The DATE You Will Die

Do you think you want to know? The exact day you will die? Your answer to this question might be influenced by many personal factors unique to you and your life and experiences.

In order to answer this hypothetical question honestly, you are going to have to use your imagination and search both your heart and your intellect. You must also be prepared to accept what you find out about yourself and your view of the world around you.

In the not too distant future, a geneticist will locate, isolate and identify a gene located in our “junk” DNA sequence. This gene is present in all living things. It cannot be modified or altered in anyway. It will be called “The Death Gene.”

When studied in a laboratory during DNA sequencing, a carbon, silicon and saline solution is added. Within seconds this gene reveals something never seen by modern science. A specific date manifests itself. Not a date like we are used to, but a much more precise and extremely accurate mathematical algorithm which is confirmed by astrophysicists studying the movement of astral bodies in the cosmos.

Researchers find that each date is unique unto the host of the sample DNA. When it is discovered that plants and mice die precisely on the date this gene reveals, human studies begin. The volunteers are not told their date to insure scientific integrity. It took a few years and thousands of samples, but the people in the studies began dying on the exact date indicated by the Death Gene. Without exception, their bodies experienced physical death, meaning they have no heartbeat or brain function.

The most interesting aspect of this discovery will be that only some of those monitored actually died of “natural causes”. Many died on their predicted date in accidents of all kinds, and murder. The people that were murdered will cause an intense investigation into the research lab in an attempt to see if they were somehow involved in an attempt to validate their findings. They will be completely exonerated.

So, if you will accept the premise that I just presented, would you want to know? Remember, once you learn your death date you cannot unlearn it, and it will happen as surely as you live and breathe today. What are the factors that you would consider before deciding to find out? Why would some of you not want to know your date? If you choose to find out, how would your life change, if at all? And, would you want to know the death date of your loved ones?

Right now, I believe that the decision you make whether or not to know your date of death would be based on many factors: Your age, your outlook on life, your curiosity, your faith, your personality, and your belief in any kind of life after death.

Even though I would really enjoy reading your thoughts on this, of course you don’t have to post anything here, even though I think we would all benefit from sharing our ideas. No matter what you decide on posting your opinions, I sincerely hope each of you will run this scenario through your consciousness and work out some answers for yourself. Just allowing yourself to examine your true thoughts on this can be a life changing experience. Those damn scientists!

Love and light, Star.

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Tim Lovell: Ok I will say it here , last

Ok I will say it here , last night I was drunk and I can see I disgraced my self and apologise for the stupid posts I made I definatly feel as stupid as I was ...

Tarheel: You dont owe me an apology......

...but your apology is valiant and certainly accepted. You aren't the only person responsible. And NOBODY owes me an apology.

My Kod, cant we all just get along? Live & Learn people. Isnt there enough dissension in the world without ALWAYS having to CREATE some? We're supposed to be the answers, not the problem.

Tarheel: Here's an applicable view ....

This is my interpretation of this 4 minute clip...there's a lot of problems in the world and we not only turn a blind eye to them, but we create more problems.

It is NOT about the video, it's about the words of the tune...brash and in your face but I think this is what is needed in this instance...




bluesbaby5050: @ TARHEEL!


Tim Lovell: ugh.. I feel like I started

ugh.. I feel like I started this so ill try to end it... just guys and gals pls relax a bit and lets try get back on track :)

Starperson: Now that the dust has settled...

There have definitely been some truths expressed on this thread. I feel like I understand everyone who posted on this a little better now. And, I do think some good energy eventually broke through toward the end of this high energy wave as it passed, don’t you?

I will not judge another’s intentions, nor should you. But, I did read some real passion, honesty, anger, love, fear, humility and frustration. What I felt mostly though, was the TRUTH trough this wave.

I do want to say this: My “imagined, hypothetical, scenario exercise” was simply created in my mind. I use this technique often. It is a way I have come to understand and answer complicated, confusing and sometimes unanswerable questions. I don’t always come to the conclusions I would like, and the road is never straight, but I usually find my answer and some comfort.

Love and light, Star

Tarheel: What it takes is........

.........well....we should all know by now. If not, RP will tell you in one way cool 3 1/2 min treat.

bluesbaby5050: Thank you Star!

You shine ever so brightly. I'm glad you did post this exercise and it did CLEAR THE AIR! This needed to be done for a long time now, and it was LONG over due. ( Like I already stated yesterday, this should of been done on your other post of "LIAR." One more thing...could you please share with us how you came to know who would discover the
" Death Gene" and when? You even posted the date too. Thanks again.

obsrvantlouie: It's called humor

He doesn't know...."hypothetical".

Well done Star.

Tarheel: People fear what they dont understand

It's amazing that some people fear the truth. Actually, it's sad.

Don't fear "6 Underground". Treatt for Star's original post.

bluesbaby5050: Then why bother to post this her name, and then the date?

By the way, the official announcement of the discovery of the "Death Gene" will be made by Dr. Allison Marie Quinn on April 16, 2016 in Geneva, Switzerland at 4:12 GMT. :-) And he said this exercise was from his own brain/his creation. He made up this date too? We did ask for the date, I wasn't the only one. I found no humor in it - OR FEAR !

UN.i1-PHI: for another hypothetical excercize haha ;P

i think that's why starperson posted it and that's why i commented with another consideration of how it possibly could have been 'known' by now (tough i made a seperate comment from my PS) but you implied i made it difficult for certain ages at truthcontrol and went on extensively telling why there should be only 1 of the same question (and btw i didn’t read yours by then yet as i was editing it in my earlier comment but decided to make a seperate one)
so sorry for the confusion in the first place btw, but i did not intended it as i said and immediately replied clarifying myself
i tought it was pretty funny and excercizing (hypothetically ;P)

obsrvantlouie: Holy Christ

Star said this is a "hypothetical" exercise.

He posted the date and name because his brand of humor and creativity surpasses the average Joe....maybe he posted the future date and name to see how many of you would fall for it so a person like me could get some laughs. Or, it's more likely that he was attempting to be creatively funny.

Call it ironic - highbrow - farcical - HUMOR.

If he claims he really does know; then he's a liar....but we already know he is a liar. So, maybe he really doesn't know that he knew what he once forgot about knowing...?

I'm done speaking for him....just relegated to laughing now.

bluesbaby5050: I did understand that Star's post was hypothetical, and I..

Never lost sight of this fact. I also enjoy using Psychology where it will make the most use, such as in this posting. I consider myself really good at fishing..... baiting the hook, and then catching, and then releasing. SOMETIMES, I use this method here as well. It works quite well on TC with liars, and those that like to deceive others when they think they have the advantage over others,(just because they are not seen, and on a pc where ever). It clears the air, and shows what people are really made of, and hopefully it will bring people in this forum, and those reading this material on this web site a better understanding of human nature, and their reaction to others when speaking their truth, and the results from it. Sometimes one has to wear the face of ignorance for a better outcome. I'm glad I could give you some laughter to brighten your day though my dumb looking reply. Wasn't this fun?

bluesbaby5050: By the way..........

I also did share that I was in the medical field when I joined TC way back, but, I never did say what part in the medical field I was in. I did share plenty of myself in this forum as a member here. I was recently accused of not doing this , and by whom. I have shared more of myself here then anyone else on this forum now, and in the past.

harrison orono: comment

you are right star man,but first you must consider that mortal man believes death is acurse from God,especially the evil doers and on the rightious away to reach GOD so it is not yet.viewed as agood thing so no need to know the date

pasqualie: Its not a gene that causes death

its the degrading over time in humans of something called telomeres, which are nucleotide sequences at the end of the chromosomes which protect the gene.

if you can prevent the telomeres from degrading, in theory you could live forever. it is what is being studied right now.

as for wanting to know the day or time you will die, i am not sure if you can find that out from a gene on the exact day and method you will die.

rather than focusing on that, i would rather release on being attached or identified with the body. in that way you do not fear death or your own mortality. its just a part of the cycle.

in part because knowing the day of your death will most likely cause you to live in fear. and it would take away any mystery in life in a sense. my thoughts on it is, you only go when it is your time. if its not your time, you can get shot 6 times and take a hour to get to the hospital after you have been found lying there for a while and you will not die. perhaps because of this knowledge you take risks you normally wouldnt or live differently. or perhaps you put yourself in harmsway because you feel you are invincible. and so you get hurt and end up a parapalegic till the day you are meant to pass. would your quality of life really improve or change for the better with this knowledge. it would probably be like knowing everything a person or a phone call would say before it happened. and most people probably could not handle it.

i know this because i was talking to someone who said they had a brother in africa who went to a bar, got into a fight, got shot 6 times and was left there to die with no one around. when he was found the hospital was an hour away. he lived.

dont focus on death, focus on being happy or loving yourself unconditionally. how you choose to feel and think are the only things you control in each moment. so focus on what makes you feel good.

pasqualie: the exercise star proposes

is an exercise shamans practice or taught in core shamanism.

it is in part learning to release attachments, even of your own death, by losing the fear of it by seeing it. but on a simpler level it is learning not to identify or being attached to this body. its the last great fear people have of their own mortality. and it is also apart of the egyptian rite of passage.

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