Credo Mutwa Reptilian Tales of Africa.

by Chris on March 17th, 2013

The themes of the Sumerian Tablets are supported by Credo Mutwa, one of only two surviving 'Sanusi' left in southern Africa.

A Sanusi is the peak of the African shamanistic stream. Credo is in his eighties and the other Sanusi, his aunt, is in her nineties. He is the official historian and storyteller of the Zulu nation and the very name "Zulu" means "People from the Stars" because they believe they were seeded by an extraterrestrial 'royal' race. I think many extraterrestrial groups have been involved in seeding human races for aeons and this has given us the diversity of forms.

With no one for him to pass on his knowledge, and the urgent need for everyone to know the astonishing information he has received in a lifetime of initiations, I produced videos with him called The Reptilian Agenda. They run more than six hours and still that is only a fraction of the knowledge he holds.

In the videos he reveals what he once pledged in his initiations never to reveal, but he says the situation for humanity is so perilous that it is far more important for them to know what is going on than for him to keep such vows of silence.

Figure 26:

The necklace features a non-human figure with a ·come-and-get-me· penis that fits into the earth woman.

This symbolizes the interbreeding of the Chitauri/Anunnaki that created the hybrid bloodline

Figure 25:

The Necklace of the Mysteries in the possession of Credo Mutwa that appears in accounts going back 500 years

and Credo believes is at least 1,000 years old

Figure 27:

Another symbol hanging from the necklace is a 'flying saucer' that the accounts say were used by the Chitauri/Anunnaki

This information went underground when the Europeans invaded Africa and their Illuminati leaders, in Credo's words, "milked the minds of the shamans and then killed them". It was suicide to talk openly of such things and secret networks of initiation were formed to keep it alive.

Credo, who has become a great friend, tells the same story of the interbreeding between the extraterrestrial Anunnaki and humans to produce a hybrid race. He has artifacts like the "Necklace of the Mysteries", which confirm this story (Figures 25, 26 and 27 above). It is an extremely heavy copper 'necklace' that actually rests on the shoulders and it has been mentioned in records 500 years old.

Credo says it goes back at least 1,000 years. The large symbols that hang from the necklace tell the story of humanity. In pride of place at the front are an extraterrestrial with a big copper willy (penis) and an Earth woman into whom the ET 'fits', if you follow me. This is symbolic, Credo explains, of the union between the people from the stars and the people of the planet. You find the same theme recorded in virtually every ancient culture.

Significantly, he says the copper willy was once made of gold before it was stolen and replaced with copper. This mirrors the ancient Egyptian story about the golden penis of their key god, Osiris, which is symbolized by the secret societies today, especially the Freemasons, as an obelisk. The way the extraterrestrial is portrayed on the necklace, Credo says, is merely symbolic because these 'gods' were of a very distinct and inhuman form (reptilian) and they warned the people of instant death if they ever depicted them as they really looked. How often we can observe in religious texts the theme of "God (the gods) must not be seen or revealed".

Thus the 'gods' were portrayed symbolically. Hanging from the Necklace of the Mysteries is a large hand, full of symbols. Among these is the all-seeing eye, which symbolizes, Credo says, the "Watchers" (the same as the Illuminati image on the US dollar bill); there is also the constellation of Orion, which modem researchers have constantly connected with extraterrestrial activity on Earth; and there is a Star of David, so associated with "King David" (Psusennes II) and now on the flag of Is-ra-el.

As some Jewish historians have stated, it is an ancient symbol found all over the world and only became closely associated with the Jewish faith when the banking and Illuminati bloodline dynasty, the Rothschilds or Redshields, began to use it in the eighteenth century. The Necklace of the Mysteries includes a very clear 'flying saucer' which, the legend says, the extraterrestrials flew from their giant 'Mothership' to land on the Earth. They say the Mothership continued to orbit and it was to there that the leaders sheltered during the upheavals of the Great Flood.

This is exactly what the Sumerian Tablets say. In France, cave paintings dated to between 10,000 and 30,000 years ago include oval and disc-shaped objects standing on tripod legs with ladders coming down from them. A drawing carved in a cliff at Fergania in Central Asia had a man who appeared to be wearing an "airtight helmet" with some mechanical device on his back. It was dated to 7000 Bc.

Whatever 'the origin and nature of 'flying saucers' and other such craft, they have been recorded for thousands of years.

Figure 28:

Credo Mutwa's painting of a Chitauri reptilian from ancient and modem accounts.

This represents one of the warrior class and not the 'royal" leadership

Reptilian royalty

Credo has painted pictures from ancient and modem descriptions of these reptilian entities (Figure 28 above) and describes the various levels of the fiercely imposed genetic hierarchy. The lower levels are the 'warriors', the 'poor bloody infantry', as we say in Britain. There is another Reptilian as typically described in Figure 29 below. How appropriate that British troops were given reptile training glasses during their preparations for desert warfare in Iraq in 2003 (Figure 30).

The Reptilians are ruled by the 'royal' leaders, which have horns and tails, Credo says, and at the very top are beings with a white, albino-like skin and not the greenish or brownish color of the others. Witnesses and abductees have reported seeing reptilian beings with albino-like skin and these descriptions can also be found in ancient texts. In Credo's Africa these Reptilians are known as the Chitauri, which translates as "Children of the Serpent" or "Children of the Python". This is so close to the Central American term, "people of the Serpent".

Africa, like every other continent, is awash with the legend of the serpent race. Credo Mutwa talks for hours on the videos, The Reptilian Agenda, about the background and history of the Chitauri. He describes how the Earth was once encircled by a canopy of water vapor (the "firmament") that was destroyed in a cataclysm. This water vapor protected the planet from the harsh effects of the Sun, and the whole planet was moist and humid and had a constant temperature. It was a place of enormous abundance and vast forests.

This is a common description of the pre-cataclysmic 'Golden Age' or the Lemurian/Muan 'Garden of Eden' in the Pacific Ocean. But, he says, when the Chitauri destroyed this canopy (symbolized by the Biblical 40 days and 40 nights of rain) the whole climate changed as the Sun's rays baked once green and abundant lands, like Egypt, and began to form the deserts. Scientists agree that Egypt, now part of the Sahara Desert, was once a green and pleasant land. This was in the days when Egypt was 'Khemit'. The story could explain the water erosion found on the Sphinx (which has a face of a woman, not a man).

To divide and rule the people, Credo continues, the Chitauri scattered them across the Earth and gave them different languages so they could not communicate with each other.

Figure 29:

A painting by artist Hilary Reed of a Reptilian entity as described by witnesses
Figure 30:

A British soldier wearing the eye protectors issued to the troops

as they prepared for the invasion of Iraq in 2003.

How appropriate...

This is another story repeated all over the world and not just in the Old Testament version of the Tower of Babel. That was taken from many more ancient accounts. The Native American Hopi tribe in Arizona say that when they came to the surface of the Earth on the orders of "Spider Woman", a "mocking bird" arrived to confuse their language and make the tribes talk in different tongues.

Credo, repeating the information passed on to him in a lifetime of initiations into this underground knowledge, said the Chitauri Reptilians interbred with all races to create the reptilian-mammalian hybrids through which they rule. He said that in African culture a person's genealogy is very important and that the 'royal' bloodlines of the kings of black Africa claimed descent from the same 'gods' as the white 'royalty' across the world.

He said that these black royal bloodlines (like those in the countries of the 'West') had largely moved out of the positions of inherited control, the kings and queens, where they could be identified. Instead they have taken the positions of 'appointed' or 'elected' control, like government administrators, bankers, businessmen and political leaders.

He reveals, from his knowledge of black African genealogy, that many black presidents who came to power after 'independence' from the white Europeans have been the same royal bloodlines Jas the kings and queens of black Africa. He cited Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe as an example the same Robert Mugabe who was manipulated into power by the Illuminati's Henry Kissinger and British Foreign Secretary, Lord Carrington, as explained in And The Truth Shall Set You Free. Mugabe has brought poverty, hunger and chaos to black and white alike in a country that should be one of the richest in Africa.

At the same time he has made himself a billionaire by 'winning' rigged elections and stealing the people's wealth.

This is typical of the bloodline's behavior.

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pasqualie: it is an interesting story

But i believe it coincides with the cast system of the reptiles. The royals are albino so they favour the light skinned people. In part because of the genetics they have of being more easily mind controlled. Red heads also because they have more psychic ability and are more sensitive.

There may have been royal lines in africa to the reptiles, but I think they are being used in an agenda to eliminate those populations. its readily apparent with the spread of AIDS and now ebola which didnt spread like that in the past, something is going on. As well as war in the food producing areas of africa, so the populations of africa are left in lack and starvation and dependent so they can be controlled, while they cull the populations down there. But this is seen all over the world with native populations. They are directly or indirectly being killed off.

And its evident in the scope of what is really happening to the numbers of people dying there not being reported publicly other than ebola, which is being used to spread fear world wide.

even in algeria, the removal of a dictator who was not a good person but stabilized the area. and allowing that region fall into civil war. its happening alot since george bush went into iraq.

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