Connecting To Your Higher Self And BEYOND

Deep within the conscious knowing, that point of awareness which is in the nucleus of the pearl, the soul is aware of its tenuousness and of the temporal nature of all aspects of selfhood that is realized in the planes of Mater. And thus the yearning of the soul for freedom-freedom to create, freedom to express, freedom to the truth-reaches a mounting crescendo, an orchestrated movement wherein all of the energies of life vested in that soul potential move with the primal spiritual urge. For the soul knows that the preservation of its life can occur only in the union of the soul with the spirit, the I AM Presence. the quest for God on earth is the quest of the soul in search of that permanent identity that can be realized only in the presence of the living God. Through the Alchemical marriage the soul becomes a permanent atom in the body of God. And the laws of decay, and death and disintegration of the soul itself no longer apply; for the soul that was corruptible has put on incorruption, and immortality is the sealing of mortality as the place where evil dwells. The first step in the Alchemical marriage is the rising of the primal essence of Mother life from the base of the spine chakra to the level of the seat of the soul. The rising of the serpent, the Kundalini energies. In this action the soul, as the negative polarity of being, increases its awareness of self to the level of awareness of being Mother. The Ritual of the Alchemical Union: And thus the way back Home is found as the soul listens to the call of the Mother to her to her song, and her whistle, her lullaby and her discipline. Having descended to the farthest descent in the densification of God's energy, the soul experiences God as Mother, and the twain rise to the center where God's energy in motion is victory of peace and a flaming sword. Here in the solar Plexus God's desiring to be creator and creativity is found to be the impetus of striving. And with a mighty heave and a ho, and a laughter and here you go, soul in the mantle of the Mother reaches the plane of the Christ, adoring the flame of God as threefold wonder anchored in the heart, Mother and Son and a new dimension of life begun. Where as it is written, the soul that sinneth, it shall die, it is also written, the soul that winneth, it shall fly, soaring sunward to the fiery core of the heart's universal store, as the pearled one is attired in the all transforming fires. And the transfiguration is the mark of the rising soul clothed upon with the raiment of the Mother to the plane of the heart where the fire of the earth and the fire of heaven meet. Here the union of the triangles of all the chakras is found to be the twenty-four as each star of victory reveals a point of identity on the cosmic clock of the Alpha and the Omega. In the transfiguration the whirling stars of victory, reality, fulfillment, vision, and peace, release the energy for transformation of every particle of selfhood, every nook and cranny of the four lower bodies; and the life below is imbued with life above. At last the soul has found the plane of oneness, no more to go the round of the toilers, and the spoilers, the soul confirms the equality of the Christ-conformity. Now the Mother Goddess, Flame of Life, with the threefold essence of the Son, escorts the bride, the glowing one, to the upper planes of Spirit; and the fire infolding itself draws into the pearl and into the scared whirl, the weavings of the Word and of every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God. Rising to the vision of the whole of creation, the precession becomes the ritual of the sphere reentering the seed and the molecule of life. And all at once freedom from all strife! Mother, Son, and soul find the oneness of the whole in the thousand-petaled lotus of the mind of God. Our Father, our Father, we are one in the petaled rays of flaming yod! AUM-AUM-AUM! Now the trinity of Holy Family, Father, Mother, and the scared Son, merges with the soul to make it whole: This is the promise and the goal, at this very moment the moment of the homing, The Holy Spirit sparked in the union of The Father-Mother attends the temple and the altar, and a flame rises in the heart to ignite the whole with the Afflatus of the Oversoul. I have painted for you with the words and the frequencies of my love the image of the ritual of the rising of the Mother in the soul and the upward flow of the caduceus spirals. The ritual of the alchemical union as it is reenacted here on earth takes place in the manner described. But, the ultimate release of the soul from the mortal coil occurs when the soul as a full complement of God takes flight and the jewel in the heart of the lotus is released unto the ever lasting arms of the I AM PRESENCE. And all of the modes of identity, aspects of selfhood ,vehicles for the soul's expression in the various dimensions of Matter and of Spirit, converge at a point of spiritual cognition that has been termed, the I AM Presence. And at the moment when in ceremonial rite the Christ Self gives the bride of the soul to the bridegroom of the Spirit, the words are spoken, They are no more twain, but One. This is being Androgynous, being fulfilled, being God-Willed in the wholeness of union of the twin flames that converge as the I AM Presence of each of the souls that have issued forth from the Divine Monad.

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bluesbaby5050: As you can read in the above post.........

I did not leave out any of the big words in explaining what , and how to connect to your Higher Self. I used them the best I could to explain what is not very easy to explain. I hope you enjoyed reading my post. I know it was at length, but sometimes it is of the utmost importance that I do so. Peace, and Love to you all. BB5050.

Tim Lovell: very nice and descriptive

very nice and descriptive post BB you could be like Barbara ann Brennan! hehe the seat of the soul or the tan tien as she calls it , also the mighty IAM Prescance that's Joshua Stone hmm he though even died like a normal man eventually of liver cancer he learned a tough leason on his death btw that he devoted his entire life to a lie (not that everything he tought was wrong) but that it amounted to nothing it was very painfull to him on his death so that is also one thing to remember ...

Tim Lovell: hmm talking about cancer I

hmm talking about cancer I have brain cancer an Anaplastic astrocytoma (grade 3) so that's uncurable heh but its ok they gave me the 6 weeks radiotherapy that's all they can do and removed the main tumor by surgery all scans so far have been clear so lets hope it dosent come back :) remember guys life is passing make the most of it and do not waste it huh! :)

bluesbaby5050: Tim.............

Thank you Tim. About your brain cancer.......I had read that when a person has cancer of the brain (cancer is a fungus by nature, and this is why it consumes an area where it locates from, eventually spreading to other areas ) when it locates there, it is because that person has an un-resolved situation that has happened in a past life, and that it cancer can also be cured completely when that person has confronted what ever that situation was that gave him the cancer in the first place. This is lays deep into the sub-concious mind. Radiation therapy is not the way to go with this. That alone could kill you fast! You need to ask your spiritual guides in meditation for them to reveal to you what the situation was that caused you to have the cancer appear to you in this life. They may show you the reason while you are in the sleeping state. Ask them to show you this then, if you would prefer. Also, ask to remember it with clarity. There is an old saying about cancer, and it goes like this..... WHAT IS EATING AT YOU TO MAKE THIS APPEAR TO YOU IN THE PHYSICAL BODY? Cancer eats at you! as I said before, Cancer is a FUNGUS. Update me when you find out. I care. It does not need to be addressed in the forum if you so choose.

bluesbaby5050: Most dis-eases are karmic ..........

And they will appear to a person at a certain time in their life when they are strong enough to deal with it. The physical body which is the DENSEST part of all your bodies is when they are most likely to first appear. There are lessons to be learned from them. When a person ignores the cause they will come back, and get worse until the person deals with the under-lying cause. And some are mad-made! This is also from a karmic point, because it does not matter if you caused it ( the problem) or the government caused it to happen. It will happen when people give their power away to others, whether it is a conscious knowing, or they weren't aware that they were doing it. When a person is in-active and ignores what is happening to the planet as a whole, or even parts of it then this is a karmic effect coming back to you, to force you to take notice, and to do your best to make it change, It does not have to be on a monumental scale to be done. Any effort is better then doing nothing. This is just one example here to give you an idea how this works.

bluesbaby5050: Dis-eases also effect the people in one's life because .......

They are there and having to deal with the disease of the said person. There are also many lessons that they agreed to learn ( before incarnation) during the situation as well. People have Karmic ties, and together or separated they all will learn their lessons. There is single karma, and then there is relationship karma, and then there is group karma, such as families, and then there is regional planetary people karma, such as the middle east. There is payback karma too. And to surprise you even further, there is good karma, as in good deeds.

Tim Lovell: yes I am pretty sure my tumor

yes I am pretty sure my tumor was caused by the people out in the desert in the us they tried to activate the part of the brain that activates in the people with the bloodline as an experiment but as I don't have the bloodline part of the brain all it did was cause a tumor I know it was them as I have seen it remote viewing like they did to me but its ok I forgive them but they will have to repay for it in future so ..I know I didn't agree to have cancer in this life .

bluesbaby5050: The people out in the U.S. desert?

About what time of the year was this at? Was it a native Indian tribe? What race? And what part of the brain? I am just curious. Humor me please.This is very interesting to me. Thanks.

bluesbaby5050: I meant to ask.......

What year was this done to you?

Tim Lovell: I meant the guys out at S-4

I meant the guys out at S-4 or area51 :) also I got diagnosed last year on the opening day of the Olympics but of course it had been growing for a time before that so I don't know wxactly when it started , it is in the right side looking forward temporal/periatal lobe.

bluesbaby5050: So your telling me that you have had 2 incarnations that......

Are CLOSE together, and this is how you are also able to remember them so clearly. Ok now. And your in your 30's now. So you had reincarnated very fast, and you really didn't have much time to rest in between lives. Usually on the average ,a person will rest, and study and wait for about 75 years before they take another incarnation again. You waited only a short amount of time. You were aware that you would be facing this, and you wanted to get it over with as soon as possible. Love was YOUR KEY to resolve this , and you knew this, and then you had to be tested in the physical realm. You should not have anymore problems if you consciously remembered your way to cure this, as you learned this while on the other side.

Tim Lovell: well I remember my last life

well I remember my last life was in around 1910 so yes not long back really I was a woman in this life the only one in this cycle so far rest have all been as a male and I smoked a lot and eventually died of lung cancer it was very nasty death I remember being yellow all over felling saturated with the poisons of tobacco so very sick and slowly suffocating as my breaths got shorter and shorter it was unpleasant to say the least but I only have vague memories of this incarnation I remember more of the one b4 the French life I told about before this was back in 1645 so their was a long gap between this and my last life then a short gap between that and this one I guess I wanted to be on the planet for the shift :) but I know I didn't choose to have cancer this time as I died of it in the last life it was the interfereance of the americans at area 51 experimenting on me and I know this I know when they realised they gave me cancer they were sry but they thought no one will ever know it was them as they are completely secret etc but I know and so does karma :)

bluesbaby5050: This was very ,very interesting to read about Tim.....

Sometimes people will have a carry over of an illness that was very bad, especially when we are the cause of it, and then it takes our life, which is a gift from the Holy Spirit. Substance abuse in many forms, and even by food is bad, like heart attacks that become fatal from the extra amounts of weight, and stress that people put on their lungs, and their hearts, that is a muscle that works very hard to pump all that blood to all those huge areas in that big body to remind healthy, and alive. And many people smoke on top of that too! Many people still are abusing their bodies in many ways, that is a precious gift of life given to them out of love.

bluesbaby5050: I wish you all the best Tim............

Your last life was a hard one, especially for a female during those hard times she had to live in back then, at the turn of the Last century (early 1900's on). A Smoking LADY was almost unheard off back then, because a woman had to behave, and act according to those times. Men, and woman had a different set of behavioral standards back then. And as usual the woman was always held back. (THE GODDESS).

Tim Lovell: yes the very smell of

yes the very smell of tobbacoo smoke makes me sick I cant stand it :) luckily it put me off smoking forever tho hehe

bluesbaby5050: Great to know this Tim...........

I don't smoke either. I hate the smell, and I don't allow it in my house. People have to take it outside, and away from my windows to smoke if they choose to while visiting me. You got that one beat Tim! Power of the mind, and over matter is the goal while in the physical body.

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