The Dark Side of The FIFA World Cup

The FIFA World Cup causes more problems for the countries that play host to them, Then why are some nations eager for the title of home to the World Cup 20(whatever)? Because they argue that the benefits and prestige on an international level, make the costs worthwhile.
But they don't, here are several reasons why...

1. There are many ordinary citizens who's lives are ruined just for each and every athlete standing on a podium and accepting a medal, just to make way for the competition.
2. In Rio, 19,000 families were removed from their homes ever since 2009, to make way for World Cup and Olympic related projects.
3. In 2008, China removed 1.5 million people for the Beijing Olympics.
4. Qatar, which is set to host the World Cup in 2022, has made hundreds of Muslim workers die on construction related projects.
5. After sporting events, Mega event facilities are forgotten, unused, and left to rust.

1. Brazil plans to spend $31 billion on the World Cup and Olympics, but the final cost most likely will be twice that amount.
2. Brazil should have used the $900 million it takes to build ONE stadium, to build DOZENS of new hospitals. Just think what $31 billion could do.

I'll leave you off with this quote
"And when I thought about this, I didn't think about money..., I thought about an event of this magnitude" - Former president Luis Inácio lula da silva


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Quinton: Great post... reminds me of

Great post... reminds me of this:

HebrianDaniel: but why fifa let brazil host

but why fifa let brazil host? their people are poor and its not okay
if it was country that has already ready stadium like stadium in europe
i doubt these problem whould happen
oh and i dont think its good idea to give russia fifa
they killed many animal for the Sochi olymphic.

i hate that international games in the end are only about money and harming human and animal right its not okay

cosmicstorm: Why let Brazil host

There are multiple possible reasons, especially if you look at it through a strategic viewpoint, whether it's to cripple them and cause uprisings so they can step in and use them for future energy or uranium( for a bomb) exploition. Or to just drain out the remaining population that can still "stand on their feet".

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