Creator of KONY2012 goes Insane

as you know the person who created KONY 2012 Propaganda film
goes crazed and run naked in the streets of russia i bet illuminati effected him real bad....

btw ignore the website language


wmarkley: kony

I heard the stuff about kony was fony, i heard that hes been dead for 5 years, it was just a ploy to invade uganda to strip it of its oil and natural resources, another bullshit story fed to the masses to get the people behind the dark cabal, but we are waking up and stopped them, now they have no credibility left, the final days of the evil cabal are close, i can feel it.


This is a video i found on youtube, i couldn't use the one in the link :(. But that's definitely fucked up..pardon my french. Its like he was programmed and someone said a lot of trigger words infront of him. There is no way that is all stress and malnutrition.

Also its weird that they have to have the masses mislead support on everything they do. I guess its just so they don't expose themselves? Or do they really need americans to support their cause 100% or there will be a flaw in some unspoken code or law somewhere far out and they are playing that loop hole.

Fal: Trigger words... I'd like to

Trigger words... I'd like to know if we all have trigger words programmed into us.

Anyway, I do not know what this kony2012 thing is at all. I guess I'll research it after work.

Annunaki77: Fal remember this what I will say today

Some of the Malevolant Groups are still here hiding, they are Wounded and so is their NWo.
But that doesn't mean it's completely over.
We must always be Viligant for the Tricks of the Orion Group and Some Tyrannical Annunaki.
If these Groups must pull a fast one and say here we are and we are your Creators so Worship us and be our Slaves.
If there is anything I taught here on this Forum is that you are Kods yourselves and that there is no need to Worship anybody.
Remember those who claim to be Messiahs are the biggest of all Tyrants.

If an Annunaki pops up saying he is Lord Enki, you can't believe him, it will be a Trick by Brother Enlil, or even if Lord Enlil drops by, remember your Soveriegn right to be an Indpendant Race. It is your Sovereign Right.

Remember what I said No ET Nation will come here to Earth to save you from yourselves.
You must find your own Salvation from within yourselves and not from a third Party like Extraterrestrials.

I want for you to be Free remember that folks. The Deal here is Free Will, Passion and Destiny.

Phaminator: Lord Enki

Of course people wouldn't believe anyone (unless they're foolish or gullible) claiming that he's enki because he is long gone. Despite he's dead, enki still lives within us because we are his LEGACY that can do amazing things, yet we're fragile. As for ETs... They are self-serving even if they claim to be benevolent or malevolent.

Tarheel: Lord Enki LIVES, and is much closer than you think!

He's watching us, and Im sure he is with us in one form or another. He has to be.

A Creator wouldnt abandon his creation when his help is needed. I promise, somewhere out there, OUR Lord Enki is watching our every move. Take it to The Bank. You will always be able to cash Enki Bonds.

bluesbaby5050: AH YES Tarheel!

You are so RIGHT.Our Lord Enik is Still here with us.He is in another form.The old Enki vessel did die a very ,very long time ago.We all know his history too.He is Really Still right Here with all of us! You would be very foolish to doubt this.You claim you really have faith,well have faith in this! BB5050.

Annunaki77: Enki is part of the Crew

Your the Crew, Enki would never want to be Worshipped. That is the Role of Tyrants and Dictators. Enki wants Freedom, yes Beautiful Freedom.
But to be Worshipped, no , that is not part of the Enki Staple.

Free Will, now thats Beautiful .

The Power of "THE ONE".
You are branches of this Awsomeness.
Slaves you are not.
Enki, it is an Interesting Name for a Man who never liked Slavery.
Enki , hahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

bluesbaby5050: Yes,Lord Enki does not want to be worshiped.

He is our creator,but he Does NOT want to be worshiped.This would make him very Sad.We DO NOT want to make him Sad.He is our Master Teacher.We have Respect for him.He is very Wise.He has great knowledge from the long ages of time.He truely Believes in ALL Freedoms,and Love,and Passion,and Destiny.This is what makes him happy.When We,his creations,His children,will Manifests these ideas ,and when we Live these ideas,this makes him very Happy.So lets make Inki very Happy.Let's Live this way.We want to live free,and to love freely.and to live our passions,and live in our destinies! This will make Inki very happy.He will see this, and he will sing,and praise us for we are happy too.This is His Dream for us.He has fought long, and hard for us so we could live like this, As Freewill Beings.

Annunaki77: If an ET comes under this Name to be Worshipped Say No thanks!

ET's can be Snake Oils Salesmen also so if one pops up saying he is your Messiah, that is a Big Code Red!.
Say no thanks we do not want any Dictators or Tyrants, you can go home now.

Be careful with Groups who cloak themselves as Kods or Messiahs because you will get Screwed.
You are Free, so live without Regrets, live your Life According to your Will.


wmarkley: soon

This chapter of human history is playing out now, humanity will be reunited with our creator Enki, DO not be fooled by his evil brother Enlil, DONT get on your knees, stand tall with your head held high, we are equals, just because we are not as teck advanced doesnt mean that we are inferior. its better to get your ass kicked fighting back than to be a door mat on your knees..

Tarheel: Im tellin ya-this "New&Improved Whoop-Ass" works, Wmarkley.

Just open a can and see for yourself. Pass it around if anybody needs any.

Annunaki77: Wmarkley

You are an Incarnated Spirit, you have done this Song and Dance before. My Job is to Empower you because you are Awsome, Life is Beautiful, you are Beautiful , my Heart cries for you and everyone else.
Life is Beautiful, Earth is a Garden and Humanity is Beautiful.
I just Wish I can give this Truth to all of you.

We will Prevail and we the Human Race will Achieve Destiny.
Don't you think that I Pray for all Humanity, I do. Peace to you Wmarkley.

Lets give Earth Vibrations of Love, this will Heal Humanity and Earth.
No more Wars. No More Misery to a Beautiful Adamu.

bluesbaby5050: Yes!

Let's make Inki happy,and let's make him Proud! Stand tall,and be strong,Let them see how strong,and proud you are!

wmarkley: truth

Honorable Annunaki77, you have given us the truth, for 3 months now i have had the vibrations of love going through my head, it is real and i can feel it, Humanity will rise up and wake up, the planet is being recharged and humanity will prevail, and put an end to tyranny once and for all, i feel that this move will come very soon. the bad stuff we hear about on the MSM is just a fear campain without any truth, many are not buying it anymore, this kony2012 crap was exposed fast, and i was proud of humanity for digging into it, we will win, we already have, its just that the evil cabal is to stupid to realize it. their days are truely numbered.

HebrianDaniel: Many people exposed KONY2012

Many people exposed KONY2012 too fast that the creator of this vid had to disable the comments in youtube in order to stop spreading the truth however looks like he goes also insane and then run naked in russia streets.

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