covid 19 vaccines are safe?

i wonder if those vaccines are really safe or dangerous to people?

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bluesbaby5050: Covid 19 vaccines

I would not take them myself. Bill Gates is pushing them aggressively. He has been admistering them widely in the countries in Africa. Bill Gates is not any kind of doctor either, but many pictures showing him sticking them into many children of all ages including babies too. Word has gotten out that those vaccinated children have come down with many dangerous diseases from them. The parents are complaining to health officials that there children were playing and were very active before they got them. The ignorant people in those countries are not informed or educated about any of it. They are so trusting and they are not aware that those vaccines contain many toxic poisions that do nothing for the well being of the health of those poor people. They want to depopulate this planet with GMOs in our foods that damage and change our DNA, and they poison our waters with heavy metals, and they poisoned our skies with chemtrails into our air that we need to breathe. This is what Annunaki77 has been talking about on this site for almost 20 years now. They want to change the human genome into killing machines to fight the wars in our solar system and in our galaxy and in the Orion star systems, and reaching far into other galaxies too. It's called Transhumanisum of the human speices. They want this planet for it's many resources, and the human race is a very profitable resource. Humans used in the Slave trade, and as food sources to aliens that eat humans like live stock. They also use us humans as sex slaves for all kinds of torture, and amusements in many star systems. The human trafficking is done on a huge massive scale worldwide, and many humans go missing yearly for thousands of years, even centuries. This planet has already been invaded many times over. We have given this site much information that has been hidden from humanity for eons. Now your all hearing and seeing it in the alternative news with many horrors with very disturbing details found on laptops, and with people involved in the highest places of power. Annunaki77 has told you all who owns the news medias around this planet. He has given us all so much information on many topics already. It's all on this site. The Chinese communists own all the US democrats, as well as some of the US republicans in exchange for Millions. The Chinese Communists own almost all this planet's news medias and they pay the wages of all those that work for them too. The Chinese are funding Millions of dollars with the greatest help from Barack Obama during his 8 years in the US office of president, and even long after his term was officially over, but he was still giving China excess to all levels of top secret files about all US military personel on the highest to the lowest levels, and also on all government employees. Obama is behind Covid 19 and was present during the manufacturing of this bioweapon that is being used to take down America. The Chinese own Dominon and all it hard ware that was used widely with the countries that are enemies of America like Iran to rig the US election to make Joe Biden win, because China owns the Biden family. China also owns Obama and gave Obama Millions of dollars in exchange to have excess on all retired military personel, and all their past and current addresses, and even gave them their social security numbers. Obama even gave all information on all the CIA , and the FBI and the DOD, and other agences, and on anything else that would help the Chinese destroy America, and bring it down along with the help of George Soros and Bill Gates, and the Rothchilds, and the Rockefellers that are funding these heinous programs to depopulate humanity to only a few million to do the slave labor for the rich elitists. Look up the Georgia Guide Stones that stated just what they have planned for humanity. It's not good.

Chris: hi bluesbaby

how have you been do you have any contact with edisonik and annu77, i also been saveing all info from here and from contactees like alex collier on the et races he others have talked about.

Tarheel: Consider the source

You won't find me taking them at any point.

HebrianDaniel: yeah i will not take vaccine

yeah i will not take vaccine for now i want to see how people react to it in the future

bluesbaby5050: Is vaccine safe?

New reports are out now on the first people that took the Covid19 vaccine. They have HIV now, and test positive for it. HIV is a auto immune disease that first showed up in people back in the 1970s. HIV was purposely added into the vaccine on purpose it states, as a bio weapon for depopulation of humans. The report is in this link HTTP://

M3RT0M: Link broken

They took the link out.

Tarheel: Facebook censorship strikes again !

It just goes to show how scared they are of us.
Looks like Quinton sold out.

M3RT0M: Even Youtube

Even Youtube is censored, i don't know where they are going with this. They are afraid of the Truth.

western_yogi: this is all i can say about vaccine

sister has diabetes and is a nurse at hospital she got vaccine about a month ago. and no contrary to babyblues
fake medicine statement, they did not get hiv from the covid vaccine or some stupid shit like that. slight fever, sore arm for half a day and she was fine she said.

based on whats going on especially in usa with the number of cases there propaged by the Lord of Lies. there are some countries that want the USA to have even more cases and fatalities, therefore they infiltrate some avenues of less learned people in certain forums that are vulnerable to disinformation.

For the USA to have that many cases and deaths its actually shameful, and some countries that are not your friend actually delite in your suffering and death rate, and want it to be even more. Because they also want your economy damaged to a significant degree. These countries you know about and heard about as they broke into the covid 19 vaccine research labs to steal data and vaccine as well as to sabotage the vaccine progress.

So crazy stuff like they gonna give covid vaccine to give you HIV or crazy shit like that, its simply not true.

But if ya dont wanna take it, thats your choice too. But if ya choose not to get it dont say its because you heard people who got covid vaccine got Aids, cuz thats horse shit. I dont get the flue vaccine, but i may get this covid vaccine for the first doses or two, simply because i have an elderly aged mom who i do not want to put at risk.

obsrvantlouie: Vaccines a fucking poison....

Vaccines a fucking poison.....all of them. The human body doesn’t need them. They work against not with like all other allopathic meds.

Do you know the ingredients in a vaccine?

obsrvantlouie: Anyone who needs info on

Anyone who needs info on vaccines can get on Facebook and follow Chris Kirckoff....long and short of it is - stay far far away. You have an immune don’t need vaccines.

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