments. Star Nations had no disagreement because they noted that gradual development in spiritual consciousness “is protected by Source to allow freedom of growth and change to progress according to the Species.”
Additionally, Rockefeller and his cronies also required that the Star Nations refrain from influencing the development and direction of governments and commercial trade on Earth. The Cabal did not want any “outside interference” with their plans to control Earth’s government, institutions, and sources of wealth. Star Nations did not resist, out of respect for the fact that “oversight of development and the protection of the Species [are matters to] be determined by the Species.”
Rockefeller and company had the audacity to insist that language be included in the Agreement that they had the right to represent Earth as “Dominate Species,” (an ecological term for having stronger competitive abilities over other species.) In other words, Rockefeller was widening the old Manifest Destiny and Monroe Doctrines to assert that the Four Governments of Earth have the right to exert dominance over all other races they encounter in space. Indeed, the arch over the entranceway to Shriever Air Force Base, Colorado Springs, Colorado, the headquarters of the U.S. Space [Warfare] Command, has inscribed the motto, “Masters of Space” (sic).
The actual reasons that the Four Governments wanted all this information were several.
The Four Governments did not want the Star Nations to have any influence on organized religions because those were powerful tools indirectly controlled by the Cabal to help manage civilian populations.
Cabal-planted scientists within governments took and utilized the detailed information on the Star Visitor energy devices and vehicle propulsion and instrumentation for the purpose of back-engineering this information into technology to create advanced weapons systems. And then these weapons systems were used by Cabal-controlled military units, in conjunction with devices to detect the energy signatures of the Star Nations craft and the Star Visitors themselves, to track, ambush, kidnap, confine, interrogate and torture Star Nations beings and shoot down their craft. Cabal government officials have told Star Nations that “craft shot down were done by ‘mistake’ or due to ‘misunderstanding’ of [identification] information provided [by Star Nations].”
The flight-altitude restrictions on Star Nations craft enabled Cabal-controlled governments to plausibly deny UFOs for decades, claiming that what was seen were ice crystals, inversion layers, or migratory geese, etc.
Not all information furnished by Star Nations was diverted to Cabal global-control purposes. Advanced information in energy, transportation and biology quietly released by governments have led to spectacular advances in science, medicine, communications, metallurgy, engineering, etc. And the Star Nations have gone the extra mile beyond Agreement-required areas of information to volunteer additional knowledge about spirituality, astronomy, psychic processes, star cultures, metaphysics, and other knowledge.
But Cabal scientists have accessed, monopolized and misused Star Nations information to fashion advanced technology for dark purposes, such as psychotronic mind-influencing weapons, scalar-energy artificial-earthquake machines, and electromagnetic-pulse and neutral particle-beam killer-ray weapons. They have also devised fleets of various antigravity craft of human manufacture (4), and make mad preparations for an all-out Star Wars to drive the Star Nations from Earth’s skies.
Cabal scientists misused genetic samples which the various Star Nations races had provided to the governments to engage in gene-splicing and cloning of hybrid-human Super-Soldier clones who would be endowed with advanced physical and psychic powers, in a plot to eventually use them against the Star Nations (5).
And Cabal-oriented governmental officials wanted the information on every Human that the Star Nations visited so that they could follow up on such visits with rogue Cabal paramilitary kidnappings, drugging, interrogation and abuse of these Humans, who were then left with the false implanted memory that their contact and ordeal was part of an “abduction” by “evil aliens”.

For its part in the Agreement, Star Nations accepted “continued responsibility to provide for the defense and protection of Earth Being, Human Beings, and Dependent Beings [all other Earth life-forms] from Outside Energy Beings (OEB).” Star Nations pledged to “protect the [Human] Species against outside or external interference by OEB: Beings who are not represented within Star Nations, ... and who do not work within the Star Nations’ principles and mission objectives, ... but who work in Ego awareness still at their own [lower] levels of development.” (Star Nations maintains surveillance and a protective cordon around Earth to prevent infrequent approaches by those lower-evolved beings. Such approaches are rare. In the 42 years since the Agreement was ratified, only four OEBs have been identified by Star Nations here, and these were prevented from going into circulation.)
The Star Nations did manage to secure Human recognition of their rights to continue activity consistent with the Star Nations Primary Mission of protection and “fostering the growth and development of the emerging Human Species in all manners consistent with the desire of Source [God].” Further, Star Nations Councillors attested “that the Laws of Source [in particular, the Spiritual Law of the Protection of Man, and the Spiritual Law of the Growth of Man (6)] are followed in regards to the selection and approach of all [Human] Beings for such purposes”.
Star Nations specifically obtained Human agreement for Star Nations “to manifest [appear, visit] to individuals for purpose of individual growth and development as requested by the individual, or as approved by the individual.” [Agreement of 1964] (7).
One of the primary purposes of contacts by the Star Visitors is to ensure that Star Visitors who incarnate as Humans are confirmed as such to Star Nations; and are provided with awareness and support by Star Nations, as these incarnates grow and develop on Earth. Star Nations also helps these individuals to become aware of and fulfil “the Personal Mission they are working towards, as Source has authorized.”
Another purpose of Star Visitor contacts is to provide awareness and development work with those Humans who have been genetically upgraded, the Star Seed adults and Star Kids. For a fuller outline of the place of Star Visitors since the outset of Humankind, see “The Role of the Star Visitors in Human Development” (8).
Let us now take a moment to put the development of the Agreement into historical perspective. While several events made insiders in government aware of Star Visitors presence since at least the early 1940s, the June, 1947 sighting of a formation of UFOs over Mount Rainier, Washington State by Deputy Sheriff and pilot Kenneth Arnold, and the UFO crash near Roswell (Corona), New Mexico three weeks later, both widely reported in the newspapers, brought broad public awareness of visitors from space. (This was the era before the UFO Cover-Up.)
President Harry Truman created a super-secret MJ-12 Committee to advise on how to deal with this development. The Army Air Corps (soon Air Force) gathered up the Roswell UFO wreckage and transported it to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio, and then to Los Alamos National Laboratory, New Mexico for study and analysis. As reported by Army Colonel Philip Corso (9), selected portions of the exotic devices and equipment were gradually transferred to favored commercial companies to be back-engineered into “brand new American devices” without revealing their extraterrestrial ancestry.
The Star Nations increased the pressure on the U.S. Government to acknowledge Star Visitor contact, by flying low over Washington, DC and the Capitol repeatedly in July of 1952.
Four months later Dwight Eisenhower was elected U.S. President. He soon had individual contact from the Star Nations, (as did other leaders of major governments) President Eisenhower made arrangements and later met with representatives of the Star Nations on February, 20, 1954 at a dry lake bed in what is now Edwards Air Force Base (10 ).
Two months later, on May 29, Eisenhower's CIA Director, Walter Bedell Smith, Prince Bernhard of Netherlands, David Rockefeller, other top world financiers, later-Secretary of State Dean Rusk, later-British Minister of Defense Denis Healey, and other Western power leaders convened the inaugural meeting of the Bilderberg Council, a policy-making group top-heavy with Cabal types, to plan unified global strategy. Uppermost on their agenda was what to do about the “extraterrestrial issue”.
After major government leaders had mulled it over for three years, Star Nations representatives began to meet individually with the leaders of the U.S., Council of Europe, USSR and China to explain the Star Nations mission here and to stop the wanton attacks on Star Nations craft. These discussions led to the convening of the Preliminary Meeting of December 12, 1961.
This Preliminary Meeting was held in The Grand Ballroom of the Duchess Palace, London, UK. Seated around a large oval cherry-wood table were 26 Human representatives, selected by the leaders of the Four Governments.
(President Eisenhower had previously acquiesced in David Rockefeller’s insistence to head the U.S. delegation and chair the meeting. Thus, newly-elected President John Kennedy, only in office a few months, and not fully briefed about the impending meeting, was faced with a fait accompli, although he resented the choice of people representing the U.S.)
Representing the Council of Europe was International Law Professor Anthony Bradley.
Soviet Russian Premier Nikita Khruschev personally attended. Chinese Premier Mao Tse-Tung sent his most trusted confidant, an expert in international security matters, as his Official Representative. The Chinese went to considerable lengths to keep this individual’s identity undisclosed.
In addition to these leaders, the identity of some of the others in attendance has been disclosed to me by the Star Nations Councillor mentioned earlier, and are revealed here.
Laurance Rockefeller was present at the Meeting, chaired by his brother, David Rockefeller. Also present was David Rockefeller’s chief advisor, Heinz “Henry” Kissinger, (whom the British newspaper The Guardian called an international “war criminal”), and who was at the time a member of the U.S. National Security Council.
The British Queen, Elizabeth II, was present for this Preliminary Meeting. Over the course of the Meeting, perhaps the Queen found the experience of hearing Reptoid, Praying Mantis, and large-eyed, greyish-skinned Zeta Councillors talking telepathically inside her head a bit unsettling. Or perhaps it was, as, Councillor Meata noted, that she was the “only one at the table with [an] energy signature ‘undecided’ in Awareness.” (This latter phrase means that Elizabeth II, 35 at that time, was ambivalent as to whether to conduct herself in a way which gives primacy to Awareness of her relationship with Source (God), or whether to go along with the Cabal methods and agenda.) But whatever the reason, Her Highness absented herself from the subsequent Ratification Meeting.
Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands, former Nazi SS officer, President of (Royal Dutch) Shell Oil, and co-founder of the Bilderberg Council, was also present.
The Councillor’s energy readings for the identity of another attendee point to this person’s being E.H. van der Beugel, Secretary-General of the Bilderberg Council, and successor to Joseph Retinger, who founded Bilderberg. Van der Beugel was President of KLM Airlines and headed the International Institute of Strategic Studies, London, (the British equivalent of the U.S. global policy group, the Council on Foreign Relations.)
The Star Nations indicate that all the other representatives, but one, were also of Ego orientation, (Star Nations parlance, for our purposes, for subject to Cabal influence.)
That solitary, atypical attendee at the Preliminary Meeting was Dr. W.E.B. DuBois, then 94. This noted African-American scholar and civil rights activist, with a Ph.D. from Harvard, had been co-selected by USSR Premier Nikita Khruschev and the Council of Europe to be a representative. He provided insight which was very different from the rest of the Human representatives. Councillor Meata described DuBois as “of gentle energy and able to speak with open communication to the leaders of Russia and China.” DuBois had “a strong desire to bring education between cultures, and this item was considered to be a primary concern.” Before the Preliminary Meeting, Star Nations paid lengthy visits to Dr. DuBois, which took place in a protected environment without interference. DuBois definitely operated in Awareness of his relationship with Source.
When the representatives gathered on December 12, 1961, the room bristled with hostility and resentment of having DuBois present. Dubois advocated for going public about the Star Nations communications with Humans. But David Rockefeller, the leader of the Meeting, “requested” DuBois not to speak about the Meeting and communications, a directive Rockefeller gave the other representatives as well.
In late August of 1963, when preparations were being finalized for the Ratification Meeting the following April, DuBois was found dead in his new home in Ghana, Africa. The Ghanian government gave no cause of death. But DuBois died just hours before the August 28, 1963. quarter-million- person civil rights March on Washington, at which Dr. Martin Luther King gave his famous, “I Have A Dream” speech. Councillor Meata noted that DuBois’s death was “under suspicious circumstances.” The timing suggests that the Cabal “sent a message.”
Thus, when the Ratification Meeting was held the following Spring, only 24 Human representatives gathered; two of the attendees at the Preliminary Meeting were not present: Queen Elizabeth II and Dr. W.E.B. DuBois.
Only a few human-interest details have emerged about the Preliminary Meeting.
In what has to be one of the greatest gaffes of the Twentieth Century and beyond, when the Preliminary Meeting was just started, Laurance Rockefeller spoke up and said, “We come in peace,” and then did a nervous laugh. The rest of the representatives nervously snickered, too. The Star Nations Councillors, who are exquisitely sensitive to the energy that communications come wrapped in, didn’t really know what to make of his saying that, and of the laughter. But given the track record of the Humans whom we know were present at that meeting, (excepting DuBois), Laurence Rockefeller’s travesty of interstellar relations had about as much sincerity as the Dolph Lundgren character in the schlock 1990 science-fiction movie of the same name.
The other Human-interest item was that at one point, Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev got up and insisted on going into a side room for a private conversation with the Councillor for the Reptoid People. David Rockefeller strenuously objected to any side meeting at which he was not also personally in attendance. But Khrushchev insisted and prevailed. In the side conversation, Khrushchev lobbied to try to get exclusive information on advanced weapons systems for the USSR.. Needless to say, he got nowhere with the Star Nations Councillor in trying to pursue that agenda.
Over the ensuing four decades (and counting) since the Agreement of 1964 was ratified, Star Nations has honorably upheld its obligations within the Agreement.
The Four Governments have not, as is obvious to anyone who has informed him/herself about their misuses of advanced technology, their continued shooting at Star Nations craft, and their misuse of information about Human Star Seeds to kidnap, interrogate, abuse, and attempt to mentally reprogram them to forget who really kidnapped them and misremember the Star Visitors as the bad guys.
With the Cabal strengthening its control on major governments and institutions over the subsequent four-plus decades, the situation has become dire. That is, until September 29, 2005. On that date, representatives of the Star Nations met with four Human representatives, including the Councillor of/for Earth, to conduct a Formal Hearing (11 ) and Indictment of the Cabal for repeated violations of Universal Laws. The Cabal were convicted on such violations. The implication of those convictions is enormous.
Previously, as Councillor Meata noted, “It is not that the Star Nations were fooled by [Cabal] Humans, though. We were simply not permitted by the Laws of Source to make differentiation in energy determination [good/bad] for a Species still in development. Even when it was known that betrayal or manipulation was ‘probable’, based on energy readings, Star Nations was bound to see the developing Species without bias to the individual point of reference. Star Nations made all effort to work with Humans with full respect to the governing bodies, laws, and leaders set forward to represent them .If you will permit, it was in all effect a ‘best effort’ by all of Star Nations to do what was needed.
“It is now [since the 9/29/05 Formal Hearing] within the hands of the Star Nations to move forward with a new direction, and with the correct ability to differentiate between the Beings of Ego [Cabal] and those of Awareness who are Human.”( 12)
This means that now the Star Nations are ethically free to, and have now started to, discriminate against the Cabal in whom the Star Nations share information and assistance with on Earth. As time goes on, being left out in the cold will work to the disempowerment of the Cabal. As the Councillor also said, “Earth Being and Her safety, growth and happiness belongs not to those who are of pride and ego. It is the inheritance of the humble and the true of heart.”
I will close this report with one final reminder and admonition from my Councillor informant:
“The time of transition is upon Earth. It will either make it and be born into a new world, ... or it will be seen as [stuck in] Ego upon [reaching] adulthood, and I cannot say what might occur if that were to happen, as it is no longer in the hands of Star Nations, if that were to occur.
“Star Nations work in service to Light and to Source through the path of Awareness.”


The sources of information for this Report are several. Because of the previously ultra-secret nature of the matters now being revealed, the principal information source had to have been, and was, the Star Nations, primarily Councillor Meata. I also wish to acknowledge informational assistance by and consultation from: the Councillor For the Praying Mantis People, and the Councillor For the Watchers, with additional assistance from the Zeta. I have received no information from government or other Human “insider” sources for this Report.
The medium of communication is principally telepathic, although Councillor Meata has also at times used Internet messaging, and rarely, telephone contact, as supplemental communication tools.
I have been assisted in receiving telepathic communications from the Star Nations by other members of the four-person Human representatives Team at the Formal Hearing, principally Wendi Powers. My gratitude for such invaluable assistance is expressed here.
As is their style, the Star Nations also communicate at times symbolically, and by juxtaposing events and circumstances to convey a message.
And of course, certain parts of this Report are the products of my own research and due diligence contemporaneously and over time. The responsibility for the accuracy of the Report is of course mine. Councillor of/for Earth

You may say, upon reading this, “This Report is dynamite ” Yes, it is. And like dynamite, it can serve a good purpose, or not. If the reader comes away with a new understanding of the Star Nations, and the delicate path they have been forced to thread to reach out to Humans in friendship and assistance, then something good has come from this Report.
If the reader is appalled upon learning at greater depth of the treacheries and deceitfulness of the geoplutocratic Cabal, who would deny Humankind our heritage and destiny to become an aware, cosmic civilization, and if the reader is moved, like news anchor Howard Beale was in the 1970 movie Network, to shout, “I'm as mad as hell and I'm not going to take this anymore ”, and follows that up with appropriate action, then something even better has come from this effort.

Richard J. Boylan, Ph.D., LLC
Councillor of/for Earth

Addendum: Summary of the Agreement of 1964 - by Councillor Asheoma Meata

Purpose: This outline is for the purpose of presenting to the Councillor of Earth and for Earth the Agreement between Star Nations and Humans as understood by the Star Nations.
Disclaimer: The outline is presented in best effort by Councillor Meata for information purposes to Councillor Boylan as a translation of Star Nations understanding of this agreement. This outline is not presented as a complete item as many details are in energy understanding and do not lend themselves to the translation of Human words.

Agreement Outline
[Date of Agreement April 14, 1964 - RB]

I. Definitions

A. Beings Impacted by Agreement

1. Dependent Beings (DB)
Definition: All Beings of Earth Energy manifestation not Human.

2. Earth Being (EB)
Definition: Planet Earth as represented in the levels of energy observable or perceivable by Human Beings at the point of development represented at the time of the Agreement.

3. Human Beings (HB)
Definition: Human Beings definition was agreed upon to be specifically those in physical Earth Being energy manifestation who are of genetic material of Human Female and Human Male contribution. Genetic material of Star Nations alteration to the contributed material was included as a part of this definition.

4. Outside Energy Beings (OEB)
Definition: All Beings of originating energy not of Earth Being energy patterns or manifestation. This definition excludes Star Nations Beings who are defined as such.

5. Outside Planetary Beings (OPB)
Definition: All Planet Beings, to include all dependent satellites or primary solar objects, as manifested in the levels of energy observable or perceivable by Human Beings at the point of development represented at the time of the Agreement.

6. Star Nations Beings (SN)
Definition: All Beings holding representation within the Star Nations. Star Nations is a broad term used to represent those Energy Beings and Species working under the Laws of Source to assist in the larger primary missions of the exploration of the many levels of manifestation Source has formed, and the protection and assisted development of Beings and Species of Beings located.

B. Defined Level of Agreement Impact

1. Current Levels of Manifestation (CLM)

The agreement is limited in impact and restricted to levels of current occupation by Earth Being, all Planetary Beings, Dependent Beings, and Human Beings as observable or perceivable by Human Beings.

((NOTE: Human Representatives pushed to include all levels of energy for the agreement. Star Nations could not permit this broad a range of impact due to the inability of Humans to understand, realize, or take responsibility for levels to which they held no access or manifestation ability at the time. Star Nations spent a great amount of time with a delegation appointed to them of Humans for this matter. Humans requested details to be explained on the method of energy impact of other levels. This information was refused on the same grounds as stated above.))

2. Outside Levels of Manifestation (OLM)

Star Nations maintained full rights of responsibility to all concerns outside levels of Human occupation.
Star Nations would not surrender responsibility to monitor the impact of Human Being actions into other levels. Star Nations continues to work as approved by larger mission objectives to protect other levels from “harmful” impact energy manifestations created by Humans with or without intention. Humans are reported as naming this part of the agreement as “Containment” but that word does not reflect the true nature of the Star Nations energy to this item. Star Nations purpose is not to contain any. All actions are done to encourage the growth of the protected Beings while also serving to maintain the larger protection objectives for other developing Beings.

3. Future Levels of Manifestation (FLM)

Star Nations acknowledged the agreement must include provisions for the natural growth and development of those impacted by this agreement. As Beings impacted maintain the natural ability to manifest and observe, perceive, or manipulate energy in levels differing from those at the time of the agreement, the Star Nations and Humans both reserved the right to ask for alteration of the agreement to address any new concerns.

C. Conditions Explained

1. Requested
Definition: Condition is seen as one which might not be reached under certain conditions. Requested items are to be performed in best effort.

2. Required
Definition: Condition was determined to be a mandatory item within the agreement.

II. Manifestation Items

A. HB Manifestation

1. HB retain rights to represent EB as “Dominate Species.”

2. HB accept responsibility to provide for the defense, protection, and growth of all DB within the CLM.

3. HB accept responsibility for item 2 in preparation for FLM.

4. SN agree to provide HB with training to assist with item 3.

5. HB required SN agree to not require HB to submit records of attempts, experiments, or success in reaching manifestation capability in any format to OLM.

6. HB accept as a condition of item 5 that SN will not surrender the rights or responsibility of oversight and observation of HB while in OLM.

B. OEB Manifestation

1. SN accept continued responsibility to provide for the defense and protection of EB, HB, and DB, from OEB.

2. HB required item: SN report OEB activity to HB.

3. SN requested item: HB report any located OEB activity to SN.

4. HB required item: Defense be allowed to protect DB, HB, and OPB from OEB.

5. SN requested item: Defensive weapons be reviewed and monitored by SN.

C. SN Manifestation

1. SN required CLM manifestation rights for purpose of defense or protection of any (DB, EB, HB, OEB, OPB, and SN).

2. HB required SN report all SN CLM activities to HB. SN limited requirement to EB and OEB with limits to region of EB close proximity. OEB requirement was also limited to HB ability to observe SN manifestation.

3. SN requested item: HB permit SN and OEB CLM in transitory mode through levels without report to HB. Transitory mode was agreed to being restricted to items of all design outside purposed intent of SN manifestation within the HB CLM. Item was accepted by HB with stipulation of reporting being made for transitory operations SN knew to be observed by HB.

4. SN required item: HB permit SN manifestation for purposes of all primary mission objectives to protect and oversee the development of all - (DB, EB, HB, OEB, OPB, and SN).

5. HB required item: SN report detail of contacts with HB on EB or any OPB.

a. Prior reporting to HB required for planned SN items.

b. Items of “impulse” or “need” to be reported to HB ASAP by SN.

7. HB required item: SN provide methods of identification of SN Beings and transportation in CLM on EB and OPB. Purpose was stated as a needed item to allow HB to differentiate SN from OEB manifestation.

8. HB requested SN provide further identification methods for item 7 as HB ability allowed understanding and application.

9. SN required item: HB weapons of protection will not be employed against SN in any manner.

10. HB agreed to required item 9 as “best effort” dependent on items 1-8.

III. Development Items

A. Technology Advancement

1. Forms / Types - All items were discussed in detail with HB demonstration for SN on current situations and discussion of needs.

a. Biological

b. Energy

c. Transport

2. Responsibility

a. HB requested SN assistance with items above. SN restricted assistance to items applicable to HB CLM.

b. HB requested SN assist with items of FLM as needed.

B. Spiritual

1. HB required SN refrain from any influence of “religious” institutions or establishments either directly or indirectly. SN advised that this item of development is protected by Source to allow freedom of growth and change to progress according to the Species.

2. SN requested HB work to promote individual freedom and growth as shown to be in the best interest of the development of the Species Human.

3. SN required continued ability to manifest to individuals for purpose of individual growth and development as requested by the individual or as approved by the individual.

4. HB accepted item 3 with condition that the agreement on items of manifestation and reporting be upheld.

C. Societal

1. HB required SN refrain from any influence of development of societal items to include governments, culture, and internal trade concerns. SN again advised that oversight of development and the protection of the Species required these items be determined by the Species and not by SN.

2. SN suggested HB to encourage societal growth to be done with direction toward Awareness.

IV. Other Items

1. SN accept to function within the realm of this agreement; as without the agreement, HB would consider SN to be seen as hostile entities. SN primary mission of protection of HB, EB, DB, and OPB was seen as jeopardized without this agreement.

2. HB accept to function within the realm of this agreement as it was accepted to be within the best interests of the Species HB and within the best interests of DB and EB for SN to continue within the primary mission of protection.

V. HB and SN agreed to methods, procedures, and contacts to uphold this agreement.

[end of Summary of Agreement of 1964]
Release Date: March 17, 2006
Sacramento, California, USA
No restrictions on dissemination via any media. Author grants broad rights to quote from all portions of this Release.

Contact Information:

Richard Boylan, Ph.D., Councillor of/for Earth.
Councillor of/for Earth - A Role Description

The Councillor of/for Earth

When Star Nations, the federation of intelligent civilizations of space, is in contact with a planet with intelligent life which has developed to a point of readiness for cosmic contact, Star Nations appoints an individual from that planet to represent that planet on Star Nations’ governing body, its High Council. That representative is called a Councillor.
I write to you in my role as the Councillor of/for Earth. I was appointed by Star Nations in late February, 2005.
My responsibilities include both representation and communication.
My responsibilities include both representation and communication. As Councillor I officially represent Humankind and planet Earth to Star Nations High Council for matters of policy development as concerns Earth. And I represent Star Nations to the people of Earth in official matters. Thus I serve as the official communication pathway to bring Earth’s interstellar-relations and other issues to the High Council; and to communicate decisions and information from Star Nations to governments, and to Humans in general, as those decisions and information affect the people of Earth and planet Earth/Gaia herself.
Your Councillor has a responsibility to communicate Star Nations policy decisions and plans as widely as possible to the people of Earth. The Internet helps greatly in worldwide dissemination of such Star Nations information, policy decisions and action plans. And yet right now, the Cabal's choke-hold on the media prevents the kind of ready and truly comprehensive sharing of the information which world society has a right to know. But things are changing.
One of the Councillor of/for Earth’s current responsibilities was to make preparations for the arrival of a delegation of 12 top environmental scientists from the planet Altimar, coming here to help us with Earth’s environmental crisis. I did so, and the Altimarian environmental team arrived in January, 2008 and have gone to work.

in the light,

Richard Boylan, Ph.D., Councillor of/for Earth

Further background on Star Nations' process in contacting civilizations and setting up a Councillor representative.

Star Nations is the federation of intelligent civilizations of space. When they are in contact with a planet with intelligent life which has developed to a point of readiness for cosmic contact, Star Nations appoints an individual from that planet to represent that planet on Star Nations’ governing body, its High Council. That representative is called a Councillor.
Star Nations watched the development of intelligent Humans for over a quarter of a million years. After the violent internal collapse of previous civilizations here, some remembered as Atlantis and Lemuria (Mu), Star Nations authorized a fresh attempt to assist this contemporary Human civilization, now facing our present critical time of transition.
A member of High Council volunteered to incarnate as a Human and to grow up to full maturity about the time that Human society was reaching this critical threshold. That threshold is our current make-or-break point: where either Human society will make it to a higher spiritual functioning level of operating peacefully, with social justice, and with responsible environmental stewardship; or will “crash and burn” back to a Hunter-Gatherer level, with considerable loss of life.
Because that Councillor incarnated as a Human was not immediately evident in his Human form, Star Nations sent down Councillor Asheoma to find him. Asheoma knew that the criteria were that the incarnated Councillor be absolutely Human, not just a thinly-disguised Star Being. Further, this incarnated Councillor had to be of sufficiently-advanced spiritual, metaphysical, intellectual, and consciousness development, since the original Star Being Councillor’s personal qualities were such. Asheoma spent many years searching and in late February, 2005 found him. Asheoma approached the Human-incarnate and asked him if he was willing to accept appointment as Councillor of/for Earth. I consented.
In making the identification, Asheoma had taken note of my longtime activities to educate people about Star Visitors, and about Humans’ close encounters with these Visitors, and about the more advanced Star Seeds and Star Kids now emerging in the population. He noted my website and books, my educational talks and Star Kid/Star Seed Workshops, my building on-line informational and communication networks, including UFOFacts, DrRichBoylanReports, and the StarKidsHangout, and starting the educational non-profits, the Academy of Clinical Close Encounter Therapists, Inc (ACCET), and the Star Kids Project, Ltd.
Star Nations has used the almost-1500-member global community of the on-line UFOFacts group to canvass this sampling of Humanity on such issues as whether typical Humans would welcome Star Visitor environmental scientists to help remedy Earth’s environmental crisis. (They would.)
Star Nations has also utilized the UFOFacts community to assess the kind of selfless hearts Humans could show for various issues, such as working together to exert joint psychic effort to liberate Star Visitors being held unjustly captive by the Cabal. The repeated showings of such Human heart has convinced Star Nations to aid all Humans in his time of global crisis, despite the many Cabal shootings-down of starcraft and torturing of Star Visitors taken captive.
After an intensive period where Councillor Asheoma educated and briefed the Councillor of Earth on Star Nations lore which the Councillor of Earth had not remembered in this incarnation, it was time to hold a Formal Hearing on the long train of crimes by the Cabal in violation of the11 Universal Laws and the 11 Spiritual Laws of the cosmos. (See:
The Councillor of Earth was joined by other Star Nations Councillors, as well as by a Human representative of Earth, and a Human representative for Star Nations. The Formal hearing resulted in conviction of the Cabal for wholesale crimes in violation of basic principles and values. As a result Star Nations subsequently has refused to include then in any Human communications, and now considers Cabal members a deviant sub-variant of the Human species.
The Hearing over, it was time to move on with other parts of Councillor of Earth’s responsibilities. My responsibilities include both representation and communication.
The Councillor of Earth represents Humankind and all Earth officially to Star Nations for matters of policy development by its High Council as concerns Earth. And I represent Star Nations to the people of Earth in official matters.
Also, the Councillor of Earth serves as the official communication pathway to bring overall Earth policy issues to Star Nations High Council; and to communicate decisions and information from Star Nations to Humans as they affect us and Earth.
The Councillor of Earth has a responsibility to communicate Star Nations policy decisions and plans as widely as possible to the people of Earth. The Internet helps greatly in worldwide dissemination of such Star Nations information, policy decisions and action plans. And yet right now, the Cabal's choke-hold on the media prevents the kind of ready and truly comprehensive sharing of the information which world society has a right to know. But things are changing.
However, in many of these efforts I do not operate alone. There is an Inner Team of close associates who have been working with me behind the scenes to thwart the enemies of Humankind. These Inner Team individuals and I have a close relationship with Star Nations, including formal on-going dialogue and coordination with members of Star Nations’ High Council. Each Team member brings their own skills and strengths.
In addition, our efforts to start to disassemble elements of the Cabal’s power structure in turn have been immeasurably aided by the direct actions of a self-effacing, eminent former-NSA Special Forces officer, Brigadier General “Shadow”(name suppressed for safety) and his superb counter-insurgency team (CIT), as well as by certain “White Hats” officials and elite warriors within CIA, NSA and the Department of Interstellar Immigration.
The combination of Inner Team remote-viewers, general community good-hearted Humans psychically working with us, and of Brigadier General Shadow and his CIT, has resulted in such successes as the liberation of Star Visitors being held and tortured at: Naval Weapons Station Charleston, SC; in confinement areas under the Pentagon, at an underground U.S. installation in Iceland, at an undeclared installation in DeBaca County, New Mexico, under Edwards Air Force Base, California, from a secret military complex in the greater Colorado Springs, CO region, and from Los Angeles Air Force Base, etc. Additionally, we together effected the return of three enormous Space Beacons stolen by the Cabal from the Beacons’ original and proper navigational-orienting positions in space.

Richard Boylan, Ph.D., Councillor

Richard Boylan, Ph.D., LLC
[email protected]
POB 1009, Diamond Springs, CA 95619-1009
My Personal Notes: [These meetings above took place when I was a young child from 1957 at age 5 to age 12, 1964.] There were other secret meetings before this with President Eisenhower that took place[before this time] in 1949-1950's, with the the Tall White aliens, and the Grays. I was in Junior high school on the day when JFK was murdered in Texas, and school got out early because of the anouncement of the shooting death of our president. That was a dark, sad day, and the whole world felt this loss. It was a dense, and heavy feeling, and it played live on TV's around this planet. and that's why he was NOT present during the above meetings. He was very aware of what was going on , and he was going to anounce the disclosure of the Alien Presence to this planet, and this was the main reason he was murdered, and Rockefellar took JFK's place instead of the newly instated president Lyndon B. Johnson. L.B. Johnson was a weak leader, and followed his orders till he left office, [more of a coward] and he went ahead with the Vietnam war that lasted 12 dam years, and JFK was very against this too, and tried hard to prevent this while he was still alive. By Bluesbaby5050.

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bluesbaby5050: A Craft From The Procyon-B Star System Constellation Canis Minor

This spacecraft was from the Procyon-B star system in the constellation Canis Minor, 11 light years from Earth. In the video clip below is authentic super-secret National Reconnaissance Organization (NRO) video footage shot by two US Marines deployed on January 27, 1982 as part of a secret [Cabal] National Reconnaissance Organization UFO-retrieval team sent in to southwest Chihuahua State, Mexico to retrieve a starcraft shot down Jan. 25, '82 and to capture any crew members dead or alive.
In the 1-1/2 min. video clip below you will see a female Star Visitor injured survivor I've dubbed 'Eve', warily peering out from behind the jungle foliage at a male Marine 1stLt approaching and narrating while his female USMC 2ndLt teammate video-records the scene. Watch the video at:
Here is further information not provided with the video.
The craft was from the Procyon-B star system in the constellation Canis Minor, 11 light years from Earth. It carried a crew of four. One crewman, male, was killed in the crash. Three crew, two females and a male, survived with moderate injuries and were able to walk but not run. The Star Visitor seen on camera is 'Eve', a female. Behind her unseen but nearby in the woods are the other two, her husband 'Jim' and another female. All three were captured by NRO after this video was taken and transported away, along with their dead crewman's body.
The starcraft had been fired upon at 12,000 feet altitude over central Nevada by a (Cabal) Lockheed X-22A two-man antigravity disc fighter operating from ambush at 17,000 feet. The X22-A carried a directed-energy electromagnetic-pulse (EMP) cannon. The EMP burst mortally wounded the starcraft's advanced-technology quasi-living navigation/guidance & fuselage system.
The craft rapidly descended with increasing loss of control and crashed in the rugged Sierra Madre Occidental mountains of southwestern Chihuahua State near its border with Sinaloa State, Mexico. The crash site is 164 km (102 miles) NE of the Pacific coastal city of Los Mochis. Site GPS coordinates: 26 deg., 07', 51.22 N; 107 deg., 23', 57.55" W. The NRO built a dirt strip just east of the crash site to facilitate aerial removal of craft wreckage.
The NRO crash-retrieval team took the three survivors and the dead crewman to the G-13 underground detention facility in Nevada, the Cabal's principal prison for Star Visitor captives.
The dead crewman's remains, after Cabal dissection, were transported to special hermetically-sealed underground containment-storage vaults west of Nevada's Area 51. GPS coordinates: 37 deg., 14', 59.29" N; 115 deg., 56', 36.40" W.
G-13 is the code name for a detention facility operated for the Cabal by Halliburton/Kellogg, Brown, Root Inc., an enormous construction, engineering and private military contractor. G-13 is situated within a large lava-rock outcropping, 13-stories-underground. G-13 sprawls over 209 acres, 8/10-mile long and 4/10 mile wide, and covers 1,012,460 square yards.
G-13 was opened in November, 1981 at the beginning of the Ronald Reagan Presidency "Star Wars" era and continued in operation into 2013.
The Cabal's UFO Shoot-Down Program to retrieve Star Visitors' technology and torture any survivors for more information, began with the shoot-down of a UFO on Aug. 15, 1945 just west of White Sands Missile Range, New Mexico. It reached its high point during the Reagan and George Herbert Walker Bush presidencies. Neither Presidents Reagan, Clinton, George W. Bush nor Obama were aware of G-13's existence. George Herbert Walker Bush, Texas oil trillionaire and uber-Cabal 41st President, is the only U.S. President aware of G-13's existence.
During G-13's 31 years operating, 23 Star Visitors have died in captivity. As of the beginning of 2013, G-13 had 35 Star Visitors, innocent but unlawfully imprisoned.
G-13 is located 13 stories underneath Indian Springs Valley on the Nevada Test Site, 6.73 km NNE of the control tower at Creech Air Force Base, Indian Springs, NV. G-13 facility's GPS coordinates: 36 deg., 37', 49.90" N; 115 deg., 43', 19.31" W.
Security at KBR's G-13 prison has been provided by private security guards under a subcontract with infamous private military company Blackwater/Xe/ Academi. Each shift had 18 security personnel. G-13 security measures included acoustic and infra-red motion detectors, night-vision-capable video surveillance, and cell walls honeycombed with dense wire clusters running pulsed extreme-voltage electricity to make even a Star Visitor's escape impossible.
I furnished to my 'White Hats' government contacts the above precise information about the Halliburton/KBR [Cabal] G-13 prison for Star Visitor captives.
Shortly thereafter an elite assault team from the UN Central Security Service's TIER 3 Special Operations Command assaulted the G-13 detention facility, overpowered the Blackwater mercenary guards, and liberated all the Star Visitor captives! Hoo-rah!
Procyon B 'Eve' was so grateful for release after 31 years captivity that she has shown herself to me three times since, taking the human appearance of an extremely-friendly Irish-American redhead. The third time, Eve was accompanied by her dashingly-handsome husband 'Jim' when they greeted me this year inside the Furnace Creek Ranch General Store at Death Valley National Park, CA.
Eve plans to be an active participant in the effort to roll out official public acknowledgment of UFO and Star Visitors reality in the months ahead. Here again is this same reported video in link below- Published on Jan 27, 2013. While investigating a UFO crash site in 1982, some military officials discovered that one or more of its pilots were still there.-

bluesbaby5050: As Earth citizens you have a need to know; you have the right...

As Earth citizens you have a need to know; you have the right to know.
The MJ-12 Committee had been a super-secret U.S. governmental committee to study and manage the extraterrestrial "phenomenon". MJ-12 was authorized in 1947 by President Truman after the Roswell UFO Crash became public.
In 1962, MJ-12 was taken over from U.S. Government control by the UN Security Council, through a secret UN Security Council Resolution transforming MJ-12 into an international "autonomous" secret instrumentality, with members from different countries. MJ-12's mandate has been to manage "extraterrestrials", the public's awareness about them, and to control access to "alien" technology.
During its separate existence, MJ-12 had access, as needed, to UN's Central Security Service and its Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command and Special Operations Command for UFO-related matters. MJ-12 also had a very large operations fund derived from controlled sales of Star Visitor technology.
MJ-12 has been directed in recent times by an Executive Committee composed of CEO Simonetta Di Pippo(MJ1), Samantha Power (MJ5), Joyce Victoria Bigio (MJ10), and Captain John Chandler, USN (MJ9).
Named Director of UN Office of Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA) in March, 2014, Simonetta Di Pippo is overseeing the gradual integration of MJ-12's Executive Committee into UNOOSA as an executive advisory committee. This is being done because soon there will be no need for a UFO secrecy-management organization.
After integration, members of MJ-12 will be converted into advisors for UNOOSA as needed.
Ms. Di Pippo is working with Dr. John Ashe, UN President, to increase the democracy of UN government by strengthening the role of the General Assembly and the UN President, and revising the obsolete, oligarchical arrangement of the Security Council's making all the major decisions.


The members of the MJ-12Committee are:
- MJ1 (Alpha) MJ-12 Chair: Simonetta Di Pippo, M.S., 55, Italy, Star Seed, MJ-12's CEO; and Director of the UN Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA).
- MJ2 (Beta): Brigadier Gartzene Killennarry, 57, Northern Ireland-UK, senior manager at MI-6 (SIS), formerly special-forces general in UK’s Special Reconnaissance Regiment.
- MJ3 (Gamma): Anke Schaferkordt, 57, Germany, Supervisory Board Director, BASF (chemicals) Corporation, Ludwigshafen am Rhein; and CEO of Mediengruppe, Cologne.
- MJ4 (Delta): Hon. Paul Hellyer, 89, Canada, Star Seed, former Canadian Minister of Defence.
- MJ5 (Epsilon): Samantha Power, 42, United States, Star Seed, US Ambassador to the UN.
- MJ6 (Zeta): [Thai male], 49, Thailand, Star Seed, Professor of Software Engineering within Bangkok University's School of Science and Technology.
- MJ7 (Eta): Nelson Violante-Carvalho, Ph.D., 41, Brazil, Brazilian-Portuguese Star Seed, Tenured Lecturer, Ocean Engineering Program, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro.
- MJ8 (Theta): Olga Golodets, 63, Russian Federation, Federal Cabinet, Deputy Chairman for Social Affairs.
- MJ9 (Iota): John Chandler, Navy Captain, 42, U.S., Star Seed, Commander, Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command - Space Operations Division and its Solar Warden Space Fleet. Capt. Chandler has been MJ-12 Committee's liaison to Col. James R. Phillips, Jr., Deputy Chief of Operations, UN Central Security Service.
- MJ10 (Kappa): Joyce Victoria Bigio, 53, Italy, dual Italian-American citizenship, Internal Control and Risk Committee, Fiat S.p.A., Turin. Ms. Bigio is MJ-12's Chief Operating Officer, and is MJ-12's liaison to the Vatican.
- MJ11 (Lambda): Carmen Omonte Durand, 44, Peru, Star Seed, 1st Vice-President of Congress
- MJ12 (Mu): Dr. Ross McKenzie, 48, Australia. Star Seed, Professor of Quantum Physics, and Australian Professorial Fellow, University of Queensland.


The United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA) 'is responsible for promoting international cooperation in the peaceful uses of outer space.' That mission statement fails to mention that UNOOSA, as an instrumentality of the UN, is chartered to be able to call upon the Central Security Service and its SNWSC's space-policing Solar Warden Fleet, and CSS's elite Special Operations Command for low-profile enforcement against unconventional enemies, including for such currently-clandestine matters as protection of Star Visitors, rescue of Star Visitors from craft crashes, extractions of Star Visitors from Cabal unauthorized detention facilities, and retrieval of downed starcrafts.


The UN's Central Security Service is an instrumentality of the UN, and quietly provides services for delicate special international situations, and especially for UNOOSA and its Star Visitors-related responsibilities, which heretofore were secret and required non-visibility and even deniability.
While the NSA website lists on its website the Central Security Service (CSS) as a department within NSA, that is misleading, intended to blur the clandestine part of CSS's actual functioning under the UN and outside of the NSA command structure.
UN-CSS is assigned to undertake special transnational intelligence-gathering, special forces, and protective, enforcement, and retrieval operations of a sensitive nature, including regarding Star Visitors and their crafts, which exceed the capabilities of or authorized responsibilities of individual countries.
Currently Colonel James R. Phillips is Central Security Service's Deputy Chief of Operations and CSS's day-to-day hands-on lead official.
While Interpol and UN Blue Helmet soldiers deal with more straightforward international law enforcement and peace-keeping matters, CSS deals with those special delicate and secret transnational and interstellar matters identified above.

Under Central Security Service there are two major commands.

The first, UN-CSS's Space and Naval Weapons System Command (SNWSC/SPAWAR) - Space Operations Division , has responsibility for maintaining peace in space. Its commander is Captain John Chandler, USN, dual-hatted as commander of UN-CSS's SNWSC and its Solar Warden Space Fleet, and commander of the US's Naval Space Command, (which is the primary institutional host for SNWSC.)
The second, UN-CSS's Special Operations Command, [code-name TIER 3], has responsibility for quietly carrying out military enforcement operations against unconventional enemies including international terrorist groups and the rogue global power cartel, the Cabal. Admiral William McRaven, USN is dual hatted as commander of UN-CSS's Special Forces Command (TIER 3), and commander of the US's Special Operations Command.
[Dr. Boylan's friend, Brigadier-General 'Shadow' has been a part of the elite TIER 3 special forces, and has led many special operations to protect and to liberate Star Visitors.]

You will not find the above in your Civics textbook, nor on the UN nor NSA websites. Heretofore, the efforts of nations to deal with Star Visitor matters have been done out of sight and under veil of secrecy. Not much longer.
As Earth citizens you have a need to know; you have the right to know.

Richard Boylan, Ph.D., Councillor of/for Earth, Star Nations Council

bluesbaby5050: The Solar Warden Space Fleet ....

When Space Shuttle Atlantis landed at NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida on July 21, 2011 and headed to a museum, we were told that the U.S. Government no longer had any space-capable vehicles, and that we would have to rely on other countries and private companies to get into orbit and service the Space Station.
That was a deception.
In actuality, since the late 1980s, the U.S. has joined with a handful of other nations to create a secret international Space Fleet, Its program, code-named "Solar Warden", has now grown to 59 small disc-shaped "scout ships" and 9 cigar-shaped motherships [each longer than two football fields joined end to end].
The Solar Warden Space Fleet is operated by Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command's Space Operations Division (SNWSC-SO), headquartered on the Virginia seaboard.
SNWSC-SO has approximately 300 personnel on Earth and in space. SNWSC-SO operates as one part of the UN's Central Security Service.
The Solar Warden Space Fleet's vessels are staffed by Naval Space Cadre and Marine Space Cadre officers, whose training has earned them the prestigious 6206-P Space Operations specialty designation, awarded after they have graduated from the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, California with a Master of Science degree in Space Systems Operations.
Other member countries' Navies and Marines furnish men and women officers to this program also.
This space-security mission is two-fold.
One part of the Space Fleet's mission is to prevent rogue countries or terrorist groups from using space from which to conduct warfare against other countries or to fire from space on Earth-bound targets. Star Nations has made it quite clear that space is to be used for peaceful purposes only.
A second part of Earth's Space Fleet's mission is to prevent the rogue global-elite control group, the Cabal, from using its orbital weapons systems, including directed-energy beam weapons, to intimidate or attack anyone or any group on Earth it wishes in order to bend them to its will.
Because the Space Fleet has the job of being Space Policeman within our solar system, its program has been named Solar Warden.
The Space Fleet operates under authority granted by secret Resolution of the UN Security Council. The U.S. component is so highly classified that when British civilian Gary McKinnon hacked into U.S. Space Command computers during 2001-2002 and learned of the existence of "non-terrestrial officers", "fleet-to-fleet transfers", and a secret program called "Solar Warden", he was charged by the Bush Justice Department with having committed "the biggest military computer hack of all time."
The Solar Warden Space Fleet functions with the approval of Star Nations, the organization of advanced intelligent civilizations in our galaxy. Star Nations has the policy that the citizens of a planet have the responsibility to work out the operation and regulation of their societies as best they can.
Lest anyone think that Solar Warden is an errant flight of fancy, important corroboration of this information is found in the National Defense Authorization Act for FY 2012. Section 912 of that Defense Bill refers to the Secretary of Defense being authorized to purchase and take delivery of "space vehicles". (Relevant Section 912 reproduced below*.)
Further confirmation of this Program is provided by the Housae Armed Services Committee's Hearing on July 22, 2004 on the "Space Cadre Program and Space Professionals".
The "Solar Warden" Space Fleet vehicles were constructed by international aerospace Black Projects contractors, with contributions of parts and systems by the U.S., Canada, United Kingdom, Italy, Austria, Russia, and Australia.
And while the U.S. contributes the most people staffing the Solar Warden Space Fleet, there are also some crew members from UK, Italy, Canada, Russia, Austria, and Australia.
Additionally, the mandate and jurisdiction of the Solar Warden Space Fleet is space. It does not have jurisdiction and does not meddle in Human affairs on the ground, nor Human activity occurring within Earth's atmosphere. Those are the jurisdictions of the respective governments in each country and the air space above their territories.
Solar Warden Space Fleet's mandate is to keep space peaceful and free from misuse by any Earth country trying to conduct war-like or illegal activities in space. Solar Warden does not replace the responsibility of Earth governments to conduct their own law enforcement and policing on the ground or in the air space over their countries.

- Richard Boylan, Ph.D., Star Nations Councillor of/for Earth


Section 2430a(a)(1) of title 10, United States Code,is amended—
(1) by inserting ‘‘(A)’’ before ‘‘If the Secretary of Defense determines’’; and
(2) by adding at the end the following new subparagraph: 381
† S 1867 ES
1 ‘‘(B) If the Secretary of Defense determines that a major defense acquisition program to purchase space vehicles requires the delivery of space vehicles in two or more increments or blocks, the Secretary may designate each such increment or block as a major subprogram for the purposes of acquisition reporting under this chapter.’’.

Richard Boylan, Ph.D., Councillor

Richard Boylan, Ph.D., LLC
[email protected]
To join my on-line interactivegroup, UFOFacts2, send one subscribing email to: [email protected]

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