Though they try to Destroy the Surface of Earth and the Plants and Animals as well has the health of Humanity through their Malevolant Chemtrail Agenda they will fail.
The Interdimensionals will fail in their plot to destroy Humanity and the Natural Resources of this Divine Planet. Silly , Silly stupid fools do they really think by enveloping the Earth with Toxic Metals that they can Destroy Life on this Planet. A Planet Terra Formed by a Team of Divine Geneticists.
Just who is fooling who here on Earth.

Your Politicians Lie , Your Corporations are interested in Profits , Your Elites are a Joke and Nations are at a Loss for True Leadership. How can the Blind Lead the Blind, how can a planet in turmoil be Governed by those who cannot see what the Kods see.

You who try to kill off Humanity mock heaven and your time is running short. You fail to see that when Humanity was created , it was created for a Divine Plan , a Plan that no Interdimensionals or ET's can override.

For an fullfill an ancient prophesy has been fullfilled and that is DESTINY. You who do wrong know of this prophesy and you are terrified , terrified of KARMA.
Let all who hear understand today that Humanity will prosper and no ET Force will be able to change that no matter how much treachery they engage in.

Humanity is our Jewel.

Bring Love, Happiness and Sanity Back to Humanity

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Tim Lovell: so what is it exactly that

so what is it exactly that they put in these chemtrails and why do they distribute them ? what effect are they intending to gain from deploying them etc?

UN.i1-PHI: chem(trails) of nanites and poisons --> transhumanistic control


Poison the Global Population with Deadly Chemicals such as :

1. Aluminum barium
2. Aluminum Oxide
3. Bacilli and Molds
4. Pseudomonas Aeruginosa
5. Pseudomonas Florescens
6. Bacilli Amyloliquefaciens
7. Streptomyces
8. Enterobacteriaceae
9. Serratia Marcscens
10. Human white Blood Cells-A restrictor enzyme used in research labs to snip and combine DNA
11. Enterobacter Cloacal
12. Other Bacilli and other toxic molds capable of producing heart disease and meningitis as well as acute upper respiratory and gastrointestinal distress.
13. Carcinogen Zinc Cadmium Sulfide


Terra Tea: first guess

Population control. Makes us sick, puts us on drugs, and messes with your overall natural being. Dumb, but effective.

This reminds me of BB's post about the Slyphs. After reading it i googled slyphs-transmute-chemtrails and there were alot more videos about it than i would have expected! Indian in the machine has a few. Very cool they are helping. One video talked about how the USAF saw them during the war as they would intervene and prevent military from dropping/doing things harmful to the environment. To the point where the military figured out certain sound waves could hurt the slyphs and potentially kill them.

juscila: Chemtrails

The DRACO REPTILLION elite that control all facets of humanity IN GOVERNMENTS,RELIGIONS,CULTURES,ARMIES,MEDIA,SOCIAL SITES,BANKING,INSURANCE IN OTHER WORDS E V E R Y T H I N G control humanity , don't get discovered, drain the population in all forms, eat them and reduce humanity to levels they can manipulate better. Oh by the way Tim could you tell us about your personal interaction with the ETS although principally I'm interested to know if you know of a sure fire way to make them seen by all humans so we can stop their EVIL actions. I'm in the Chicago area, and you? Joe

Tarheel: Timely visit from Anu77-THANKS !

I once attended a "Time Mgt Seminar" that had a very wonderful speaker, probably the best I've ever heard. His name escapes me, but at the end of his 2- hour captivating speech, he invited everyone in the room to do something nice for someone else that very day. He went on to say how that niceness is contagious. He even gave ways to do something nice that was out of the when you go thru a toll booth, pay the toll for the person behind you. Or, if you see someone who's down, smile at them or pay them a compliment-it goes a long, long way.

Anu77 gets a very tasty "Thank You" treat.

I wish Politicians/Corps/Elitists would just stop it. You say their time is short. I want the bad times to be over. There's just no need for it.

Terra Tea: using the term sound waves loosely

Trying to recall exactly how they took them down...gamma rays or something. Just surprised that you dont hear about it more.

Terra Tea: using the term sound waves loosely

Trying to recall exactly how they took them down...gamma rays or something. Just surprised that you dont hear about it more.

cosmicstorm: The power of destruction and fear are illusions

Fear, destruction, and evil are as fake to source as "god" is to atheist. Religious icons created by those who enslave humanity are nothing but thought forms.

HebrianDaniel: hey mr kanesh i do understand

hey mr kanesh i do understand youre optimism but see in my opinion
humanity always have been in wars and pain for thousands of year
nor me or you can promise that the next years it wont be same
our emotion and feeling are lead by hate and fear
now that i live in israel i can tell you 1thing that happend
3israelis are kidnapped and murdered by palestinian
and israelians there feel hate and anger and desire Revenge their emotion are lead by hate
then how can we have peace and love if both side have murderous intent and desire to kill?
humanity always had killed each other.
how can we solve it?

edisonik: Not anymore

There will be no more consuming Human Energy. This is an abomination and many Powerful Beings are here at this moment in time to stop this Insanity of Human Feasting.
This nonsense has gone long enough.
Do Beings who have enough Power to Blow Up a Star system have enough Power to keep the Dracos in their Place , Yes they do and this Little Backwater Planet is no different.

So the many Dark Folks have to better measure their Shadow if they think they can measure up with the Interstellar Big boys.& Girls.

obsrvantlouie: Presumably

The many dark folk would have to measure up with the many light folk? And what are these light folks agenda? Are the light folk here to save the human race? I thought humans were supposed to save themselves?

More chest thumping and repeat from you.....i am pretty sure I have heard you say all of this before; like every time you talk.

bluesbaby5050: Those here to work with light/ energies, to incorperate those

Those energies Into the Earth, we are here now helping mother earth to ascend, and to help her to raise her vibrations to be able to do this. She needed this help, because she was weak, and was dying. She put out the call into the universe, and the call was answered by those that volenteered, and came to earth to incarnate on her surface, and to stay with her, to help her to regain her strength, because she was actually dying.( I do this energy work through my crown chakra, and though my highEST self, and though the UNIVERSAL CONSCIOUSNESS, and this intense light travels all the way down from the heavens, and though my spinal cord, and down though my feet, and deep into the crystal core of this planet. ( And this is also how I recieve my information in this same exact way/ means from the universal consciousness, and not everyone can do this, because they would actually vaporize). She became denser though the ages of time, and this was done by the dark forces that dragged her deep down into the darkness with them when they fell into the 3rdimension from the higher dimensional levels of light. And the dark forces began to ravage, and pillage, drill, and mine, and pollute, and by spilling blood into her though the many wars. This was killing her slowly over time. This is all negative, and this was destroying her life form, her body, and her spirit. This planet is ailve, and has a soul, and is a living life form. And those souls that answerd her call had arrived though many means, and by incarnating in to a human body is only one of those ways. Those souls that arrived on Earth that can survive the intense energies of light in to this galaxy from the center, are here right now doing exactly that. They need to be grounded , and in tune, and connected with her to help lift her spirit up, and also her physical body, which is this planet. I changed my title from Light worker to Energy worker so I would not be connected with the NEW AGE MOVEMENT, and with the Illuminati and their False Light. That was my reason. There are alot of False Light workers around now, more then ever, and I do not want to be connected in any ways with this group. And that was my reasoning to change my title in my Bio. I even did a post on my reasons, and my feelings why. I did not think that I had to explain my reasoning for doing this AGAIN, and because I did not, many people in this forum tried to mislead others, because I did not explain my actions to this forum for the second time. And I was slandered repeatly because of this. Now you all know my reasons why for the second time around. So I will not repeat this again for a third time. Read my original post if you should forget why.

edisonik: Mighty Anu77 is more humble than me.

Peace be upon him. As well as many others who Pray for Peace & Harmony.
And this Reality is Sacred as well as the Human Species.
Keep your thought Positive and your thoughts will manifest a Better Planet for the Human Whole.
You are all energy and are all part of "THE ONE", and this Force is seeking balance in an unbalanced World such as this.

So Watch and see the Power of Love , Harmony and Destiny prevail.

Star Wars V: The Empire Strikes Back - "For my ally is the Force " (Force Theme, Yoda's Theme)



Tarheel: You walk the walk, Falcon Master.

Good to see & hear you again. Stay close.
We'll ride them some day. Soon, hopefully.

edisonik: Mighty Anu77 is more humble than me.

Peace be upon him. As well as many others who Pray for Peace & Harmony.
And this Reality is Sacred as well as the Human Species.
Keep your thought Positive and your thoughts will manifest a Better Planet for the Human Whole.
You are all energy and are all part of "THE ONE", and this Force is seeking balance in an unbalanced World such as this.

So Watch and see the Power of Love , Harmony and Destiny prevail.

Star Wars V: The Empire Strikes Back - "For my ally is the Force " (Force Theme, Yoda's Theme)



edisonik: Life is a Precious Gift

When Life loses it's value and is taken for granted by those who wish to Destroy it.
Then Karma will come upon them like a thief in the night they will face Justice.

Native WBE America-Wonderful Freedom

edisonik: Lets the Rivers of Life find they Way.

Let the Flowing Waters flow for all Eternity.
For the Whole Universe.

HebrianDaniel: Mr Edi hate is not something

Mr Edi hate is not something that easy to solve not long ago there is conflict in my land
palestinian killed 3 young boys and 1 israeli killed 1 palestinian boy

Both Sides Request Revenge both side filled by sadness and hate.
now tell me how you solve this problem when its abouth both sides that share the same loss the same sadness and the same hate.

how we can expect them to love as if their heart filled with rage and hate?

Tim Lovell: HD I don't knothw how to

HD I don't knothw how to reply to this , but at that level their is a polarity interation being played out , unfortunately nearly everytime the only way to resolve these conflicts is to let it play out until its end , unless by some miracle one side or the other in composed soley of people which can forgive unconditionaly then the only way it to let the drama play itself out till its expiration, this is unfortunate but atm and in your area of living esspesially it is how it is, these are the areas the draco and others stir up conflicts to create more chaos, they create event `A` here then later event `B` there to later create war number `3` here... etc etc , and it goes on round and round endlessly do you see?

HebrianDaniel: dont forget its also by human

dont forget its also by human made look in the both side people are tought by idealoghy of fear and hate muslim and jewish learn their children to be racist and hateful person parents teach them their idealoghy which is not always good the 1 of the way to make child good children is to take them away from their radical parents and send them to good family
build them a school for loving and understanding.
its not easy to destroy the hate and fill people with love.
not when youre tought to hate since birth.

Tarheel: 2 wrongs dont make a right.

For some people, fighting is a way of life. Both sides MUST break the mindset.

If you so choose, you can be a part of the solution. Opportunity abounds !

Tim Lovell: Edi don't deny your humblenss

Edi don't deny your humblenss.. your willingness to deal with us little`lulus`shows more humbleness that any other of your kind , and pls don't deny who you arewe all know , you wont reply as usual , perhaps you need a little more humbling mabey :)

Tim Lovell: Edi may I ask of you one

Edi may I ask of you one question? when Enlil and Enki and Marduk and Inanna fought like spoilt children over the territory of Ea , where exactly where you and what were you doing? were you fighting the rebellious nephelim? pls tell....

Tim Lovell: Also I saw you drive past me

Also I saw you drive past me in freshwater , you have to have a big car? lol and you say to me I respect you.. as I you we are all one remember...

Tim Lovell: your post about the girl

your post about the girl friend saying her last goodbye also was poinent as it was directed to me , you are very gifted in your insights , as you are up there in the light , it hurt my feelings tho , Louise meant everything to me but you were right I had to move on...

Tim Lovell: as for the halls of Amenti

as for the halls of Amenti stargate , you wonder why do I know of this , as I explained before im not stupid I know all about the stargateways that were setup by the pat all or the founders (names mean nothing) only 2 remain functional now to my knowledge due to stellar drift , mabey all are gone now, but at least now they wont be fought over like in the ancient cosmic wars hah what will we fight over now Edi?? hahaha

no we will have to make ships and run the risk of getting lost in time oh dear...

unless the founders setup new gateways for us hah


Tim Lovell: Edi do you think it is easy

Edi do you think it is easy to stop the draco frequency controlling humanity and feeding of their energy you say the time is here to end this , it took the formulated plan of the family of light up in the higher dimensions of the federation meeting chamber to formulate the many lifetimes plan of preparation and earning of the right to change the system they were entering to do this they have done their plan and it was a success the future or the present of the others has been changed no longer do dracos possess humans minds they are free but at what price we paid a very heavy price for that change here for some anyway lets hope its worth it ....

Tim Lovell: HD yes this is true , and

HD yes this is true , and this is also what we have to painfully dismantle , you see all of these stupid religions were setup by Enlil , ALL of them , he wanted to feed of humanities energies, so he setup all these differing religons with the same `gods` but differing philosophies , so in the end humanities would goto war with themselves , and when they did they entered a heightened fear stress state and when they died esspesially they gave up HUGE amounts of their spitual energy if not ALL of it and it came up in huge white clouds over the battlefields and they would fly over scooping it up and feeding of it you see? nowadays they don't need wars much anymore they have TV....

obsrvantlouie: O wise Annu

Do tell what this prophecy is?

HebrianDaniel: the prophecy youre talking

the prophecy youre talking about is very similar to the prophecy of the Essenes of Dead sea
in the scroll the Essenes(Jewish cult) writen a prophecy story

called the War of the son of the light against son of the darkness
they bealive in future there will be massive war lead by 2 sides
Son of the Light that lead by Archangel Michael
and Son of the Dark lead by an evil diety named Belial (בליעל) prounced Bli-al
in jewish bible Belial mentioned as Evil figure
also son of belial are mentioned as Greedy people who only care for wealth

here also more info about war of the son of the light against son of the darkness

Tim Lovell: the `sons of belial` were a

the `sons of belial` were a regressive faction that arose at the end period of Atlantis when the corruption had gotten the worst , they believed that in serving the self they took care of their part of the whole and thus served the whole as a result , but this idea was proved false and at the end of atlantis , they took control of the great crystal and overloaded it causing it to explode , the biggest artificial explosion ever seen on the surface of this planet , it ended the cycle of atlantis throwing everyone there good or bad (mostly all the bad ones managed to escape through an interdimensional portal they created using their cigar shaped ships before the crystal exploded as they knew what was coming , the good ets from the pleidies managed to evacuate some good people before it happened as they also forsaw it but could only take so many , those that went down with the ship came out in the 3rd dimension and in summeria we are now coming back up to the point where we exit the third dimension again and we will again face the same challenges as atlantis but it is a differing situation this time , we wont be given another great crystal by the ETs this time lol...

bluesbaby5050: Just a reminder here Tim.......

Some of the people that are here now are co-existing in the higher 4th dimensional levels, even in to the 5thD levels in some areas of Earth right now. And some people have to act like a yo-yo to deal with a lot of different people that are existing in the many dimensional levels RIGHT NOW. In fact, since the year 2011, the many 4thD levels, and the 5th dimensional levels have arrived since then, and they all co-exists even while we are at home, and in the many places all at the same time! This is because of the great works being done by many beings of the TRUE LIGHT, and the energies they carry within them. This is only within some people. WE CHANGE BACK, AND FORTH ALL THE TIME. NOT EVERYONE SEES, FEELS, OR COMPREHENDS EVERYONE, ELSE, AND SO THIS IS CREATING CONFUSION IN THIS FORUM, AND IN EVERYONES LIFES EVERYWHERE ON THIS PLANET ! There are still a lot of people coping in the 3rdimensional levels, because they are still asleep, and will remain so,and will experience the wars etc..... if they do not wake up, and catch up. But, as of the year 2015-2016 these many different levels, and octaves WILL CLOSE, and BECOME LOCKED PERMENANTLY. There will be no going back, or back- sliding, and playing around, and many people will disappear, or go out of ones life, either though the passing by the death of the physical body, or just vibrate in a higher frequency in one of the octaves, in a suitable dimensional level of their delvelopement and only develope higher onwards. People will seem to disappear from the view of others that are in the lower levels. And there are many levels in between EACH DIMENSION called octaves. So people must try to remember this. There really is no death of the soul/spirit, life is infinite.

Tarheel: WTF ?

I don't get your ongoing issues with them. You're sell yourself short as a simple antagonist.
If Anu77 sings a song, the song's been sung.

obsrvantlouie: So you do not think

My questions are valid?

Why do you throw a hissy fit every time I ask a question to your master teachers? They don't ever respond anyway.

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