claimed to have killed a cat b4 ryt?
my biggest question is............does illuminati really exist around the universe?


Quinton: I would suspect that depends

I would suspect that depends on what you mean by Illuminati.

highplainssister: Go Humans

Leonardo Da Vinche was useing 5th inter-dimensional Drac to aquire his knowledge about painting and the such. That is why I won't praise his memory. So it was for the Iluminati's benefit in the long run not for humans. Human beings can do the same thing, raise your conscouisness using the inner senses. But the drac have kept us from using that. Jane Roberts she taped into her higher mind though, and so did Edgar Cayce, I don't think they were possessed by the Dracs, I hope they weren't. I'm gonna quit praising them ,if I ever find out different. Why do you ask such a silly question? Is the Illuminati in this world, They are 32nd and 33rd degree FreeMason. We don't need the Drac's, to advance us. Lets talk about Human Beings that have achieved greater goals.

highplainssister: Knowledge

Life has changed, up until recently I just assumed all people were human, now you got to decide if someone is a Lizard , first and foremost, when you meet another person or come into contact,indirectly and/or directly If they are a lizard, start running. True Knowledge is for all species not just Drac, what they got a monopoly on Knowledge? I don't think so.

Fal: I believe people that have

I believe people that have difficult lives are probably not drac, reptilian, or anything in league with them. You would think anyone that could benefit, or help their cause wouldn't have much hardship. Then again, that leads to another side. People with strong willpower that just get things done, and keep fighting to make things happen the way they want can give off the same appearance.

3 sides to every 2 sided coin. Sometimes I really hate the irony in life.

Like you, sister, I have started some strange analysis of people that I meet, trying to guess who is with 'them' and who is going to get screwed in the long run.

I never really want to be a leader of people, its too much responsibility, and you have to take yourself out of the equation, but it seems I end up leading my group of misfit friends, or become someone they confide highly in.

Again, irony.

Either way, I think its kinda weird that my friends dad is a 32nd degree mason, yet my friend has such shitty luck, and no money whatsoever. He can't even afford to have his car fixed, and his father won't pay for it. I don't think his dad is reptilian, but I never asked about secret orders and stuff like that. Maybe one day I might, just to see what he has to say. I need to be careful, though because I know he has weapons that could blow me away. >_

ladylogicz: curiousity

i mean everywr i wlk i hear people illuminatying da heck outa everything.....its upsurting....cant we find anything else 2 talk bout

Fal: It may be upsetting, but it

It may be upsetting, but it is true. Only a supporter/dis-info agent/skeptic would try to change the subject. If you don't believe the Illuminati exists, then you are one of those three. The most common is the skeptic, then the dis-info agent, then an actual member/supporter.

Have a nice day.

highplainssister: Buba

Won't never happen Buba, they come lookin for me, I'll be in the badlands, and they better get up early. Say la vie,,,,, my darling , nice to have known ya.

LordEnlil: And what good it is for you

And what good it is for you that to know?...if you stay hire on Earth...?
You want to go on Mars? out some nasty "friends " of mine are there...
Maybe you give them a Hello from me...and a big hug...
The bigger base are 6000 ft down..see not to get lost in that base...
Or maybe you want to go on the moon...see if that old engine of his it can be repaired...
I will arrive shortly after that......
See ..things are more complicated then you can see..ring a bell to you? must see it...coming...

Lord Enlil

LordEnlil: They can catch you in their

They can catch you in their net aware of that...and even badlands it will not save you...but i have a fast starship and save you on the cargo smuggler bay...

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