Credo Mutwa and Slow Moletsane.

by Chris on November 5th, 2014

This is Credo Mutwa's latest prediction about what's coming to South Africa and eventually to the whole world.What's going to happen in South Africa in the near future will affect the whole world. This new Mecca, that's going to be built in Eastern Cape, South Africa will be the cause of major upheaval and unrest in the world.

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Chris: The wisdom of Credo Mutwa.

"The people should live in prayer!".
Credo speaks on the origin of mankind,Star Beings and touches many more significant subjects.

pasqualie: i would be careful with people who prophecize

credo's info with david icke was interesting but in terms of people who make predictions, i tend to stay clear of it or remain neutral.

if you watch his videos, he has some internal conflict going on inside him, in his mannerism and way he speaks. what the cause of this i do not know. might be because he was kidnapped and experimented on, but you see this conflict in many milabs in videos when they are coming out and doing interviews. you just sense something is not right about em. just use discernment.

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