Crying is Not Only Okay but Necessary for Growth

I've just started reading a book by Iyanla Vanzant called "Yesterday, I Cried: Celebrating the Lessons of Living and Loving", and as many know, her books are very helpful for spiritual and personal growth. As I read through it, I will be sharing with you all bits of her writing in the hopes that her words will inspire someone else, as it has done for me, to grow and love themselves. Sorry if it doesn't flow well, but I'm only typing what I have pre-highlighted. Always Love Truth and Peace to all of you.

"Throughout our many experiences of life, we cry different kinds of tears. What we are probably not aware of is that each type of tear emanates from a specific place in the body, and that each type has certain distinct characteristics. . . Angry tears spill forth from the outside corner of the eye, making them easier to wipe away as they come at unexpected moments and inappropriate times. They originate in the ego--the part of our being that presents to the world who we think we are. Angry tears create heat and stiffness in the body, because when we are angry, we usually don't know how to express what we feel. . . Sad tears spill forth from the inside corner of the eye, finding their way across our nose, cheeks, and lips. For some reason we always lick sad tears. We know that they are salty, and the things that bring them forth are usually the bitter experiences in life. Sad tears come from the heart. They usually bring a bending of the shoulders and a drooping of the head. . . In my heart, I knew that moving ahead would mean leaving certain things, and certain people, behind, I knew that this level of exposure would mean advancing to another level. It was no one's fault. It was simply about time. Life has a way of doing that to you and for you. Life will propel you into situations where the things that once worked, no longer work. Time passing, carrying things or people out of our lives as it brings new things and people into our lives, makes us sad. . . Frightened tears take up the entire eye, clouding our vision, as fear will do. When we are frightened, we cannot see or think. Frightened tears are usually big tears that well up in the eye. They spill over the whole face. Frightened tears come from the soles of the feet. They shoot through the body and create trembling or shaking. . . All teachers must learn. All healers must be healed, and your teaching, healing work does not stop while your learning, healing process continues. . . Then there are shame-filled tears, which fall when we are alone with our thoughts and feelings. Shame-filled tears come when we're judging ourselves, criticizing ourselves, or beating up on ourselves for something purely human that we have done yet can't explain to ourselves or to others. Shame-filled tears come from the pit of the stomach and usually cause us to bend over--not in pain, but in anguish. . . I was ashamed that I had come so far only to get stuck on something so small, so trivial. . . It is not easy or trivial to say to someone, I love you, but I must leave you. . . After all I had experienced and learned, I had to revisit my own past which was filled with bitter tears, in order to move into the future. . . Sometimes we're able to cry through the pain, Sometimes we stomp through the pain. Sometimes we move through the pain in fear and in anger, without the strength to cry. When we do find our strength again, we move on to the next thing without taking a moment to breathe or celebrate. It is the tears that have got us through the darkest days and the hardest times. Many of us have been able to float on our tears to a new and better understanding of ourselves and the things we have experienced in life. Through our tears, we get in touch with those experiences that we have forgotten, hidden, or buried away in the pit of our souls. . . The unshed tears of our many experiences color and cloud our thoughts. As we try to move forward without allowing the tears to flow freely, we find ourselves repeatedly in similar experiences. . . Unshed tears get caught in our throats, making it hard for us to speak our truth and honestly express who we are as we move through life. My life was moving, and if I did not find the courage and strength to speak, I knew I would choke out any possibility of the new life about to be born through me. . . What I've discovered is that most tears come from our inability to tell our story. One of my teachers once told me, "Tell your story. Your story will heal you, and it will heal someone else." . . Joyful tears move up the spine and across the brain and bring you to a new perspective and a new understanding that the sad tears were necessary, that each tear was a prayer, that tomorrow will be better than today. Joyful tears free you up to celebrate your Self, your healing, and your progressive process. My story is not so much a story of the things that I have been through and done, but the things that I have grown through, the things that I have learned, the things that I now understand. My story is what some would call "a triumph of spirit." Others would call it "a victory of goodness over evil." I just call it a story, and I tell it because I have learned that the telling helps me continue healing. Telling my story gives me something to celebrate. . . Life is about so much more than moving from incident to incident, issue to issue. When we take this path, we find ourselves crying without hope. . . My prayer is that my story will help people throw away their crutches of dysfunction and addiction so that we can all stand together in a new time, in a new place, with a new understanding that enables us to celebrate the fact that we are still alive."

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Tarheel: Good post, Desiree/Love-Truth-Peace.

Emotional balance is 1 key to higher consciousness.

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