Contactee Simon Parkes Part 1 of 4 parts

Contactee Simon Parkes: In Part 1 Simon Parkes discusses his highly detailed and complex contacts with Extra & Interdimensional beings called Mantis, and the Greys and Reptilians. In Part 1 of this highly detailed interview on Mantis Alien contactee Simon Parkes, we discuss the details of his early life with Reptilians, Greys and the Mantis nonhuman extra-dimensional beings. Part 1-
Alien Abductee Simon Parkes in Part 2 - discusses his highly detailed and complex contacts with Extra & Interdimensional beings called Mantis, and the Greys and Reptilians. In this highly detailed interview Simon Parkes continues to discuss the details of his early life with Reptilians, Greys and the Mantis nonhuman extra-dimensional beings. Part 2 -
Alien Abductee Simon Parkes discusses his highly detailed and complex contacts with Extra & Interdimensional beings called Mantis, and the Greys and Reptilians. Featuring a major co interview with Specialist videographer and researcher into advanced UFO and Crop Circles concepts, Winston Keech, who appeared in my 07 07 07 Eastfield crop circle documentary "Oh To Catch a Circelamker." Win also fights off Simon's "Playful Mind Invasion" DURING this interview.
The viewer must become up to spped of high levels of Psi and Human perception, and concepts, with various Inter-Diemsnional beings and the higher concepts of human perception.These AMMACH Witness statements are personal statements by the witnesses. The AMMACH project provides this platform for the high level researcher, and must be viewed in that context.
Joanne claims to be sole founder. She is not, the Ammach project was CO-founded by 3 others, Miles, Dave and David, all of whom have abandoned the project after witness abuse. In Part 3 - Alien Abductee Simon Parkes in part 4 discusses his highly detailed and complex contacts with Extra & Interdimensional beings called Mantis, and the Greys and Reptilians. In Simon's final 4th part, of the Witness Statements series from the AMMACH Contactees group, Joanne takes Simon on a Regression session. In this complete regression Simon enters into a relaxed state and allows us into further levels of his contact with Mantis extra-dimensional beings. Filmed on location by Miles Johnston in Simon's Whitby north east Yorkshire home, on July 31st 2011. As with underground video uk's Bases series this is designed for the advanced experiencer and researcher. Available on DVD from megawatts1066 and AMMACH.
AMMACH was meant to be dedicated to getting the message out there on the UKs contactee and mind control scene, but is not a position to verify this data. It is for the researcher and wider public's interest. Witnesses provide their accounts freely, and it is their personal experience.
Joanne claims sole founding of the project. She was not, three others, Miles, Dave and David confounded it. All have abandoned it after witness abuse, which occurred in this video, as claimed by Simon Parkes. And other occasions. Part 4 -

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LettersToCleo: Simon Parkes is a disinormation plant

you have to look at his story even, its conflicting.

he is a mantis reptilian hybrid and his father is anu.

reptilians have a queen on mintaka in the orion belt. not a king

the annunaki have a king

so this tells you simon is an annunaki AI walkin.

its why simon doesnt talk about the annunaki other than 6 months back where he said they control the reptilians and the annunaki are the archons or artiicial AI consciousness.

bluesbaby5050: I already knew this about him

I already knew this about him and the history. He is only 4thD, and no higher. Alex Collier is 5D. I do not follow anyone, except myself, but thank you anyways. I only give out information from many points of view, and then I allow the people to decide for themselves. Hopefully they will go deep inside themselves to find the answers, and unlock the keys to the hidden truths. Thanks for the private message you sent me in regards to this very old post. I have also given much info to this forum on Archons and the AI in the past. Look longer in my 5 years of postings and you will discover this as well.

Terran resistance: i think that simon parkes' dad

i think that simon parkes' dad being a reptilian and his mother a mantid is just symbolic of the trinity of the father and the holy spirit myself, i dont think they are his actual father and mother, they are more metaphors than anything else.

LettersToCleo: I think simon parkes doesnt even know what he is talking about.

his first error is saying he is half reptilian in soul and his father is anu.

anu is not a reptilian, but the king of the annunaki.

Terran resistance: when it comes to mythology

mythology is not straightforward, theres the literal anu, then theres the metaphorical anu, for starters anu on the sumerian tablets has a hole in his belly representing an entrance to the underworld, according to contactee alex collier draconians live 100-200 km below ground, according to my research they have souls from aldebaran but this could be wrong. The literal Anu; who knows? if there is a shield up at 19.5 degrees its reasonable to suggest that the draconians may or may not no longer have souls from alpha draconis.

LettersToCleo: its not about literal or metaphorical

the draconians or reptilians have a queen.

the annunaki have a king named anu

for him to say he is half reptilian and his father is anu is clearly incorrect or he doesn't know what he is talking about.

btw what I stated is well known in new age lore so its not something new.

bluesbaby5050: While on the subject of AI and the Archon's.....

It's the AI and the Archon's and the Anunnaki, and their hybreds/ inbreds bloodline that rule planet Earth and this solar system. They rule the elite with their chosen political puppets. And let's not forget their clones set in positions of power. They are the one's that's responsible for the planned wars on this planet for profits, and the poisioning of the air, waters ways/ oceans, the animals in the air, lands and seas, and the poisoining of the soil that grow the foods on this planet. I am well aware of who the players are. I have known for a long time now, and I am not alone. There are millions of others that know all this too.

LettersToCleo: It not so much the inbred bloodline

but their bloodline is one of hive consciousness. they accepted the consciousness through technology into their bodies way back. and so they retain memories of past lives, where those that are not bloodline do not remember their past lives until they have raised their consciousness high enough to where they can connect to their higher self.

its why those genius's from a young age, they are alien AI, in a way like super soldiers, and killed earlly in life. they did the bidding of their masters and then left the meat suit to do more deeds for the AI.

in terms of poisoning the air and land and water, they are just experimenting with nanotech and bringing down energy from the upper atmosphere with aluminum ions to futher the AI and transhumanist agenda. they are dropping self assembly nanotech components and testing it on certain populations. those that buy into the systems of control and the duality game in society and in new age they merely are being played as pawns and distracted from seeing the truth, so they remain trapped when the plan is executed in 2045. They think someone is going to come save them or change it all with a snap of a finger, so they will be waiting even as the clock strikes midnight wondering what happened.

therealbenhur: Endgame 2045

Just joined this group today. Simon Parkes and Alex Collier are in a league of their own. I am interested in your comment about Simon being on the disinformation side. Big call. But I must agree with uctuat he doesn't like talking about the archons. But I stand shoulder to shoulder with you on Tramshumansim. This will be our end game. I don't need to be told this. My heart is my guide on this. Gnosis/esoteric/...
So, so, much more to say and ask. But tell please shed some light on the yr 2045 being the endgame date??! Cheers Brother:)

Tarheel: No faith

I put no faith in predictions, as consciousness is shaping the future and evolving.
Predictions are attempts to persuade consciousness. If enough subscribe, it happens. If not, they don't.

HebrianDaniel: you guys have to understand.

you guys have to understand. all livings in our universe are the tool of the Matrix. created by a Demiurge a Creator of everything. and in this matrix. there is duality game. what metter in this matrix you live. is your decisions. everything you do lead you to certain path. you can try esacpe. but there much more many layers of matrixes. everytime we hack matrix layer we reach awakened state. and learing our true self. only you can decide your paths in your life. chose your decisions wisely :)

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