Current Alien Activities Report with Steward Swerdlow 2010 Report

by edisonik on September 26th, 2010

Steward Swerdlow has some current Reports regarding Alien activities, Stewardlow is from the inside and he has incredible information I believe you MUST know so you can grasp the gravity of the situation on Earth and this Star System.
It's very impressive Unsantized information so listen up!. ( 1 of 5 ) ( 2 of 5 ) ( 3 of 5 ) ( 4 of 5 ) ( 5 of 5 )

Truth is stranger then fiction!.

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caseyhue: Good Info!!

Thanks for sharing this is awesome information for anyone that gets on here.. Hear these videos...

edisonik: I can understand many people

I can understand many people are skeptics and it's perfectly healthy to be a skeptic, but there are many things between Heaven and Earth that man cannot totally understand as of yet but very soon humanity will experience events that will make science fiction look like Sesame Street. Knowledge is power so learn as much as you can!.

SerenityN: alien activities

Yeah, that is right. Knowledge is power so every one should have the courage to accept that there are things which are yet unknown and undefined but sooner or later everything will be proven and admitted that they do exists. Actually, it seems like a movie when someone states that UFOs are messing with nuclear weapons. Unidentified Flying Objects have been watching nuclear arsenal for 60 years according to a group of previous Air Force personnel. Monday the National Press Club had a group of UFO eye witnesses together gathered by Robert Hastings who's an Unidentified Flying Object researcher to share stories. Earth may be getting a message with all these UFO sightings, Hastings said, as aliens have noticed nuclear weapons facilities and the problems with mankind.

edisonik: This is the Problem, this why they don't just show themselves

You are correct SerenityN and the ET's do fly over Nuke Plants and that is for the Protection of Humanity. As you may or may not know when the Global Cabals drop a nuke on an inhabited city, it destroys the city and killed millions of people.

The problem with that is that Nukes not only destroy but Nukes also disrupt the Soul Matrix
( Humans do leave their bodies after Death, you call it the Soul ) and that is an abomination so the ET's know that humanity is treading on dangerous ground when they play with Technology they yet do not understand and the current problem is that certain Governments ( USA, RUSSIA, ISREAL, CHINA and others ) have powerful back engineered and aquired Alien Technology that is being used for Military Applications when these technologies were not meant to be used in this manner.

The Benevolant Humans from other Star Systems have learned these Deadly mistakes on other Planets , they learned very fast that Power Technologies must be coupled with Advanced Spirituality because they also figured out through their Technologies that Humanity does move forward in time through reincarnation and the disruption of Soul can happen when advanced weapons are used. Benevolant ET's also abide by the Universal Laws of non-intervention which means they can't just show up on your doorstep unless their is a sacred reason for it and they do not want to be Worshipped as Gods because they do not believe in inslavement, Worshipping is a form of Slavery and they don't subscribe to that, only the Draco, the Orion Group, the Annunaki and other Malevolant Groups like being Worshipped , Benevolant being do not like this type of behaviour they only like Education, Awareness, Knowledge and Unconditional Love.

We have abit of a Problem on this Planet and it all happened during the time of Atlantis 800,000 Years ago, there were Wars on Earth back then between the Reptilians and the Lyrans ( Humans from Lyra ), they battled for Earth, the Reptilians lost and their Continent of Lemuria was sunk into the Sea, the Reptilian Survivors went underground ever since.
Atlantis was controlled by a Powerful Sorceror that Controlled and enslaved Souls by the use of Advanced Crystals and the Pleadians didn't like that, they warned the Evil Sorceror and told him to stop this atrocity, they Sorceror fought back and killed many Pleadians so the Pleadians dropped a large Asteriod over Atlantis and destroyed it and Atlantis went into the Sea.

The Human survivors of Atlantis were supposed to be protected here on Earth by the Pleadians but the Pleadians own arrogance and many casualties realized that perhaps it was better to leave Earth and find a new home elsewhere, they finally moved to the pleades Star System. The Humans left on Earth were left to fend for themselves which was very wrong.
Afew thousand years later the Reptilians came back up from inner Earth and were getting into Wars with the Earth Humans and they couldn't control the surface looking like Reptiles so they Created a unique Human with a high degree of Reptilian Genetics over 50% , these Hybrids were Loyal to the Reptilians and they came out in Sumeria, they slowly and incrementally seized power through brute force, through fear, and with the help of their Reptilian Cohorts they maintained their agenda and they inevitably became the Monarchies of the World.

You call these Hybrids the Illuminati, it is these Elite Reptilian Families that have control of the Global Banking Systems, have strong influence over Global Governments and Finance all the Wars which have slaughtered millions of innocent Humans. They Control the Media, Governments, Medical Industry , Military, Agriculture etc. Even your Religions were created by them. The Pleadians left humanity with a big mess, humanity is being handle here on Earth as a Resource and not as Free Spirits and it will be up to humanity to break free from the Yolk of Illuminati Bondage, it is them that are keeping the Alien facts hidden and it is them that have blanketted the Alien Question with Denial, Denial, Denial.

The Pleadian are back and they are trying to Correct their wrong thanks to the Andromedans but humanity also needs to wake up regarding the Alien question.

caseyhue: yes.. agree

What about the sirus people.. i heard they have a treaty here.. they are trying to help, but we must ask for it.. Any Views on this?

edisonik: The Sirians are more or less Technology Dealers

The Sirians are in it for themselves they barter Technology for Resources between Governments, the Sirians also deal in Biological Material, for example the Ebola Virus that is deadly to humans was given to certain Governments for Bio-Weapons research as well as the A.I.D.S. Virus and other nasty Viruses as well as Holographic Technology.
The Sirians are abit cold and really have no emotions like that of humans, they are Aquatic Beings and the have Cone shaped heads and look wet, they are Aquatic.
The Sirrians also Traded with Atlantis.

The Sirians also deal with other ET Groups , Resources for Technologies and they have had this Business for a very long time now, The Draco don't like these dudes too much because they deal with Technologies that can cause problems for Reptilian Empire so when the Draco catch Sirians they are very hostile to them, but the Sirians still barter, oh well what can you do that what the Sirians do they are Business Type of ET's. The down side is that they have no emotions it's like this " This is not personal!, Just Business", that's their mentality.

The Draco really beat the crap out of them when they catch these Trade Space Ships violating Draco Star Space.They are Cosmic Dealers and what really bugs me about them and other Merchant ET's is that they deal with Governments only because they sign these stupid Treaties so they can't deal with Citizens, that is bullshit because that means the Illuminati gets all the goodies and Humanity gets left out!, total bullshit, they have technologies that can cure Cancer and every other illness, they have Holographic Machines that can help you manifest items by thought alone, your feeling loney just think of your Ideal Partner and bingo you can holographically create a temporary partner that will keep you company out of your thoughts and it will materialize into your reality through this Equiptment but in the wrong hands it could cause problems.

caseyhue: galactic federation?

The video on here about the galactic federation seems harmless or is it.. not.. Still trying to learn alot about things an sometimes you have to be careful what/who to trust in this world.

edisonik: You don't have to trust

You don't have to trust anything only trust in yourself and use your common sense, personally I don't trust any ET, and Governments and Politicians even Less.
But the Reincarnation and Love thing is Real, just like the Lords of Darkness and extreme Evil.

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