Could the real Lucifer please stand up....

It seems clear to me that there is more than one Lucifer sun of the morning throughout mythology.
The reason for this will be explained. But depending on the culture and time period determines what god will be lucifer. Venus is not the morning star as your about to see. lucifer is a metaphor for the hollow earth....

For example in ancient egyptian mythology khepri was the rising sun, khepri etymological meaning could possibly come from the name cephas which is aramaic for st.peter from the bible. Peter's symbol is the 7 stars in the night sky which would link Lucifer to the pleiades.

See this image:

When we look at the image we see 7 gods sitting either side of the scarab which seems to suggest that Khepri was associated with the Pleiades.

however when we look a bit further into ancient egyptian mythology we see that the scarab was often represented as a heart shape, and they were often called heart scarabs.

See here:

scarab shaped like a heart.

So what?

well the Heart symbol is a symbol of the apostle Barnabas in freemasonry. Who is often worshipped both in mythology and in freemasonry as a duality god alongside the apostle Paul.

see this:

heart and eye, the eye represents the apostle Paul, while the heart represents the apostle Baranabas.

Well they cant be two lucifers surely?

well.... it doesnt stop there either, when we travel to Peru to see the sun gate there which faces east towards sun rise we clearly see another deity which represents the sun rise.

on the front we see a deity holding onto serpents. This is very distinctive of a partcular goddess which is associated with holding onto serpents.

See here:

The gods name is Viracocha and was seen as a creator god and an Incan sun god in Incan mythology.

so you see this particular god is associated with Orion. He also has lots of similarities to the goddess lilith from jewish mythology. Lilith is often associated with Mary magdalene because of their similar traits as being harlots. Mary magdalene was one of three goddesses including the Virgin mary and salome. These three goddesses are often associated with Orions belt which has three stars which makes sence because they are one goddess per star in Orions belt.

Also see this:

I realise that the two dots could be two other stars in Orion which are parallel to each other but im just throwing this particular interpretation out there....

Contactee Alex Collier claims that the sumerian god Marduk is Ra (which is probably true, as your about see.)

so we now have three gods associated with lucifer the sun of the morning!

how can this be??!

We also have the hermetic order of the golden dawn who believe that the apostle Paul (aka the all seeing eye) is lucifer and hermes hence the name hermetic order of the golden dawn. They believe that hermes thrice great is the apostle Paul aswell. (thrice great because the number three has to do with Orion, three stars in Orions belt if you must know).

"Barnabas they called Zeus, and Paul they called Hermes because he was the chief speaker."

Zeus could morph into a bull in mythology (Hyades cluster) even though he is sometimes depicted carrying a symbol for Orion aswell.

The all seeing eye of the apostle Paul is associated with Orion.
See this:

Notice how the etruscan sun god has two dots on him aswell. All these pictures link the all seeing eye to Orion. because all these gods either have two dots on them (Alnilam and Mintaka) or they are doing the hail Orion gesture with their hands. The ancient egyptian carving is different that it has all three, including the EYE

If the all seeing eye is associated with Orion (which it is) it could only be the lambda Orionis nebula because that is the only think even remotely eye shaped in Orion.

See here:

So we have 4 lucifers!

unless they are all lucifer. This gives us a clear idea on who is in the hollow earth. We can expect people from Orion, the lamda Orionis nebula, the pleiades (and the Hyades cluster because the symbol for the apostle barnabas is also a V which is symbolic of the the V shape of the Hyades cluster aswell.)

see here:

Barnabas' fingers are shaped like a V which is a masonic gesture which represents this particular deity to freemasons. He is believed to be Joseph from the bible also, father (step father technically) of Jesus christ. Also Barnabas/Joseph has Tau symbols on him (cross shaped like letter t ) which comes from the name Taurus where the Hyades cluster is.

The V symbol is seen countless times in logos and mythology and just about everywhere!

Sekhmet an Ancient egyptian god is seen with one hand (with five digits representing the five stars of the Hyades cluster, with a V symbol around her hand representing the hyades cluster general shape). She was known as a protector of the dead in the underworld...

The Alpha and Omega (the bull and the all seeing eye), the v symbol is seen the most in the car industry:

The beginning and the end... notice how the egyptian god Sekhmet as a snake eating itself above her head (ouroboros).
The letter A is an upside down version for the symbol for Taurus, as above so below,
the Alpha and omega is the apostle barnabas and Paul in terms of freemasonry.....

But it doesnt stop there because we have the star of Ishtar on the sumerian tablets which is supposed to be Venus.

Orion rides the Hyades cluster.

But its none other than Ashtar command.

There's too many lucifers to count...

Lucifer isnt to be confused with the setting sun in mythology for example the sumerian god shamesh was associated with the setting sun not the morning sun.

See this:

Its symbolic of the setting sun behind two mountain peaks which is none other than Mt. Arafat In Israel in which the sun set behind the mountains, not rises.

see this:

So the whole red skin demon thing to do with lucifer is WRONG!
because red skin is associated with the dog star, which to the ancients was the setting sun. And the people that come from their have reddish-skin according to contactee Alex Collier.

I hope you've enjoyed :)

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Tarheel: Thus, the case for layered meaningS (plural).

According to Hakim Awyan, The scarab head is used to reference Human's head (7 openings..eyes/ears/nostrils/mouth-perhaps not The Pleades) and the scarab body is the old Left side/Right side analogy.

I am NOT disagreeing with your interpretations, I'm just sharing what I have studied. It is not my deduction, but rather Hakim's knowledge he got from the elders...thru the annals of time.

Terran resistance: human body and god

lots of parts of the human body have associations with gods to do with star systems.
the hand in mythology, five digits, five stars in the hyades cluster.
mouth (the word), word of god, the word is the sword, the sword is the lord, the sword is carried by orion:

so it wouldnt surprise me if there was a connection between the human head and the pleiades, but I think this Hakim Awyan guy is missing the point though. Lots of insects are associated with the Pleiades like the scorpion, but I think the scarab has more to do with the Hyades cluster myself.

Tarheel: Hakim's front yard was The Giza Plateau (literally).

Hakim played there as a child in 1937, before the Sphinx was excavated. He says the sand was up to The Sphinx's neck back then. He isnt relaying an interpretation, he's sharing what knowldge that was passed to him thru the years. His knowledge wasnt "educated opinion". He WAS (died in '08) and "indigenous wisodm keeper" for his tribe. He was also a noted historian and archaeologist who berated the Egyptian Minister of Antiquities (the ass-clown & self-serving idiot Hawass) for participating in the suppression of knowledge about what The Pyramids were REALLY for.
Certainly you know what The Pyramids were really for. And , most certainly YOU KNOW what country (outside of Egypt itself) was instrumental initially in the suppression of this knowledge(Union Jack). By the way, the USA participates in the suppression of the knowldge now, as well.

I respect your difference/free will to disagree with what I believe.

Terran resistance: embedded pictures :))))

looks fancy now.

also added a few extra details.

Tarheel: What could be meaner?

The Man speaks about Loose Lucy, from The Mars Hotel.......time travel
Thank You for a real good time Jerry !

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