CoVid and Riots are Diversions (updated)

by Tarheel on June 3rd, 2020

While they have most people's attention focused on an ill-contrived virus and the manufactured riots, the House of Reps moved on H.R. #6666 called TRACE Act thats aim is to strip liberties away from US citizens. This house resolution blows amendments 4,5,8 & 9 out of the water.
These people are sick and need to be stopped. Please call or e-mail your representative and let them know they will NOT be stripping any of our liberties away for any reason whatsoever, let alone under fabricated disease and Riots cover.
I will try to post a link for more info on this topic along with links to your representatives emails and phone numbers asap.
Stand up for your rights, people.

Here is the contact info link. It has highlighted email links so you can click and go straight into their email or telephone them. Either will take you less than 5 minutes to voice your opinion. I prefer email because I usually get a written response from my senator/representative. It's best to be civil if you expect a response.
I hope you will oppose this HR 6666 resolution that is aimed at taking away rights of citizens guaranteed us in Amendments 4,5,8 and 9 of our Constitution. Thats all you need to say if you call or write. It is important that our voices are heard, as we/our rights are under attack.
Thank you in advance for standing up for your rights.

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