Consultant from Area 51 ?

Hi friends, I am back to TruthControl :) And, would like to post these interesting comments
of " s templar " YouTube user, who is claiming to be a consultant from Area 51.
True or not? You decide...


"So again i ask myself why was this special over the Roswell one in 1947???.And why not bring it to Area51 so both of them can sleep together in harmony he he he.Long lost crafts reunited together.I asked questions over the years there , but was met with a silence reminder.After many decades there i thought i was kept in the dark over certain things for sure.They only told me what they wanted me to know or understand certain things they kept from my team even that i had a N security MJ12 clearance high top secret code.For any level except ??? in Area51.But that was the nuclear material site deep down and i was not going down there for anything 25.000 feet down."

“So did Messerschmitt build unusual crafts before 1940?/=Yes for sure with their normal factory building normal Aircraft for the war effort they had more than 3 other special project factories .Looking at my data i have obtained over decades from my sources i am quite sure they had 3rd parties involved in secret projects .with them.Nothing really new we have it today in the Aerospace industry.Most certainly underground in Germany for obvious reasons.”

“Do you think Messerschmitt broke the sand barrier before the Americans?=Yes for sure again from my detailed data i have collected on an unusual Aircraft type not for production because they only made 1 research craft.I think this craft was based on the German/ Roswell craft of 1910/1947 and i think this was made in one of the secret underground bases in Austria maybe in the same base as the 1910 craft was taken to. a human to fly without the complex technology involved.”

“I would say it was built in 1920 and test flown in 1930 for obvious reasons.Typical speed in level flight mach 2 , and i think Alexander Lippisch had a part to play in it from what my parents told me.”

“So where does the German and the Roswell craft originate from?.Not from planet earth for sure the technology in both crafts are beyond the technology of both era But over the years working on the Roswell craft myself and my team inside Area51 before it was moved again to a bigger site for a more detail study.For which i do not understand why it was moved in the first place because the facility i was working in was good enough.Anyway we new a lot about it and who would have constructed it.”

“Today we take things for granted in technology , the likes of the computer cell phone digital recorder laser technology micro electronics etc etc.Also the head up display in fighter aircraft and helicopter.But humans never question where this stuff really comes from.They think scientists and engineers design and build them from scratch???.And yes in parts they do but not really true just half true.What i am trying to say for all the thick heads out there before you can invent or design a new concept around a unknown material etc etc for which you have never seen before.You first have to have the original unknown item/blueprint.”

“Then with this item , you can turn things around to suit and modify the unknown item into many other new concepts because the unknown item and the material it was built from are not found on planet earth, so you have to modify earth based material etc around the unknown object in other words synthesis the molecular structure of the unknown material to fit into your new concept.For which the term back engineer stands for so this we did with the Roswell craft and many other crafts before Roswell and after Roswell right up to today.The job i did was very interesting inside Area51 and Lockheed.”

“Nature never gives its secrets up easy and Roswell and many other crafts adopt this method for obvious reasons.So my team thinks the Roswell craft and the German unknown craft had been built by Robotic lifeforms and not the lifeforms in the Roswell craft , for obvious reasons .We also think other crafts we had recovered in the past had similar concepts to Roswell as well.So a similar source was involved in them, so we came up with a Robotic concept example cyborg android on part cellular format or there about.My wife as her own theory about it , for which i can see her viewpoint being spot on in many ways.”

“So where does both of them come from?.My bet would be an inter dimensional world near to our own planet or our own planet in the future say 2000 years from 1947 or we could be looking somewhere else the likes of Zeta Reticular does come up a lot or somewhere else near there.And if the powers to be are not telling us inside Area51 , they must have a good reason why not.”

“So where does the German saucer technology fit into all this??.Man made from past recovery of the unknown types.Just constructed from material from earth and some of there stuff just like we do today.The German Aircraft industry new more than they were letting on with saucer triangle etc technology.This is why i still say to my wife we were being used in Area51 and Lockheed to solve the problem out and to come up with new concepts from these.So that makes me think Aquarius Umbrella are German origin 4th Reich who control Area51 and all of it.”

“You must think why i am talking about who i worked for and on what?.I have no idea why but it must be because of my age and to get past demons off my chest and mind.30 odd years ago i would not be telling anyone this for obvious reasons.Secrets are okay in my book for certain obvious reasons , but secrets for the sake of being classified for silly reasons because someone says so without consultation not in my book for obvious reasons.When something remains classified for the likes of 70 years but at that time the classified item was classified because the time was not right for that item to come out into the domain of say 1947.”

“I can agree on that , but what annoyed me working in Area51 as a consultant only i did not like an item classified top secret for an unknown period of time.I could not see what Aquarius umbrella was getting from this being classified for so long.So one day in the late 80s i told a certain official inside Area51 that one day with the advent of computers someone would manage to communicate with others world wide through telephone cables and many secrets would be in the open domain.Then what would happen?.His answer to this what makes you think we have not planned for this day in the future.”

“So i said what you already know this will happen.Yes he told me we new this was going happen way back in the 50s.So certain groups inside Aquarius planed this in advance in the 50s.So i told him what would happen if the peoples united states government ask to many questions about Area 51 and what goes on there and all the other underground sites worldwide.His answer nothing all they think it only another military site run by the pentagon.This is were he joked about it.We only tell them what we tell them this goes for you to if you happen in the future to be questioned about your role.”

“So the senate security or the pentagon or any of the other agencies if they ask me to come to Washington i have to.Yes but do not worry we will be there for guidance just follow the procedure and answer the questions that they say .Your N security code makes you exempted from any question they ask you if you do not want to answer your covered from any angle.So what if in the future i speak my mind over certain things i worked on in Area51 to the likes of reporters etc etc then what.Past a certain age we would not bother and anyway we are covered.Remember you come to us to work you had not been forced to be a consultant to Area51 Lockheed put you and your wife in touch with us we are now your parents and you signed the forms to a new life with all the benefits of a new identity etc etc So whatever you say we we do not know you , just like Bob lazar etc etc.It was your choice.”

“So i have to live with it all my life now.I do not see many years to go now being 92 years old and my wife the same age.Maybe i will reach my 100th birthday i hope so but if my wife goes before me i will not be long after her.I have made plans for this day long ago.Everything as been taken care of in my will and my secret classified book which will come out in due time.I have had a good life in America with the ups and downs of work.Been interesting especially the Roswell craft and the future star ships that are still getting built underground.Pity me and my wife will not be going to the stars in them.But we might be there before them ha ha ha.”

“The future star ships have the technology of Roswell built into them and a mixture of others to.Nano technology was interesting to see in the craft for the first time also the advanced quantum computer which controlled everything inside it.This was put into the star ships worldwide under construction and other concepts.The beauty about the craft in 1947 was the construction and fully self replicating life form it was made from.The German version must have been similar looking at my data on it.As we could no longer fly the Roswell craft only by retro fitting other stuff in it it was not used but modified into other crafts , with other variations .In other terms a cybernetic Biomorphic living craft just like the life forms within it.I think the real target was the open ocean for it for obvious reasons.”

“My data suggests this craft had been coming to Earth for thousands of years.But this time it crashed so like the German version but without the like forms , which makes me think in spiral nodes ha ha.”

“So we now look at Area51 in more detail.Only certain things i can say about this site due to my classification code N- MJ12.The base is expanding underground and the area is vast stretching all over Nevada underground.I arrived there in 1951 with my wife me only as a consultant part time and my wife full time scientist there and the other base in New Mexico Dulce underground.So we had a busy life and the only day off was Sunday.”

“Area51 better understood as a SM1 base and Dulce as a BM1 base i have no idea why this was told to me on arrival there but now i do.What it stands for is SM1 = security military complex code 1 and BM1 = Biological military complex code 1.The code system refers to MJ12 security level. As code 1 the highest level in majestic 12 , for that typical area. So how does the workers get there?.In my case underground train and jet from Lockheed or Northrop depends on that day.Other workers from Nevada by plane or bus.My wife also and Dulce.”

“Train is better because you can get right up to the facility underground near to my section then you only have to walk 100 yards to the lift that takes you further underground to most of the sections that i worked in.If i wanted to go into other sections then i would need the train again , which does not take long because they are smaller types and need less space compared to the large mag lifts that cross the country of America up to Canada and down to Mexico.”

Question: “Do you know anything about 9/11? And can you tell me everything you know about the ET's, or at least everything you can talk about?”


“Yes and yes on both. So we see Area51 holds 25 levels underground. Area 52 = 20 levels Area53=20 levels.And Area54 to 58 which are part of S5toS8 have about 20 levels each.Each one can be inter linked to each other by Tunnels underground for access to all of the other levels within the complex.S4 also but smaller with only 12 levels. Most levels are about 1000 feet deep and about 4miles wide some vary to about 10 miles long 4/6 miles wide.Other levels are 2000 feet deep to 8000 feet deep and the other types up to 25000 feet deep so it varies from the lowest level of 1000 feet deep to the largest at 25000 feet deep.And to get around the labyrinth underground your allocated a golf type buggy.”

“And each sector you go through a security allocation code that you must carry all the time around your neck on a chain.Each time you cross through one sector to another you insert your card into a security code voice activate modular system computer that scans your voice finger print and eye which is on your card.A newer system was going to be employed in 1998 but never happened it may be now.This was going to be involved with a blood sample on the card D N A to see who you are.Everything located in a main frame system in Area51 of every worker there and who they are and level security they hold.Being an N code MJ12 clearance that i was i had access to all levels as N code is the highest you can have in groom lake.Dulce have similar but the codes are unusual ,but follow the same pattern i will talk later on that if i can blank some parts of my mind he he.”

“So with this system you do not need armed security guards everywhere that make the workers uneasy except on the main entrance of the levels , when you pass through after that you use your pass card to every unit /door.Cameras are in every hall way but not in units for obvious reasons.So you are in a relax mode so you can get on with what your doing without watching for cameras over your shoulders.This technology been out for 60 years i have known it.Again another development of Area51.For the first time you start there you would think , you where in the 25th century and sometimes i think i was looking at it everything looks like it in a spiral format.The funny part must be the little girl dressed like Alice in wonderland with a white rabbit when she greets you for the first time on arrival.”

“Golf type buggy located with own drivers so you jump on the back and they take you to where your going.And there lots of buggies some without drivers so you have trains buggies big and small and you can walk around as well.You do not have to take the buggies or trains you can walk but only 1 mile after that no way to long quicker by them.So we have a small girl with a 5 foot rabbit all white.Yes a 5 foot rabbit i was shocked on my visit first.I know you could breed 4 foot ones but not 5 foot ones and my wife tells me you can breed 7 foot ones again from Dulce.You can touch them because they are docile.Bio engineering more advanced than you can imagine.The girl not human i could tell that straightaway from day one.”

“A very advanced semi synthetic biological cyborg life form similar to the TR3B version pilot and many others i worked with on and with. A product from Roswell? If she walked down a street in say Las Vegas you would not know she was not human unless she happened to get cut on her arm etc etc.And you do not see normal blood but i would say she was 90 percent perfect human.”

Question: “Thanks for the info! But you didn't answer my question about the ET's and 9/11…? Do you know the truth about 9/11? If so what is it?”


“9/11 what do you think it was really about.Now i must point out this was not the government i worked for.Because there is no point to justify it by them.Alien life forms on planet earth.Yes of course they have been visiting planet earth for thousands of years.Humans did not belong here they were created and introduced here 500.000 years ago as a cross species so i have been told from inside Area51.The ancients created humans and everything else you see today on earth.In other words this planet becomes a zoo.Other alien lifeforms arrive and some just pass through collecting samples etc etc.Roswell was the typical one as so many are over the decades.”

“Now we come to the Aurora program.Which was set up by several groups working inside Area51 and other underground sites world wide.This program was started in the 1930s some say before that date but my data suggests 1930.The program was started outside of Area51 in New Mexico and in the pacific rim undersea and remote islands but sure where.I also have data in the Atlantic ocean north pole and south pole.So confusing even at my age 92 to keep tracks.Again another crazy security classification codes are used in this program as well. Wikileaks have several of my statements regarding Aurora.Anyway lets look at Area51.Everything as been classified but i will talk about some which are on the border line for obvious reasons.”

“My involvement on Aurora program was a consultant mainly on Aircraft design material technology advanced systems.My wife was in biological aspects in Aircraft saucer craft exotic materials robotics etc etc.Aurora program consists of quite a lot of programs not just Aircraft. But on unusual crafts that can ride into space and under water and other unusual stuff.Solely designed for the 21st/ 25th century.Most of the budget goes on this program but not from the united states government.$20 billion a month just at Area51 alone.$100s billions world wide.2060 will be the final phase of Aurora at Area51 after that the crafts will have to leave earth with no coming back.So i think they will have to park in orbit for final fitments etc etc.And the destination program will be phased in.”

“Dulce underground base>.A S1/SUB facility in New Mexico Which also includes many other sites in the area. Including Taos and the ringing bell.I never worked there but my wife did on Friday and Saturday every week since 1953.She had to stay there then take the underground train back from there to Area51 on Saturday night at midnight then collect another train from Area51 to Lockheed martin facility and get driven back to our house.So the full week we only had Sunday off.Long hours for both.She also worked the rest of the week at Area51 and Wednesday at Lockheed.So it was a busy schedule in the week.And yes we did have holidays usually in June and November every year for 3 weeks.”

“I was a consultant at Area51 from Monday to Thursday.And Friday to Saturday at Lockheed.So we bumped into each other on those other days there.If it was late at night at Area51 i never got home so i had a room there.Sometimes the underground train was not running on time typical ha ha , so i had to stay there.Otherwise the company would put on a lear jet aircraft to pick me up from Area51 at night time and fly me back to Lockheed.Dulce had no such luck it had to be underground train or saucer facility.Yes she had to get into a saucer craft and fly back to Area51 at night time.Loved to have seen it he he but never did.”

Question: “hmm... i can believe all the sheet u say about aliens and stuff but... u 92 years old? i dont know if u really worked on area 51 but u seem to know much true things... however it is u seems to b well informed. area 51 or no. can u tell me if alien who look like humans travel to countries that r not usa?”


“So we now see you tube putting out more TR3B sightings all over the world?.I find this funny in many areas.One because i know the facts and two i designed the craft with my small team of people inside the black world.I do admit we had some help with them from our small friends on certain aspects of it.But not all of it.I was still given full access to explore my mind with design and propulsion design function etc etc.My wife also worked on both of the TR3Bs.”

“Mainly in the bio engineering process of it and material process.I can not get into the function process of it for obvious reasons being a classified program.But you tube made my life easy on it ha ha ha.So everyone understands how it works ha ha ha sure they do.What makes me laugh about the video clips are the many sightings today, when i know it does not fly now for obvious reasons.A series of others have taken the place from the TR3B. And the funny thing about them they can not be seen by the public in the sky day or night unless the system decloaks itself. Which it as to in certain areas.”

“And they are only the tip of the iceberg what we really have in the black world..I remember just after the so called 1969 moon landings.We had to send a TR3B to investigate if NASA really went to the moon in 1969.After that the TR3B went to the moon to survey the site the so called module landed and found nothing no flag etc etc on the moon surface.Our conclusion was right.No human got there before we did.But like NASA we left them use deception to make the public happy and to believe in the event at that time.I argued at that time , but like any scientist working in the black world i was overruled.I was told let the people think America landed a man on the moon in 1969.It will give them in the future something to ponder over if the idiots open they minds, they will see through it.”

“Who his Aquarius Umbrella corporation?A good question with many answers to puzzle over.I can tell you something about it but not the true origin because it is complicated and you would not understand.What i can tell you is they employed me and my wife also in the past my mother and father.Being German in origin i will let you think who they are?.”

“BENTWATERS U F O in Suffolk 1980.Was it Alien in origin or not?.Not really .It was a program with me and my team in the picture frame on it.In other words a joint program inside Area51 where the craft was built by me and my team to investigate the Air Defense of the united kingdom and the outcome from the united states Air force base in Suffolk England.The result was interesting on my point of view.”

“Film footage and pictures of unusual flying crafts u f os from the 50/60 70 80era are better than recent rubbish for obvious reasons.”

“How many people on Youtube believe that man walked on the moon? If you are one of them, then you need help right now by a good quality doctor. If you do not believe in the moon missions in 1969, then very good for you, because you have woken up out of the dream that many idiots are in - still today, regarding the moon landings, they still believe what the United States government/NASA tells them it was a real event. How funny”.

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