The DATE You Will Die

Do you think you want to know? The exact day you will die? Your answer to this question might be influenced by many personal factors unique to you and your life and experiences.

In order to answer this hypothetical question honestly, you are going to have to use your imagination and search both your heart and your intellect. You must also be prepared to accept what you find out about yourself and your view of the world around you.

In the not too distant future, a geneticist will locate, isolate and identify a gene located in our “junk” DNA sequence. This gene is present in all living things. It cannot be modified or altered in anyway. It will be called “The Death Gene.”

When studied in a laboratory during DNA sequencing, a carbon, silicon and saline solution is added. Within seconds this gene reveals something never seen by modern science. A specific date manifests itself. Not a date like we are used to, but a much more precise and extremely accurate mathematical algorithm which is confirmed by astrophysicists studying the movement of astral bodies in the cosmos.

Researchers find that each date is unique unto the host of the sample DNA. When it is discovered that plants and mice die precisely on the date this gene reveals, human studies begin. The volunteers are not told their date to insure scientific integrity. It took a few years and thousands of samples, but the people in the studies began dying on the exact date indicated by the Death Gene. Without exception, their bodies experienced physical death, meaning they have no heartbeat or brain function.

The most interesting aspect of this discovery will be that only some of those monitored actually died of “natural causes”. Many died on their predicted date in accidents of all kinds, and murder. The people that were murdered will cause an intense investigation into the research lab in an attempt to see if they were somehow involved in an attempt to validate their findings. They will be completely exonerated.

So, if you will accept the premise that I just presented, would you want to know? Remember, once you learn your death date you cannot unlearn it, and it will happen as surely as you live and breathe today. What are the factors that you would consider before deciding to find out? Why would some of you not want to know your date? If you choose to find out, how would your life change, if at all? And, would you want to know the death date of your loved ones?

Right now, I believe that the decision you make whether or not to know your date of death would be based on many factors: Your age, your outlook on life, your curiosity, your faith, your personality, and your belief in any kind of life after death.

Even though I would really enjoy reading your thoughts on this, of course you don’t have to post anything here, even though I think we would all benefit from sharing our ideas. No matter what you decide on posting your opinions, I sincerely hope each of you will run this scenario through your consciousness and work out some answers for yourself. Just allowing yourself to examine your true thoughts on this can be a life changing experience. Those damn scientists!

Love and light, Star.

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bluesbaby5050: I was already asked this question many times.............

And I have said "No" every time. And the last time I was asked I had replied, "NO, SURPRIZE ME."

obsrvantlouie: I don't buy it BB

I think you are confused about this.

bluesbaby5050: And about this so-called DEATH GENE..........

As it was stated THEY -MEANING those scientists doing this research-finding of this gene, even if it does exists, which I need to remind the readers here, that it has yet to be discovered if ever. At this time the scientists doing this SEARCHING, called RE-SEARCH, they have NOT found it yet, and they are still on the search for this death gene. The body will die, as everything living does, but the result of a poor functioning body over time has many factors in the overall cause of it's death. And this has already been proven. I believe that EVERYONE has a time to leave this planet, and this is when their mission is finished. It is already pre-planned before each birth in your Birth-Blue Prints, your life charts. Any one can abuse their bodies, and their minds as well, to the point of having a very impaired brain, and body cells. The cells in the brain, and the body are already being replaced everyday, some good, and some not so good according to the health, and foods, drinks, diet, and whether one smokes or not, and these choices people partake in while alive, will make all the difference. If they make the wrong choices about their eating habits, and drugs and alcohol, and smoking is involved then of course this does make a big difference on how the condition of those replaced cells will be. If at all, concerning the cells in the human brain. Studies have already shown that each time a person drinks alcohol some brain cells die, and are not replaced. Studies have also shown that when a teenage person that is still developing in the brain, say at age 12 the brain is stunted, and the intellect, and maturity will stay at the level of age when that teen first started drinking alcohol. The body still grows, but the brain stays underdeveloped. They will age to 40, but still be 12 in mental maturity. And the studies have proven this over 40 years now. So this does have a real big impact on the brain alone, never mind the liver, and the kidneys, and the heart, and the arteries, and veins, and the pancreas, and the skin. The blood pressure plays a large part in this as well. The point is, this cuts the life expectancy down in the human body considerably over time. The genes really do not have a big part in this at all. Humans live on average to be 70-75 on average. And not all are healthy up to this point in age, because of their living environment, and jobs/stress levels, and diets, and the water food, and air born viruses , and toxics all taking their toll on the human body. We also know that the human's life span was shortened from the original 900-1000 years. We also know who, and why this was done. And so the plan was to cut the human life span short by ENLIL, and his father the King Anu of the Anunnaki from Niberu, because they did not want their slave species to live long, and out live him. They felt threatened by them. The parents genes of each human has little to do with this also. So this death gene is only a fabrication of the scientists minds. Every time you eat a bag of potatoe chips, and greasy foods, and sodas, and rich pastries, and meats of any kind etc., a person shortens their OWN LIFE SPAN. And drinking alcohol, and smoking also cuts down the life span in humans along with these substances mentioned above. It is NOT DONE BY A DEATH GENE AT ALL. It is brought down further by each person, and their choices that they make along their path in their life. And last but, not least, WARS ALSO PLAY BIG PARTS IN THIS, and so does crimes, and accidents, mostly FATAL ones. All these factors are really something to think about. As for the murders, and the victim playing here on Earth is chosen BEFORE ONE IS BORN! And this is also done on the part of BOTH PEOPLE AGREEING TO PLAY THESE ROLLS JUST FOR THE EXPERIENCE OF IT ALL!!!! YES! This is the truth here! I saved the BEST FOR LAST! You have so much more to learn here then you really know. The best part of a really good time is NOT to REMEMBER THAT WE ALL CHOSE OUR VERY OWN PARTS IN THIS GAME OF POLARITY-LIFE EXPERIENCES! So Live life to it's fullest! This is all a big part of forgiving, and loving each other. Not everyone in jail is a true victim, or a criminal, this is just one example here. We all take turns wearing the WHITE HAT, and the BLACK HAT. LIGHT/DARK. YING/YANG. Dry/Wet.

bluesbaby5050: I am not confused............

Because I was on the "OTHER SIDE" when this happened to me. I died in 1973 after child birth! I had delivered a 11 pound baby girl, with out a C-SECTION! I had blood transfusions in both arms at the same time, and I used up all my blood type in the blood bank in the hospital in my city, and it had to be transported to my hospital 24 miles away. 48 miles total, and I had to have emergency surgery to close up my insides, because the blood was flowing out as fast as it was being pumped back in to my body. You was not there, and I was, and so was the hospital staff all during the night to save my life. There is way more to this experience, but I will not share it here on TC. And I also was given the option to stay there, in that dimension, or to return, and obviously I chose to come back, and because I already had a 2 year old son at home to care for, and my work was not finished here. I was asked if I wanted to know how my life would end in this present life, and I just laughed and said, "NO SURPRIZE ME!." I was asked this question while I was being shown many things on the 3 dimensional viewing type of machine, a sort of transparent globe that rises up from the floor, and fills the area where I was sitting with my guide, and while I was there, I was shown many things from my past lives, because I was in what is called ORIENTATION, where people are shown all their past lives, and this is when this question was asked. I also gave my reason why I said no. Because I did not want to know mostly,...because if it was a hard ending, such as a long drawn out death from a disease, or a traumatic death, such as a murder, a bad accident etc. That I would rather not know, because LIFE IS HARD ENOUGH with out this added burden of knowing, how, and when. THERE IS NO CONFUSION AT ALL ON MY PART. You are entitled to believe what you want. And other people have asked me the same thing during my life, and I replied with the same answer to them also. They understood. I never tried to sell you any thing Obsrvantlouie. I am not here on TC to empress you, or any one else for that matter.

Tim Lovell: omg BB you are so right , I

omg BB you are so right , I have the `gift` or curse mabey of having the seeing gift or being able to know future things sometimes, now it is not specific I just `know` stuff sometimes I just see it , I for example know a lot about my next lifetime my nasme where I live my job people who I will know there names also the road I drive to to work (the is68 sideling hill roadcut) from charlestom WV thru to a timberyard in Maryland ... its this detailed , but one thing I can tell you is that when I know some stuff I know life would have been ALOT easier if I didn't know before... llllight is very powerfull remember that...

obsrvantlouie: I stand firmly...BB


That just the other day…you aligned yourself with “Edisonik and Annu77” and more specifically your words to Uniphi were something like “if Edi and Annu are trolls then I am too”…this statement of itself is very telling…at least to me.

That you were a ‘light worker’ for so long…and just the other day had a sudden realization of the polarities is also telling….

That you refer to the earth as “mother Gaia” shows your misunderstanding of the planetary spirit which is MALE & FEMALE.

Regarding you dying and coming back…numerous times;

If you came back to this dimension and your body…you did not ‘die’. You simply had an “out of body experience” and re-entered the body.

You are always making claims and reminding us about all the ‘powers you have’ and stories that you ‘cannot tell or will not share’….why do you feel the need to remind us constantly of your powers? Why can you not share your stories? Don’t you want to teach and enlighten the human race?

If you are not human as you claim…even though you also claim to be incarnating a human body, what does this make you? Please give some type of comparative reference in order that we may understand who we are compared to who/what you claim to be.

All this talk about past life experiences from you and Tim….you are both confused. Time is NOT LINEAR….I can explain more upon this if others are interested.

That you think an animal can share ‘difficult times’ with you and no “human” could share these times as well as the animal…is very telling to your maturity and understanding of the human spirit versus animal spirit. There is not a single animal of the “animal kingdom” that can share on an emotional level and capacity of a human being.

Your half ass description of the “ transparent globe” shows me you have been trolling through Matrix V – Quest of the Spirit….in an attempt to persuade me to your alleged truths…however.

That you claim you know the true nature of the spirit is bullshit because the true nature of the spirit is both male and female…NO…. IT IS NOT MOTHER GAIA…and that you align yourself with the likes of Annu77 and Edisonik (homophobe) is again…telling.

People would do well to remember the road to hell is paved with good intentions and the wolfs prefer to wear the sheeps clothing. Edisonik is a fucking Troll and so is his wanna be Kod lacky Annu77. These scared Trolls who claim they can alter reality to thwart the NWO…what a bunch of nonsense.

Looking at the majority of the forum posts you have made in the past couple of months also shows how much fear you are trying to spread…your messages are very rarely something from the angels.

You play the guilt and victim card very well….I am done mincing words.

I think you…along with Edisonik and Annu77 have an agenda to mislead people on this website. I have said it TIME AND TIME AGAIN…the more advanced the website the more advanced the TROLL would need to be.

Your story, not just relegated to this post, has more holes than a wicker basket.

Tim Lovell: ok OL in regards to `past`

ok OL in regards to `past` lives , I understand the nature of the multidimensional self and that time actually dosent exsist what I meant as past lives are just the sequence of incarnations , also you are right you don't need to die to evolve just those who are going through a sequence of incarnations for learning obviously you will die to go onto the next life and you are growing as you do so, and I apologise now for the reference to snapping someones arm that was very wrong of me and I feel quite ashamed ...

bluesbaby5050: I and Tarheel, and quite a few of the other older members

Here on Truth control also stand along side these too. NOT JUST ME. I made that statement because they are not shills , or trolls, or anything negative, they are quite loving and wise. You have not been a member here long at all, and so you know little of what this is really all about. You can say what you like as I said before, that's your right to. But, I had not JUST COME TO THIS RELIZATION AS YOU PUT IT. I have made this choice a long time ago when I figured out certain things, as WE ALL WIL CONTINUE TO DO SO. I just decided to change it as I said RECENTLY from a light worker, to a energy worker. And I work with energies, and Starperson knows what this is all about, for an example. Too many people use this term, and they do not fully understand it until they learn, and see more, and then they come to a realization of the truth. So I did say this on the Forum, and I also gave a long reason why I did. Everyone's journey is NOT THE SAME, they might have similar events in life, but will fit to each person according to each persons soul growth. You have misjudged me again, because you do not like Edisonik, and made this fact clear in this forum, and that IS YOUR CHOICE, but not everyone will follow in your/my foot steps either, and no one should. They should follow their own path. And this is what I intend to keep on doing till I am finished on this planet. Sorry I did not read all your statement, as I got the jest of it.


Life that align with the very topics in this forum, and some of it is way too long to be carried out in this forum. I have share most of the important parts in this forum. I have been the one that during my membership on TC, I was the only person introducing taboo subjects that WERE NOT ON THIS SITE,and the older members do remember this as the truth. I received a lot of negative attitudes from people that were too narrow minded, and closed up to understand the subjects matter, and would poo-poo it off with nasty comments, and so I would make breaks in time, letting some time go by for people to digest the material, and not to download them with a bundle of fresh knowledge. This would be just way too much for them, and I knew this. So over the years I keep doing the same thing for their benefit, and NOT MINE! I was patient with them, as not everyone will get it, and some would, and others wouldn't. Some wanted more, and others just left TC. this forum was very divided in interests, and some people were just curious. AND SOME PEOPLE ACTUALLY THOUGHT THIS WAS A STAGED PLAY, LIKE A SITE SET UP FOR FAIRY TALES. This is all the truth, and we survived it all. And this I am thankful for. Some were greatful, and said so, and the rest were very divided. A lot had to be repeated because the new members would not look material up, and wanted it all spoon fed again.Then we had to deal with the common shills, and trolling done on site, and this site was no different then any other site. It happens.. PS: I know that this planet is both male, and female JUST LOOK AROUND, and you will see the signs in nature.

bluesbaby5050: As a reminder here..........

I am not the only teacher here, we all are teachers here, and to teach though our OWN life experiences, and though the studying we have done. Some members here are older, and so they have more knowledge to share, and others do not. This goes along with the age. But, not all aged people will have certain kinds of knowledge to share here, because this site has to do with HIDDEN KNOWLEDGE, and SPIRITUAL KNOWLEDGE, and many people have religious backgrounds from many different religions, and their upbringings, and cultures from all around this world. And many people tune in to TC from all parts of this planet. People must remember this. I share what I know, and have learned. I had to change in my life too, but, it did not happen all at once. I am 62 years old now, and most of you here are in your early 20'-30's and 40's, and a few in their 50's, and some are just teens, and have a ways to go still. I was not bragging about any powers as you termed it. I have certain abilities I was actually born with, and CERTAIN members in my family are too, and the same with my children, but, not all, are at the same levels, we are all different, and don't feel the need to talk about, but we have in the past growing up, we don't talk about it now, because to us it's all NORMAL!. I also said that very many people do also, I NEVER LEFT THIS POINT OUT. I always make this point now, and I did in the past on TC. I was being attacked in the past for even saying this. It's hard to believe, but this is also true.

Tim Lovell: BB I think that earth is

BB I think that earth is termed `mother earth` is because all life came from earth so in a sense it is the cradle or `womb` of life so people tend to say `mother earth` even tho of course both gender energies are part of earths identity... its no serious mistake to say mother earth :)

bluesbaby5050: Thank's for your input Tim.........

In my past postings I have used BOTH TERMS. I am well aware of where she came from too. She was NOT ALWAYS IN THIS SOLAR SYSTEM, as a SOUL EMBODIED in this Planet.

bluesbaby5050: This site MATRIX 5 WAS POSTED BY UNI1 IN THE PAST...........

This was the actual time that I took a look and thanked him for it after. I had never seen it before then. Just because you , and others HAD does not mean that I did also. I have seen many sites, and I do not believe everything in them. And I do not have the time to spend on those web sites either, I do have a life outside of TC, and TC is just a tiny part of it. I have 5 grown children, and 14 grand children, and I am also single too. So I do have, and do have a full family life, and a social life as well. So I would have to be a super-human to do all this. I don't have to read those sites to get the knowledge that I know, I have access to my Higher- Self to get the knowledge from this true source. IT IS THE TRUE ME! ALL THE KNOWLEDGE FROM ALL MY PAST LIFES EXPERIENCES ARE FROM MILLION OF YEARS OF EXISTANCE FROM ALL PARTS OF THIS GALAXY, AND BEYOND. And this is how it will be for EVERYONE EVENTUALLY when they reach the level to be in contact with their higher-self. AND TIME IS NOT LINEAR, IT IS FLUID. We travel though dimensions as we sleep, and we do this though astral travel when we leave our physical body behind asleep. WE ALL DO THIS BY THE WAY. AS I SAID MANY TIMES BEFORE, I AM NOT SPECIAL. We all evolve at our own rates. I also stated that I had lived on this planet on and off. NONE of us are originally from planet Earth. I know where, and what, and who my star family is, and where it is located, and this was the FIRST PHYSICAL BODY FORM I HAD CHOSEN after we all came into existence at the very same time from the source which is pure energy, and we are both female, and male in our physical bodies. Only our gender is more pronounced towards either gender. I am from the SIRIUS STAR SYSTEM, SIRIUS A, TO BE EXACT. I was born in to the Royal Falcon Bird people clans. This was my very FIRST PHYSICAL BODY I TOOK ON. I lived for thousands of years , and I died in battle defending my race from attacks from our enemies. I died on a space craft. I was a male in that body. I hope your curiously is quenched somewhat. The reason I did not share this with this forum, because I personally felt I would be ridiculed for telling this here. Now I do not care anymore. Can any of you tell me where your REALLY FROM? IF SO, LETS SHARE AS I JUST DID. WHAT IS FAIR IS ONLY FAIR HERE.

bluesbaby5050: I would also like to add to my above thread that............

This is my last time on planet Earth. I will be re-joining my Star family, the Royal Falcon Bird People clans when my earth cycle is over. I will be taken on to their ship when I leave, and so I will not be going though that tunnel of light to be recycled. I will have my complete memories from this present life, and all my past lives. So I will not be mind swiped. I thank the Gods/Kods for that. One last word on this subject here, please keep/have an open mind, for it will serve you well in the end.

contactorion: one point

I agree on letting it out.......thats the mission to help others find the new tol this but those orbs were pure light and goodness....the end of the dream where I return to oahu has only been becoming true since I let out whats been going on.....thats why i think I have been lead faster and faster.....ive been letting out what I think without fear......"g-d does not have his work done by cowards" -Ralph Waldo Emerson

obsrvantlouie: Acknowledging

Confrontation and overcoming of fear is one of the greatest ways to advance as an individual. Nice work, keep letting it out.

UN.i1-PHI: what about you Starperson?

i'd also like to read what you have to say for yourself about this, if you want to share...
so would you want to know when and perhaps even how you will die?
and if you would know, would you really believe in it and accept it or will you try to do whatever it takes to survive that day?
and did anyone/anything ever supposedly predict your time to die orso?

Thanks Starperson this is a very interesting find about this supposedly death-gene, i'm not sure what to think about it but i hope it doesnt end up in targeted ppl getting murdered by the shadow govt whenever they want without raising suspicon or guilt because of their 'innocent proof' that they would die no matter what anyway...

Starperson: Wow, thanks for asking UN.i-PHI

I first posed this hypothetical exercise to myself about a week before posting it here. I looked at it from every angle and point of view I could imagine. What I learned about myself and human nature has affected me greatly. So I did what I do…I shared my exercise with you guys.

My first inclination is that I would want to know my date, as well as the dates of the people I care about. My reasons are personal, as are yours. Suffice it to say that life has served me up my share of nasty breaking-balls, while I have been sitting on the heater (baseball analogy).

If my scenario were to play out in real life, I think I would be so obsessed with finding the origin and facts surrounding the nature of this gene, I would probably forget to go “get my date”. I would need to know who, what, where, when, why and how…in the hell this gene exists.

Let’s face it, the chances of this scenario becoming reality are somewhere between slim and none. But when the smoke and dust settled in my brain after working this out for myself, I had a moment of clarity. I finally understood that our time on this Earth is finite but NOT fixed. It doesn’t really matter how much time each of us has, but it does matter what we do with it. Our time here is a special gift and it should not be squandered.

Since our time is finite, it is also precious. I will not waste the time or opportunities that are ahead of me by being petty, bitter, selfish, rude or insensitive toward others. And, I will not allow negativity of any kind to enter my life. I am committed to these principles.

Instead, I will cherish the time that we all have ahead. I will always treat others with respect and kindness. I will compliment and encourage others freely. And I will never miss an opportunity to tell and show others how special they are.

I shared this post with the hopes that someone else, anyone, would fully understand my hypothetical exercise and follow it to the same or similar conclusions that I have. Our time here is limited and should not be taken for granted. Don’t waste any of it on bullshit. Have no regrets. Love and light, Star.

By the way, the official announcement of the discovery of the "Death Gene" will be made by Dr. Allison Marie Quinn on April 16, 2016 in Geneva, Switzerland at 4:12 GMT. :-)

UN.i1-PHI: thnx for the hypothetical excercize considering KNOWING DEATH

i think this is very good for consideration, regardless of if this gene actually exist or is possible (as it actually seems pretty ridiculous in practice), however you said you'd probably forget to 'get your date' and find out what's up with this supposedly 'death gene', and i understand what you mean as i'd be so curious/interested too, but now this gene took the main focus of attention off from mainly the concept of getting to know/knowing your 'TIME TO DIE' and transferred into the concept of getting to know/knowing HOW TO KNOW when it's your 'TIME TO DIE', so however interesting this hypothetical concept of a death gene is, in my observation it just may have partially served as a distraction in this hypethetical excersize(tough it was used as a introduction and base to this concept of knowing your death)
so pls don't get me wrong i do not mean this in any way of critic to you Starperson and i really appreciate your post and your reply, i just want to share my consideration that in this hypothetical excersize we might have been a bit diverted from the actual concept of (WANTING TO) knowing your death(how&when) (AND WHY you want to know), due to the interesting concept of the existance of this gene(that supposedly determines your time to die) that probably would take the main attention
and with this i don't mean that I necessairly want to know other ppl's answers to WHY would they want to know their time of death, as it's always/mostly for personal reasons and don't need to be shared extensively/personally with others in public as you did, but i think this is where the most important/fundamental part of this hypothetical excersize reside, knowing FOR YOURSELF WHY you would want to know when it's your time to die, regardless of HOW it's possible and what's responsible for it.

this could be for reasons that may seem self-evident, but i think to analyze your own personal reasons for yourself, regarding the different circumstances inwich one would die, is the biggest part of this excersize,

you could want to be there when a loved one dies in peace or even in cruelty, or you may not want to be there because you don't want to witness the cruelty inwich someone would have to suffer when he/she dies, or especially because it's such an horrible situation you would really want to be there to acompany someone in it
so these aforementioned considerations are only regarding the question/concept, would you want to be there when someone dies (depending on the situation)?
if you now add the factor that you already know when and how someone would die (now this can also be applied to yourself/your own death), there comes much more consideration to what would you do in that time/situation, and this also depends if you know/believe if the death is inescapable/pre-determined....

so tough these self-considerations are all dependant on your own consciousness and your reaction to various situations, you can make up various situations yourself and consider how you'd react to them and how the factors of knowing the death (when and/or how for example)
like this you can also see/test how (un)conditional your behaviour/reaction is to one's death!

but i mainly stress this because this (concept of a) death gene would be taken in the place of all the various (possible or not) situations as the determinant reason for why/how one dies (plus the actual physical reason inwich one dies wich supposedly was termined by a genetic reason) and this contaminates/shifts focus from the pure concept of knowing one's death and the hypothetical excersize in considering your (desired) reaction/behaviour to it

i hope you could follow what i meant while i tried to describe it to make my point...

so now i'm done with that i'd like to say that i very much admire your conscious commitment to not wasting your time with negativity and work with positive energies for the better of everyone and sharing (about) it, so thanks Starperson for being a candle that will not let itself be blown out and instead in/en-light others however and whenever you can :D

bluesbaby5050: May I ask who did the Tme Traveling to get this answer?

Or if no time travel was used, why hasn't this be told to the public? And why wait 2 more years to keep this quiet? Just curious, and I sure know that others are too.


how did you get that 'foreseen' timestamp of the official announcement of the discovery of the 'DEATH GENE', or wasn't it primarly foreseen but somehow brought back to now from the future as a message about the death gene for us now to know already about ;P

bluesbaby5050: This question WAS already asked above.....

Why bother to REPEAT MY QUESTION AGAIN USING SLIGHTLY DIFFERENT WORDS. I like to keep it simple for all ages that come to TC.

UN.i1-PHI: Oh i was already going to ask this
but to clarify myself to you i was already editing it as a ps in my previous comment but i made a new comment from it as it seemed as a pretty 'shocking' statement to me too because when i read it in the end of starperson's reply i was also kinda struck by that statement that it almost took my focus off the previous content so i wanted to ask it seperately from my previous comment myself to try to not divert the focus and make space for this to be answered seperately.
but meanwhile you've asked it already
i did not want to 'REAPEAT YOUR QUESTION' as this could be everyone's question who have read this and i dont know what you want to imply that ages have to do with consideration and comprehension but sorry if i made it seem complicated tough.
it's just co-incidental timing ok.
bluesbaby5050: When I ask a question to ANY person, I am asking it..........

For the whole group, not just for MYSELF. I always think of the other people in this forum, as can be seen by my previous statements when speaking to Starperson. So I think the question only NEEDS to be asked only one time, because many, if not all people would want to know too, even if they are not members yet, and sometimes people do not think to ask until someone else does ahead of time. As you can already see I asked about 3 questions, and I KNOW that Starperson will make a reply as soon as he gets back on to TC. I know this about him, because he has contacted me several times when he first joined TC to ask me some questions that were personal to him, and his life, and so he asked me in private, because they were personal, as soon as he had joined TC. So this is how I now know this about him.

UN.i1-PHI: you mistake me again BB

don't you get it?
i tried to explain myself again to you but you keep on pushing me for it, pls stop it
i did not intend to repeat the question so i don't need this speech of yours bye

Terra Tea: defending Uni

Im surprised at how many comments about Uni were posted because he asked a Question! Geez...didnt anyone see the timestamps were 4minutes apart?! BB was probably posting as Uni was still typing! How is this his fault?!

All this did was divert from Stars awesome post. Please everyone, play nice.

Star- awesome job. I am like you in that it would overtake daily thoughts, and may not be too healthy to focus on. Besides...who doesnt like surprises?

Love to all of you~

UN.i1-PHI: thanks T2 but it's not just because of about what happened now

there were many occations before that built up tensions between us, mainly i'm (repeatedly/historically) mistaken and try to explain myself and what i meant or what i am about or whatever but then i'm mistaken even more and so now i'm suddenly a shill from the uk who likes reptilians because of the bloodshed and carnage they commit against humanity and because i'm one of 'their kind', oh and i endorse the nwo and try to divert attention from the flesh-eating queen of the UK by citing ridiculous quotes from presidents of the USA like obama and bush,
but that person was 'on to me from the very beginning' because i arrived at a 'shill-slaught' time when the uk sent shills here, so i must be one of them too right... and tc runs just fine without shills and trolls so i should leave TC and get a life and TRY to be happy... :) ...

this all according to someone who i tought was my friend but turns out she didn't like me since the beginning...well too bad for me then
now everything i said or did is mistaken/told wrong and used against me to portray me like a shill

i really tried to make her understand me and prove my innocence from crazy accusations and insinuations that were mainly because of connecting the wrong dots and associating/involving me with it and wrongly remembered info of what i supposedly would have said or done (or even about who i am and what my own intentions are), plus some further derivations/delusions from there...
but now i don't really care anymore if that person really thinks/believes this about me, or even if others do because of her, but the problem i have with it is that i do not want to have all these personal comments about me around in forum threads, and i dont want this to keep popping up giving me an feeling i have to explain myself in public for others aswell,
this is why i as usual first explained/clarified myself, and when it just continues without my own words having any clarifying effect on these matters about me, i resort to ask to stop this talk about me as it should not be there in the first place but as it goes on it makes me need to explain/comment more on this BS...
i'm sorry everyone i tried to prevent this but i did not want to have all these comments about me and my comments about how ppl are portraying me because they think something in some way about me wich i know not to be true and feel offended by it/me being propagated in public like that...

however i really appreciate your understanding and effort to prevent this from happening as i apparently can't bring the message over tough i've repeated it a hundred times...
i guess i just should not have replied back at all to explain myself because everytime it just gets worse and blown out of proportion and leads to comments hindering the actual topic we wanted to stick with...

Terra Tea: dont sweat the small stuff

Uni...i dont know you from anywhere besides TC. 13,000 members on here dont know you that well either. They came here to learn and to grow. It doesnt matter what you did matters what you do in the NOW.

It takes two to tango.

You dont need to explain yourself to me, the forum, or anyone else. If you stand by what you say ..then that is all that matters. No apologies needed. You post good questions, comments, and are a positive energy! Just run with that.. ;)

UN.i1-PHI: that ridiculous description/accusation about me being a shill...

that ridiculous description/accusation about me being a shill (even from the uk and a paid one LOL) wich i talked about in my previous comment was based on what BB said about me in other comments and it is not who i am i not even live in the UK! ALL I WANTED IS THIS TO BE CLEAR i just couldn't stand being described and thus treated as (a bad) something/somebody else by someone else and your very right ppl dont know me so why would i care, but why would she care and make this stuff up about me and talk this to the people?-because a big misunderstanding i know this as i never meant harm to her or anyone else and she tought i was conspiring etc when i made a new account and deleted my previous for personal and public reasons and mainly because i didnt like to read my own comments back because of how i wrote it, there was no beef between us before i deleted that account but now i discover that she think this bad about me and dont like me all the way already from the beginning so i dont know what to think/do about it, i keep getting called on it by her and she think's she's on to me so when that happens i tried to explain myself first but i better dont bother? (tough this is how more cumulative tension builts because there is a miscommunication/misinterpretation about some thing/aspect ABOUT ME by her and i get called on it and what if i wouldn't explain that i didnt intentionally repeat the question she posted few minutes ago while i wanted to edit it in my last comment but did it in a new one to not mix the focus but separate it
so i didnt want her to think i did that intentionally so i explained it to her but she just talks on as if i did it intentionally and already then i asked her to stop it and then tim went against me for 'fighting with BB' even saying he'll come snap my arm calling me stupid and little boy, saying i'm childish... even talks says candy? then i get to hear certain things about me from other members like that i should make place for her side of the argument and like that : i should change my way and manage to a way in discussing things with that they can look forward to listening from me ;, but wait how could i do this else than i did because i first just explaind why i posted the same question as she, and then get treated like a childish stupid boy and now again when BB is on a shill and whatever else and saying i'm playing the victim because i feel i now have to talk about it when confronted about it, so now i'm giving my final explanation about what just happened all in this comment because i feel people who are or get involved in this still dont get it because of what they say to me and about me

and your right i don't have to explain it, but then ppl think&talk to me with the wrong info&image i'm portrayed with
so just to be sure you get me too terra tea because you said that ' It doesnt matter what you did matters what you do in the NOW. ' and youre right, but in order to fix the matters i have to NOW clarify what people THINK i did before or am so that it not it just continues making misinterpretations/accusations like this(regardless of whatever supposedly happened or im accused of) and built tension, but i can explain myself all i want but i can't make someone to get it if it just dont/won't and refuses and i end up talking/explaining in vain anyway as meanwhile, i'm again being accused again for being a shill/troll this time for playing the victim and conspiring against myself because i addressed the the things/descriptions BB tried to make me the victim of by portraying me like this everytime she does and provokes me to spill my time having to explain myself again and again! but now i've explained everything of what just happened to everyone (involved) because if i don't ppl keep talking to me with the wrong information&manner towards me!

i say this not because i want to fight with anyone but because i want it to be all over and clear and so we can have PEACE with who think something else about me and think they're 'on to me' even talking this for a whole group against me when saying 'we're on to you' and that they stop talking that about me like that because then i have nothing to explain and complain about

UN.i1-PHI: Starperson was it foreseen or brought back from the future? xD

possibilities of how you could have 'known' this except for that we know this was just an amusing 'white lie' brought to the next level by starperson for another hypothetical excercize after posting his post about ppl being liars in general , but what i meant was;..

it could be foreseen (by someone/something looking into the future)
or brought back from the future for us now (by something traveling trough time itself)

another question here is; is something that foresees the future traveling trough time itself?
i think it depends on what how we define 'time-traveling' and 'foreseeing' because we're already (always) traveling trough time and when we LOOK at something, we see the light that was emitted/reflected from something in the past and traveled trough space and time to us, so wherever we look, we look at the past, and tough light seems to travel all directions, what we observe is the light that travels in/to our direction(if it really 'travels' in 'directions'), so therefore we observe what comes to us and that makes us in the now, the observants of the past, so where's the future?
the future is somewhere between everywhere and nowhere, but most important for us, it is in us, for we create our own futures in the now by (re)acting upon the past, and as the past is always coming in the now to us(and everything else tough), we are always in the past, now and the future, so this bears the question, do they exist? or to put it more clear, do these time-indicators/labels really exist? they do exist as a matter of fact to define these general period-labels in time, but they probably do not exist as a matter, and regardless of us defining the times, does time really exist itself? or what is time actually? because how can we really say that the past is always past, the now is always now and the future is always the future, if in our observation the future always becomes the now and the now always becomes the past... this seemingly contradiction or relation of defining time is due to that we’re traveling along with time while the events and space ‚pass by’

anyway i could be drifting off now and i wrote some of this earlier but couldnt' post it at that moment so i'll leave it by this... just for some toughts/consideration(=hypothetical excercize) ;P

UN.i1-PHI: you're very right Starperson

i agree and think this what you said is the main lesson/reminder here;

our time is finite but not fixed, so we should not be focussed/fixed only on how much TIME we 'supposedly' have LEFT, but WHAT WE can DO with it (in that/this time)

tough it sounds pretty self evident, it needs constant focus and commitment to stay conscious/aware about it

bluesbaby5050: Ya I know the Real Truth Tim!

The same things have happened to me as well. But, I won't share them here, I'm tired of the BS from ignorant people. They will just have to experience some things for them selves in order to believe them first. You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make them drink it. We both KNOW. I am who, and what I say I am. I can really see though the veil also, and I speak to deceased people, and I astral travel, and I hear, and see, and smell, and feel things others can not. I have premonitions also. I was just like this since I was born. (Certain members in my family are like this, and so are my children.) I have also been with aliens of different kinds, and I have also been on their space crafts many times in my childhood, and in different stages as an adult. I have never been harmed, or exploited by them in any ways. I have no implants either. I have NATURAL gifts, and I do not use them an exchange for money, as some people do. This is wrong to do this. Some people do have implants, and they received them to have communications, with certain types of aliens, and this is also used for tracking these people, and then they will use their given gifts for money, but, this is wrong, and deep down inside them, THEY KNOW THIS! Some people are born with certain abilities, and not all can do all the same things. I was born in a human body many times to help out the human race, but I really am not from this Earth. I love planet Earth, and I am very fond of her, and all her special life forms. I answered the call for help put out from mother Gaia many times, and so once more I am here now to assist her, and the human race. I am not special, and I blend in with the human race. I studied the human race by incarnating as a human to better understand them down though the ages, and I know, and understand the human condition on this planet. I have been of many colors of skin in the past, and I have been a slave on this planet many times in many countries, and I have experience wars, and death many times over, and so this is my area of expertise, and I truly love this race, and I will volunteer again on many planets to do the job others can not. I am not alone in this project, there are very many others that have done the same as I, and they have their own areas that they specialize in too. We are many here now. This planet is a beautiful planet, and one of it's kind, and does not exists any where else, so love her, and respect her, for she gives you life, and she has feelings also, and is very much alive, as you all are. The animals can speak to you, and the plants and the trees too if you quiet yourself, and listen to them though your heart, and they will surprise you, with their voices in your language though your mind/mentally. All my pets have told me when they were going to leave me, and others would come into my life to love me, and to share the difficult times with me, because no human could do that. They are angels given to us as life's companions along our journey. Respect them, honor them, and above all love them. And I mean ALL ANIMALS, not just your house pets, because they give you so much that you all take for granted, from food, to clothes, shoes/boots, and yes, shelter too. Trees, and plants, and flowers, and the water are all alive, and they give you all life. Take care of Earth, because she is your true home, and all within, and on, and around her. Even the air you breathe, and the rocks also, only a denser vibration, but alive also. The American natives already knew this, so you all should too.

edisonik: Focus Human Energy on Positive Thoughts

All Positive Meditation for the Planet and all Humanity , no matter what Color , Religion or Creed.
Humans are extremely unique on this Planet , there is no one like you , out there in the Universe.
This is an Ancient Game and you are all Masters.
You think that I would be here to waste my time, The Dark the Light , all of it, it was and shall ever be a Stepping Stone for all of you.

Many say you cannot change this World?, your World is so small and you cannot even comprehend the Power you hold in your Hands.

You are all Masters , I have seen the Future and it is so Incredibly Awesome you will not comprehend it's Awesome Majestic Glory for the Human Race.

The Turbulence is will eventually end and your DESTINY will be made CLEAR.

I Love you folks so much , to me you are a Rolls Royce and you will have a Positive Future.

The Reptilians , The Archons , The Annunaki , The Draco and many other Regressives will not and cannot understand the Awsome Power of Karma and it is this Extreme Arrogance that will make them Implode.

Meditiate Positive thoughts , send these thoughts forth into this Reality , believe in the Power you have and watch the Magic Unfold.

Tim Lovell: UNi stop fighting with BB

UNi stop fighting with BB PLEASE we are tired of it and me too

STOP it or ill come to your house and snap your arm you stupid boy ..
because that's what you are acting like a little boy I am tired of logging on
and seeing your posts fighting BB just die to it

I had to die to a part of myself in my life now you have to do the same
please evolve and stop this pointless little fight because that's what it is


bluesbaby5050: It's OK Tim.............

I realized this about UNI1=11ORION11 a longggg time ago, way back when he would aggravate Edisonik to the point that Eddie HAD to shut him up by letting him in on a secret he was NOT to know in the first place, and some of us knew this back then, and this took place when we had all those shills, and trolls here trying to create chaos on this forum, and not all of them have left, as we all can still see here today. So I just ignore his childish behavior. Even my grandchildren behave way better then he does. But, a grown man does not have ANY EXCUSE !

UN.i1-PHI: i was not fighting BB but explaining/defending myself

because she as usually takes me wrong on something(she tought i intentionally repeated her question), then when i explain myself(i told her how it came that i posted) but for some reason she kept on accusively talking to me as if i was doing this on purpouse, so i asked her to stop it and firmly stated i did not do it intentionally and said bye because i dont want this extra BS comments we now have
i am not a stupid little boy and i'm sick of this too, it's just that BB never gets me right and always has something to accuse me of because of her own suspicions, then when i try to explain myself it doesnt clear it up to her but makes it worse... everytime, what can i do about this? i did not want to talk to her in the first place so i tried to explain it as best i could but it all doesnt matter because all ppl think is that i'm fighting with BB, pleassee i've always have to defend myself for her delusional accusations ABOUT ME that made her and others think i'm a troll here or a shill whatever
and just because she keeps ranting whatever she thinks about me that's all what ppl see, so how do you come to tell me to STOP if i've always tried to make it STOP with self-clarification/explanation, but noo now i'm a nasty stupid little boy and a troll in this community because bb wrongly thinks i'm a shill or whatever and always she have some false dirt to smear on me, and i'm tired of having to clear myself up from that in public, i don't care what she thinks as long as she keeps it to herself but then she goes tell BS about me in public like that i'm a shill from the UK and live there, totally WRONG so bad enough for you too tim, you'll have to travel over the oceans to come and even dare to try to snap my arm like a stupid little boy

in this example i think it's OK that she asked me why i repeated the question and i answered showing it was not my intention, but then she goes on talkin like i still did it on purpouse and that's how it always goes and instead of one extra comment of mine with a question that she basically asked first, we now have a lot more comments of y'all accusing me and forcing me to explain myself, so thanks very much for this (ignorant, accusive and agressive) behaviour towards me

Tim Lovell: Uni yes you have you side of

Uni yes you have you side of the argument, but you must first also take in BBs side of the argument... you must fully understand and take in her side of the situation to resolve the polarity , you understand I know you do .. it is hard I know it always is ... especially on earth at this time..
now some people have to die to be in a position to then be able to accept it understand?

this is why it is such a tumultuous process... but as YOU know eventually it will right itself...

as you know Uni...

so please don't worry it WILL be okay!

and I wont leave you

trust me :)

you know me...

UN.i1-PHI: And you're telling this to me!!!?

please listen tim i do always have my reasons/arguments to explain myself and my innocence for something that was mistaken ABOUT me, but for some reason it's always buried down in the mud by 'the other side' refusing to understand ME! and from that the delusion continues, how many times i have to keep explain myself? or should i say how many times will you all just ignore my argument/reasons for innocence and keep on accusing me for BB's BS ABOUT ME! how can y'all think to know my intentions better than myself? how come ya think i'm doing/intending something bad? and keep thinking that even after i've explained myself so many times!!!!!

this 'taking in the other side of the argument to fully comprehend the situation' is always what i've tried to do and i keep trying but she never really did that for me as it can be clearly seen when someone analyzes the situation instead of just follow BB's delusions ABOUT ME and thinking i'm just fighting her and being a bother/troll/shill on truthcontrol,

why can't anyone see that i've never intended anything bad on TC, it's just that sudden delusions came about me, so OFF and WRONG ABOUT ME that i sometimes can't even understand where she get that from but mostly i actually do see certain things she wrongly associated me with like shills coming on TC from the uk in some time period and now she thinks or supposedly 'knows' that i'm one of them, LOL not funny really, i don't know how she can seriously think so wrong about me but she does take it serious and keep ranting it as if it were the truth about me in public so i have to take this serious myself and clear all the false accusations off me for the sake of truth itself, and besides idk why she has to keep talking about me anyway, she clearly has something against me, even since the beginning when i didn't noticed and mistook her as a cincere and comprehending person in the beginning but after she connected the wrong dots from all over she built a whole incorrect conspiracy theory about me and now i get to know about what she thinks about me as she sais it in public i have to explain myself everytime till the point i have to say it's just complete BS/delusion

so why don't ya haters just leave me alone if you can't understand my innocence and ignore every explenation i have to offer while continuing the same BS about me, but it seems i'm just talking to a wall as it all falls on deaf ears as it just continues doing the same without comprehending ME, not even wanting to understand me or the situation, just ignoring it and the bad talk continues...

nivine: i would like u to listen plz

For a very long time ago in this group, we've been always negotiating, and opposing each other, and even fighting..but we never reached that level ur talking in!

We are not against u in arguing and defending ur ideas at all.. We would love to listen to u and try to understand ur point of view, coz maybe there is a different dimension that we cant see..
What im trying to say is that, U just need to manage a way in discussing things with others.. so we can look forward in listening to u .. THAT'S IT!
Im so sure if u changed ur way.. everything will be totally fine!


UN.i1-PHI: tough ignored,ive first explained myself firmly and to the point

i did tried to explain myself as clear as possible/necessairly... look at my first comment to BB here, i told her how i came to post that comment she was complaining about, but afterwards, this was completely ignored and talked about as if i did it especially and need a lecture on why we actually only need one comment for the same question

it's not you who's doing this to me but BB all along she have something against me and now it comes out while she reveals what she thinks about me and whatever happened even if it's totally not true, that's how she interpreted and propagated her delusions ABOUT ME even after i explained myself in all ways,
(and i'm not just talking about this occation here with the repeating question wich i did not intend to repeat but nvm that just go on talking about me as if i was)

this conspiracy BS accusations about me has been kooking for some time already and now it doesnt even matter anymore if i explained myself nicely or not, i always try to confront the issue someone suddenly has against me in an explaining way, but then they (well actually always BB and now tim did this also to me) just goes on ignoring whatever i actually have clarified/explained about myself, so how can i keep on taking this if no matter what i say i'm just ignored and someone else has it's say ABOUT ME!!! this is very offensive, to talk (lies/untruths) about someone else and insinuating horrible things about me and my intentions

so this problem is going on for a long time and we're all tired of it but most of all, i AM as it's going about me and i have to keep explaining myself... but unfortunately its seems all in vain...
i tried to discuss this before but there is no discussion only accusation because ppl think shit about me
well i'm sick of it i've had my say i'm not guilty for what someone wrongly thinks i am or do

nivine: why do u want to prove ur self or explain urself ?

If u know well who u are, u don't need any of this!
As i told u, we are not teenagers here.. no one will judge u bz of what others think about u!
U have the chance to prove urself here. use it.. and this is all what u need

We always face such situations here, ur not the first one, and we got used to the idea that those that are not peaceful in their negotiations, are trying to break down this its not bz of u.. its the strategy that we refuse from the very beginning

And trust me.. once ur sure and confident about ur self, and also manage a well peaceful way in negotiating things.. IT WILL BE SELF EVIDENT to all the group members that ur the opposite..

Im sure there is a mis-understanding between u, BB and Tim.. its just a cumulative tension, i know them well and if they have anything against u they would have told me.. so trust me its a matter of some anger management from cumulative discussions went wrong!
Prove anyone here wrong.. and stay peaceful in every word u say.. even when fighting!

UN.i1-PHI: i don't want to prove/explain or talk about myself, i'm 'forced'
i'm pretty much forced to explain myself when other's talk wrong about me, then i do this, but they just ignore what i said without intergrating it into the situation and continue talk bad stuff/delusions about me, lies, accusations, insinuations to portray me bad, and this is what BB have been doing to me a pretty long time and i'm tired of her talking BS about me in public and me having to explain myself over and over till the point i'd become mad, thanks for your reply but really, i've tried to confront the issues she for some reason has about me by wanting to listen to why she would think this and offer my own explenation and talk about myself, but it seems all in vain as it starts again and continues in various forum threads where i first only wanted to comment on the content of the subject but suddenly she has to go make a comment about me thinking she is exposing something real about me but as i know myself regarding to what she's been saying about me it's complete delusional BS, lies and insinuations in attempt to portray me as a bad guy/troll/shill whatever she came to think for her own delusional conclusions she's been kooking about me!
she've done this so often now as she always mistakes me i'm tired of this and yet i still only tried to clear myself up to her but it didn't matter as she continue talking to/treating me as if i was guilty of it anyways!
and look last time it came out from her that she really thinks that i'm a shill/troll from the UK, wich even surprised me tough she was treating me all the time like one but thats already after she tried shower me in her crap about me for long time, so i got pretty mad as she resorted to spread her delusional lies she genuinely believes in because of her own mis-take-ing me long time ago, i actually tought she was a friendly and understanding person as i used to communicate with her before, but suddenly she got this delusion about me and keeps propagating it instead of discussing it, there is no discussion with her, she accuses me of being whatever she thinks and it doesnt matter how hard i try to explain myself, it doesnt solve nothing but makes it worse, and it's not that i care about what she thinks about me, but that she talks about me like this in public to others, because i don't care anymore that she thinks i'm 'one of their kind' (a reptilian in a human body) and thus love bloodshed and carnage etc.. it's ridiculous, i've been always ANTI-NWO here so how can she think this about me,

i've showed myself to be against the abominations in all my content, yet i'm accused of being of a shill of the UK that tries to divert attention/blame from the FLESH-EATING QUEEN of the US to presidents of the USA because she thinks so and i cited bush speeches from her topic to be available in text for example
again i originally commented on the content but then others keep commenting stuff about me that i have to explain...over and over... now again look at how much comments on this arise from an complaint(with cumulative tension) about my comment wich was stricktly about the content...again!!!!! :(

i've always been participating here in a way it's self evident that i'm against this NWO Horror but now i'm accused of being on their side and being of their kind, for no genuine/real reason except her own delusions
i don't want to be fighting this, i only wanted to exlain myself from the delusions about me, so why am i attacked for this untruths/delusions about me, i think that's childish!
and yes you're right this is about cumulative tension, thanks that's the way to describe it, and that's why this problems have emerged like this in other forums, but in all honesty i'm saying that my cumulative tension towards her, is because of her own cumulative tension towards me for her own delusions about me wich i have tried to explain...but it's all in vain
she has this cumulative tension towards me and resorts to try to expose me for whatever she thinks about me, this can be seen as she keeps ranting about me and repeating that i changed my ID thinking she is exposing something about me
nivine: And u explained urself!

what else u want!
if any of the comments or the things said will affect anyone here.. the first one that should be affected is me!!! but still i concentrate on what i find in u and not on what others say..
U explained and clarified everything, anyone who wont believe their problem..

look.. whats happening is so normal..i mean we are more than 14000 members worldwide, ofcourse some of us wont like others and have certain beliefs about them and even accuse them..

Are u expecting that all the members trust each other here? come on!
most of the members here have a doubt in one another!

its not only u with BB and Tim.. its in the entire group, but the difference is ..u guys discussed that in public!
One day some will accuse me as whats happening to u.. but i wont and i will never tension about it.. bz simply i know who i am .. and '' the good thing about the that its ALWAYS there'' i dont need to explain myself, my actions will show! even if its hard to be accused wrongly..but this will do nothing but increase the tension!

I think everyone got ur point and im sure u are well understood take it easy :d
Again, if any of the comments or the things said will affect anyone here.. the first one that should be affected is me//but here i am ..nothing changed!
and trust me .its a matter of to me, no one said ''be ware of UN.i1-PHI '' even if im close to its just that they disagree with ur way of thinking, which is so normal among us here!
take it easy UN.i1-PHI :d .. welcome to our world which is hard to prove oneself in :d
i think we over reacted in this subject, so lets end it here :d

bluesbaby5050: No one has conspired against you, but yourself..........

And you bring all this negativity to your own self, and then you play the victim on this forum. And this is what a Shill/Troll does. I see while I was off you had A LOT OF COMPLAINING TO DO! Here's the actual Proof in writing done by you all day long to this forum! You just go on, and on about silly nothingness! Grow up! Be a real grown adult man, and stop complaining all the time on here. You sound delusional yourself. Just have a look at these threads from all day! You obviously have nothing better to do in your life, and this shows it loud and clear. When your off this forum, I do NOT CARRY ON AS YOU HAVE DONE HERE TODAY. I just go about my business as usual. I do not sit at the PC to complain all day about you, and I do not suck other people's energy from them, as you have done here today. All the back postings I have made for months proves this all by it's self. I need no proof of this. because my postings prove it all. You showed every one your truth here on this forum today. You seek attention, and pity from others as is clearly shown here. I stayed off the forum today for this reason, because I just knew you would PLAY THE VICTIM. No one here does this but you UNI1. NO ONE! You have no shame for yourself. Or you would not have made all this commotion playing the victim all day on this forum, and you only embarrass yourself by acting in this manner. And while you were busy bitching, Tim even told you early this morning to stop it again. While you did this I was busy posting a new topic. I had ignored you, and I went about my business all day. Now that I'm on here again, I clearly see what you have been up to. You have been very busy today accomplishing nothing at all.

UN.i1-PHI: you have conspired against me

you are totally wrong about me as always
now you say i play the victim after i described what you actually described me of to illustrate what you think of me, well this is what you do and now i summarized what you described me of you say i'm the only one who does this? no! this was all according to you as i stated because you stated these things trying to victimize me with it

why don't you bother some real shill's from the uk or whatever and just leave me alone because i'm not whatever you think and say

Tim Lovell: Uni are you listening? I said

Uni are you listening? I said befor you don't need time, it dose not matter you must evolve beyond this point , no need for you understand? let it all go its time to die I have also you must too..

death is the realse to your future


UN.i1-PHI: what are you talking bout tim

it's now you TOO who did not understand me that all i did was explain myself and i'm ignored and treated with the same accusation as if i didnt proven it otherwise myself as i have the authority to talk for myself and tell others about me, but somehow in practice i'm treated as if this is reversed and others think they have the authority to talk BS about me and propagate it as if it were true and telling me to let it go and shut up or die or you'll come snap my arm HAHA TIM R U FUCKIN SERIOUS!!! I'M NOT TAKING THIS SHIT FROM OTHERS Y'ALL MAKE ME MAD STOP TALKING DIRT BOUT ME BECAUSE THATS WHAT PROVOKED ME TO EXPLAIN MYSELF IN THE FIRST PLACE

obsrvantlouie: When I first joined TC

You (Tim) had penned an article about "Dimensions and Densities" couldn't have been more full of shit. Also, telling someone they cannot evolve unless they die is a pure fucking fabricated lie.

NO wonder you are such 'good friends' with BB.

nivine: Well..

im sure if u re-read what u just said, u will rethink about ur saying :)
IF ur saying those words about just an article..
what do u call urself when u hear ''urself'' talking in that way ?

Yes u right..its not right to tell someone they cannot evolve unless they die! but ur definitely not right about they way ur expressing that and even mixing ur personal issues with members here!!!!! thats the weakest thing ever!

U have the right to express ur opinion about the topics here.. and THATS IT!
u have no right to show ur personal opinion about anyone here! u better keep it for urself plz!

look no matter what each one think about the other.. and no matter who likes the other! no one should ever use that here! Hope that is clear!

obsrvantlouie: Hold your tongue

and shove your idle threats elsewhere...the website is called "TRUTHCONTROL"....I will say whatever the FUCK I want. Please point me to the rule book that says I cannot speak my mind. NO, You Are Not Clear....I am expressing my opinion clear enough to you?

You are telling me I am "not right about the way I am expressing myself".....PLEASE POINT ME TO THE RULE BOOK THAT EXPLAINS THE PROPER WAY OF EXPRESSION!! Newflash....there isn't one!

This is a BLOG....we talk about the forum posts and the COMMENTS MADE! Many times the COMMENTS MADE are more informational and revealing than the POST ITSELF. Perhaps it is you who should take time to understand what you are saying before you script it.

How is someones OPINION about any matter anything but personal? How have you not given your "Personal OPINION" about Uniphi?

Furthermore, I respect Uniphi for defending himself against BB the Troll...although he doesn't have to do and he could take a 'different' road (higher from your LOFTY and ARROGANT point of view)...he chooses not to and address BB THE TROLL in his own fashion.

You are barking up a tree that you cannot climb...but feel free to keep stepping, I will keep teaching.

SO.....what are you really upset about Nivine???

For the record....I have only named 3 trolls....(Edisonik, Annu77, BB) and 4 if you include the outing of 'karen' whatever her name was.

Evenstill, I have said earlier the ROAD TO HELL IS PAVED WITH GOOD INTENTIONS...I still to this day will LIKE A POST from a TROLL...if I feel it will help NOT EVERYTHING THE TROLL says on the ADVANCED WEBSITE is a TROLLING EFFORT....if it were so, they would out themsevles immediately to the blind and deaf.

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