Conspiracy Encylpadia

by Crigitine on December 23rd, 2014

For those that like to read....a lot.

There is a lot of information, all of which ofcourse is meant to be taken with a grain of salt.

To navigate it, when you scroll down to the bottom and look to the bottom right there are more topics there to read through.

There are a lot of links and things to read and or make of what you will, I'll occasionally pull things from it but ultimately if you're looking for information..hey..theres some. Navigating it takes some getting use to but I find a lot of interesting things. Ofcourse...its the internet and I'm sure not every little detail is there or accurate but it's a good general idea of things

Good to see everyone is doing well.

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bluesbaby5050: It's been a while since you were on TC Crigitine.....

It's good to see you back again after your long absence, and to share your links with us, thank you :)

Tarheel: There's been a TR sighting!

He must be drinking or maybe looking to blow off some steam.

Happy Holidays, TR. What did you get me?

Peace on Ea, Good Will towards humanity.

Crigitine: Heh, I had a few drinks yes.

Heh, I had a few drinks yes. But I'm here to learn again. I'm in a better place now, provided we dont go to war with Korea. It feels a little different when they are right over the fence instead of miles away.

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