David Icke: ISIS the Start of World War III?

It Is All Going According to Plan. ForbiddenKnowledgeTV Alexandra Bruce June 28, 2014. In this video, Luke Rudkowski talks to David Icke about his predictions about ISIS and the possible start of WWIII. Icke breaks down many esoteric historical writings about longterm plans, over a century in the making, which have brought us to the current political situation and the precipice of another World War. The intention, he says, is to reconstruct a completely Fasicistic New World Order out of the ashes of what may be an imminent conflagration, involving all of the biggest powers - and of course, all of their respective pawns. http://www.forbiddenknowledgetv.com/videos/conspiracy/david-icke-isis-th...

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UN.i1-PHI: VIDEO: "Fox News is more dangerous than ISIS

VIDEO: "Fox News is more dangerous than ISIS"

The English comedian Russell Brand drew Tuesday of leather against Jeanine Pirro of Fox News after she had called upon Iraq to bomb again. According to fire her pronunciations still vexing than the rebel group ISIS, which some Iraqi cities has taken over. Pirro took out last weekend out to president Obama because he is still no air raids carried out over Iraq.

Pirro Jeanine Pirro during her programme ' Justice quoted with ' an article from news site WorldNetDaily in which falls to read that the ISIS-rebels by the US military are trained on a secret base in Jordan. She also said that Americans ' not convinced it's that Obama ' knows who the enemy really is '.

Last March the German weekly magazine Der Spiegel reported all that Americans Syrian rebels trained in Jordan. According to Jordanian and Syrian Government sources is ISIS armed by Saudi Arabia and that country is the driving force behind the group linked to al-Qaida.

A Shia source which is in contact with a senior Iraqi official said that near the American air base in Incirlik Adana in Turkey a training camp east of ISIS can be found. According to the source is Obama ' complicit ' on the attacks against the Government of Maliki who is installed by the United States at the time of the Iraq war.

U.s. senator John McCain is chilling with some ISIS members.

Pirro said to have a solution for the recent violence in Iraq: "Bombard them. Bombard them, keep them bombaderen and Bombard them again. " Fire noted that the insurgents just the result of the bombing. More bombing lead to more insurgents.

"Not as something that allows you to See a bomb destroys things, but as a seed where insurgents from growing. This creates only more terrorism, "explained fire out. He added that only justice, tolerance and compassion will lead to a solution. Offer refugees aid and help people in the area to infrastructure. By targets to bomb and your fellow humans to call barbarians to make everything worse, said fire.

Pirro called ISIS during her rant a ' extremist religious terrorist organisation '. "Fox News is an extremist terrorist propaganda organization," responded fire. "This behavior is more dangerous than ISIS. And it affects millions and millions of people. "

Is Fox News More Dangerous Than Isis? Russell Brand The Trews Ep86

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UN.i1-PHI: america invents enemies, then sends in its soldiers to die fight
america invents enemies, then sends in its soldiers to die fighting them
         ronald reagan meets with taliban, 1983
         u.s. funds/arms taliban in soviet-afghan war
         u.s. forces sent in to occupy afghanistan
         u.s. soldiers die to remove taliban
         donald rumsfeld with saddam hussein, 1983
         u.s. funds/arms iraq during iran-iraq war
         u.s. forces sent in to occupy iraq
         u.s. soldiers die to remove saddam
         john mccain meeting with al qaeda, 2013
         u.s. funds al qaeda in syrian civil war
         wherever u.s. soldiers go next,
         you can bet that the u.s. gov't are the ones responsible for the enemy that is operating there
the soldiers are pawns in a game of organized murder
american corporations are the master of their deaths
bluesbaby5050: That statement above also holds true.................

With other countries as well, and this is not just in North America alone. It holds true in the United Kingdom, and in Russia, and in China, North, and South Korea, and in countries in the Middle East, and in South America, and in countries in Africa too. Pointing the big finger at North America all the time is unfair. It is THE LEADERS OF THOSE COUNTRIES THAT WILL DETERMINE WHO, AND WHY, AND FOR WHAT REASONS THEY WILL CHOOSE TO GO TO WAR WITH ANOTHER COUNRTY. Usually it's because of greed, and control over the other countries peoples/ work force/slavery, and it's wealth/ resources/ lands/waters/fuels, and it's minerals.

bluesbaby5050: As it stands right now..............

CHINA HOLDS THE HIGH CARDS IN THIS GAME! The Anunnaki have invaded China on every scale, even in the astral world, though incarnating into those Chinese people to do this. The Chinese have been very busy buying up real estates, and freah water from alot of countries that have wealth, just to take over those countries to install the NWO LATER ON IN THE FUTURE....THEY HOPE/BUT WILL FAIL !! Russia is also China's Allie in this game too. Let's not forget this game plan here.

bluesbaby5050: On this same note here........

Many military are now using avanced, and ENHANCED CLONES of many male, and female soldiers that have had added bio- engineered animal traits, for added bulk, and added strength, and animal built in weaponery, andmany Implants, and they are barely human any more. This is the NEW AND IMPROVED UNIVERSAL SOLDIERS THAT THEY HAVE HOPED TO CREATE FOR YEARS NOW, THEY ARE IN SERVICE AS I TYPE THIS TO THIS FORUM. THEY ARE BEING, AND HAVE BEEN USED ON THE Moon, and on Mars as well. If you doubt this, then your wayyyy behind in this game. Wake up, and realize the truth here. Most NORMAL HUMANS ARE , AND HAVE REFUSED TO FIGHT ANY WARS NOW, AND THIS WILL KEEP HAPPENING TOO. And they saw this coming and have prepared for this well in advance. Just watch the movies, THEY ARE TELLING YOU THIS NOW!

cosmicstorm: NATO an acronym for


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