Cody Wilson from Austin,Texas poses with his homemade 3-D Plastic Pistol that he made with a 3-D Printer at his home on May1, 2013. These Plastic 3-D Pistols are UN-Detectable by metal Detectors, and they are also capable of killing because of it's power. Humans are very creative, and powerful when they put their minds to the task. Let's hope that Cody Wilson will not become noted as a Terrorists, because of his concern for the safety of his fellow American people.

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ShockRah Zulu: Leave it to a Texan, right?

Leave it to a Texan, right?

Tarheel: GBT

This really is NOT my genre of choice, but the message is clear, and they have a close-up of Edisonik in the video.
It goes kinda like this.."God made Texas with his own hands, brought Angels down from The Promised land, gave them a place where they could dance...if ya wanna see heaven, brother, here's your chance...
Oh, I've been sent to spread the message....God Bless Texas.

bluesbaby5050: God Bless this country of ours that the people live here in.....

I've been sent to deliver this message, wink-wink!

ShockRah Zulu: Horrible representation of

Horrible representation of texans!! but on the other hand... pretty on point!

bluesbaby5050: I had to laugh at the comments below this video......

The parts about Little Texas, and the Cowgirl Dressed whores! LOL! Most of the REAL Texas is not like this video people.

bluesbaby5050: RIGHT!

YA, You/We know the history of Texas, and it's peoples! Lol! This country has just as much Guns of all sorts as the Swiss people do!

bluesbaby5050: Short Note................

Now we know Another way to Re-cycle all those Plastic bottles!

ShockRah Zulu: I think Texas is the biggest

I think Texas is the biggest threat to the NWO (in the country formerly known as America).. I mean c'mon even 14 year old girls own guns here. I DO NOT condone violence or the use of guns as a means of control, however I do believe it is a necessary evil (for self defense purposes).. The Govt. will NEVER take Texans guns away, cause we are resourceful.. as your post shows.. By the way, do you know how these guns operate? do they fire regular ammunition?

bluesbaby5050: Yes Bullets are used.....

Cody Wilson has attracted a lot of attention already from New South Wales in Australia. The New South Wales police had contacted Cody, and they got his permission to build a factory down there to make these Plastic Pistols. It only took 27 hours to complete1 pistol they reported. And it takes only 1 minute to assemble the pistol! The New South Wale Police then shot a bullet into a block of Gelatin, and they said that this plastic pistol is very capable of killing. When Germany found out about Cody's new invention, the Germans became interested also, and now the German news is downplaying it, because this will get a lot of attention world wide on it's own the German news reported. This is spreading all around the continents like wild fire. The U.S is powerless to prevent this the DHS Stated. The DHS also said, that they are afraid that more violence will spread world wide!!! HAHAHAHA ! WHO THE HELL ARE THEY KIDDING ANYWAYS??!! WHAT A JOKE COMING FROM THEM ! I think Cody Wilson's, DO IT YOURSELF Invention will make him become wealthy in the near future. Cody Wilson is known around his town as a "DO IT YOUR SELFER' kind of guy. For more of this on Cody Wilson, and his new invention, just look in Yahoo News on the front page in the middle section. { Also this is what you will need to build your own Plastic Pistol. Get a 3-D Printer, and have a regular computer, and a internet connection, and a roll of plastic, and 1 nail. 27 hours to complete. And only 1 minute to assemble 1 gun. Makes a great gift to a responsible person, for self protection ONLY! } Maybe Cody Wilson has already had his invention patented. The news post did not say this. ( I BET HE DID ALREADY. Cody is Not Stupid. There's Money to be made here.) There's more news on what Obuma had to say about this invention the on Yahoo News.

Quinton: That's awesome. I guess no

That's awesome. I guess no plastic allowed on planes in a few years...

ShockRah Zulu: Pretty soon humans wont even

Pretty soon humans wont even be allowed on air planes, because after all we are a 'security risk'

bluesbaby5050: Well then.............

There will be a lot of items made from plastic, such eyeglasses (some parts of them), water bottles, ink pens etc. And many more items removed from planes. The list will go on, and on. Pretty soon , we will be faced with nakedness again, ( I hope not) as our metal zippers could be used in some ways to hurt someone,,,, tear into the skin, and the cloth from our clothes could be used as a noose,,, Buttons only. They could get very carried away with these crazy ideas of theirs. No telling what will be next.

Eldertree: It will only just escalate

It will only just escalate the process of world collapse if they continue to try instill fear and control on the masses. The masses will wake up either way... So consciousness will set itself free and the elite cannot control that. It is starting to look as if they are clearly losing it at this stage.

Eldertree: When I say "collapse" I mean

When I say "collapse" I mean the end of their system completely.

Ecbra de Oaoj: to suport the High vibracion that have been coming ...

this sistem indeed will colapse down...

or... will need of a strutural upgrade... where Humanity like we know could survive...


Greetings, Aya...

Love always

bluesbaby5050: The Masses of people are AWAKE Already, and ......

We are already in the 4TH dimensions now, and people's Mental Telepathy has already increased around this planet along with their other physic abilities too. Maybe not all people are awake in the Congo forests, and the Congo Swamplands but, people in advanced areas on this planet are awake, and they KNOW what is going on. Most people have access to the Real Truths, and they do not watch the Circus News Medias, because they NOW know better. And they are aware that this system is run, and controlled by the Old Ruling Class right now. The PTB are going to lose either way, and they NOW KNOW THIS. We need the system to collapse in order to clean out the Old CRAP, and the OLD Rulers along with it. Our new system will be for ALL the peoples, and not just for the few as it stands right now. Time has also speeded up, and so are the changes to be. NO ONE, AND NOTHING CAN STAND IN THE WAY! The Evolution of Humanity is making ALL Possible.

ShockRah Zulu: You say time has sped up?

You say time has sped up? could you please elaborate a bit for me? I have felt like there has been a change in the way time works... almost like every minute is only 45 seconds, or every hour is only 45 minutes.. etc... SO IM NOT CRAZY??

bluesbaby5050: No your not crazy...........

This is normal. And as we move further along though the octaves between the dimensions, it will increase. By this October 2013 all people will be in the 4th dimensions at different levels, and some will already be moving into the 5th dimension before this, because 5D is already here in the inner person of Some people. Because your constant thoughts, and moods will move you there, and they will also swing you back and forth in between the lower, and the higher levels, until the complete settling into the 5D. Also people have to do a lot of emotional clearing from their childhood onwards to be able to hold the strong vibrational frequencies. Some people are not going to make this leap into the 5D. They will be having strokes, and heart attacks because of the high vibrations coming at us from the center of our galaxy. Some will choose to go though the door of death, which is just another dimension, and either advance there, or not. All people will go where ever they have prepared themselves for. By the year 2015 most of us will be in the 5th dimension already if we do our inner work.

bluesbaby5050: Here's the post on the Cody Wilson 3D Homemade Gun...........

Here's proof of what the 3D Printer can do. I had read before this, that Human Heart Valves can be produced this way also, and so much more. They can make any part of the human body with just one cell from any section in the human body with the 3D Printer.

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