The Concsious connection bettwen of the human mind to god.

here article i decided to write in google docs in hebrew and i translated it in google translate for you.
i hope you get insights.
The conscious connection between the human mind of man and God.
Have you ever thought about how many times? You once felt a white light bulb in your brain suddenly light up
And you had a moment of ah !! Eureka !! I have an idea!!.
So that's it I thought about it a few times and came to the conclusion that these are not cases where we are in deep thinking or overthinking.
There is a good reason for this that we suddenly get a muse or a state of enlightenment in the brain.
Suddenly the activity in the brain becomes increased and the brain warms up right? From this I understand that the brain itself does not just reach high activity or even overactivity.
I several times would have thought it was no coincidence that it would happen by itself there must be a logical reason why the brain would reach high activity. Or you suddenly had an idea in your mind. It's not for nothing
I believe that all the processes that give rise to an idea or enlightenment within the mind stem from a connection to God.
Some of us were privileged to open the crown chakra and have the privilege of reaching a conscious connection with God.
I mean God and creation itself are the source of all our ideas. Any idea ever thought of by the great geniuses like Orando de Vinci and Tesla is likely to have been intentionally given to God.
I believe in my belief that God does not just plant ideas in our minds.
The ideas are actually God's gift to the world.
Sometimes God wants to give us the divine knowledge and the knowledge that comes straight from the higher worlds into the depths of the mind. And we are not even aware of it. When God plants an idea within our minds He is trying to shape our future for the better. It means he is directing us all to a certain goal. And this goal is to return to the consciousness of God the same consciousness that we call the consciousness of oneness one consciousness all the ideas and directions that God is doing is part of his great plan to bring humanity back into God's bosom. I mean it is God's will that we connect to Him again.
I for one always resisted and ran away from God at the end realizing that there was no point in running away from him because he always wanted you to be by his side. It just shows how much God loves us and thinks of us too that he knows we are suffering and bad for us in life.
At first I did not understand the essence of good and evil and human suffering at the end I realized that this is all part of God's plan to take humanity to its full potential.
Therefore you will know an important thing. If God is planting ideas in your head do not be afraid do not resist just flow in love with God. You will receive everything with love because God knows what is good for you and He knows which path is best for you.
I have resisted long enough to realize that there is no point in resisting God. If you resist it will only get worse and you will only get worse.
So as you stop resisting and flowing and cooperating with God you will see that in the end it will do you good.
Believe me it took me a long time in the end to realize that all in all God wants for our personal and collective benefit.
So say thank you to God every time you get inspired by a muse idea that suddenly your mind shines with a lot of light.

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