by bluesbaby5050 on September 24th, 2013

A famous "SESAME STREET" TV ( LOOK-A-LIKE) character was discovered in the reefs of Curacaoin in the Caribbean Ocean by a husband and wife diving team, Mauricio, and Julia Handler were caught by surprise while they were deep sea diving. Mrs.Julia Handler first spotted the unknown Sea Sponge, while her husband passed by her without noticing this famous TV character look- a -like. " The COOKIE MONSTER," is one of many puppets on the children's TV show. Julia swam over to her husband while laughing in her mask to get him to follow her back to the location of where she spotted the Sea Sponge, "The Cookie Monster of the Sea." Mauricio Handler was delighted at the discovery by his wife Julia, and he was surprised to find out he had swam by it earlier without his noticing the sea sponge. Mauricio, and Julia marveled at the perfect features, and his perfect color, of his face that looks just like the cookie monster character that Mimics life out of the sea.

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bluesbaby5050: Mother Nature never ceases.......

To amaze me with all her infinite creative talents, and all her beauty! It takes a long time for a sea sponge to grow from a healthy reef without any interruptions, and to have the perfect balance, and to have any kind of a resemblance to anything we know, other then being an ordinary sea sponge. Mother nature created this special sea sponge knowing that someday, someone would happen to come along, and take notice of her wonders such is the case here, and to share it's wonderment with the world.

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