by Silenci030310 on January 29th, 2013

The Truth of the Matter

Over the course of several weeks,I have pondered the fact that the statement by members of the religious teachers of today: Christian, Muslim and Jewish,is that their god created “all things in his image and likeness”. This was of course revealed by scholars to be a play on words. What I mean by this is the fact that the real and original Sumerian text reads WE have created man in OUR image,plural not singular. This is because the Anunaki: literally translated “those from whom heaven came” is the real translation. Although this is another example of how those that have taken the truth and twisted it to fit their invention,it is not the main point of this letter. Let’s take it as it has been twisted to see the flaw of the concept in the very first book of Genesis. Let’s look at the logic of the statement that all things were created in the image of their god. If this is so,and he created Lucifer as stated in the Bible,as his most perfect angel,and by the story,mutated into a horrible monster that hated his very creator,would it not be logical,that when this god created Lucifer,he would have known before even creating Lucifer,that he would do this! In the literal understanding of the Bible,all things being in the image of this god,then it is absolutely impossible to get away from the fact that the god of the Bible would have had to of had this hideous evil in HIM to have been able to have created something even with the potential of becoming what Lucifer becomes in the Bible! It is impossible to deny! In the literal understanding of the Biblical text,and accepting the logic of the writers, it would not have been possible for evil to exist if it did not exist FIRST in the embodiment of the creator himself! If the teachers of the Bible accept the creation story as modified and altered by the writer or writers of Genesis,then they would HAVE to accept that this god actually took the monster out of himself and put it in his most perfect creation in order to get it out of himself! There is a “Star Trek: The Next Generation” episode that would actually mirror this concept. In the episode,and alien race removed everything imperfect within themselves and dumped it on a planet with only the basic life forms. Because this mass was part of the very nature of the alien race,it had a life force and became conscience. It had no choice but to be full of hate and pain because it was everything imperfect in the alien race that left it there. It was a victim and it was aware of that fact. It was everything disgusting in the eyes of the alien race that created it and in and of itself,it did nothing wrong. This is the episode where Tasha Yar was killed by the creature and Worf became the security commander of the . It may seem strange that I compare the two stories,but look at the similarities. The only difference is that the Star Trek episode actually makes logical sense! According to Genesis though,a perfect being became imperfect by his very nature! This is not possible in any reality! So what are we to conclude? There is only one of two possibilities. The first possibility is the real one: that the Bible was written not by an all loving god,because an all loving god would be incapable of creating anything capable of this transformation,and the Bible is an edited, altered and highly flawed forgery of the true Sumerian text. The second possibility is that this god actually saw the monster inside of himself and did the exact thing that the alien race did in the Star Trek episode: created a life form and dumped this horrible tendency into his own creation to save himself. In doing this,he would have created a life form that was infected with his own madness and has used him for a “scapegoat” for everything that has ever gone wrong in the history of creation! To accept this,would mean that the god described in the Bible has actually waged war on the part of himself that he was unwilling to accept as a part of himself,and so decided to take it out of himself in order to point his finger and say,in effect “it isn’t me doing all this,it’s HIM”. What kind of monster is capable of something like this? There is no way around one of these two possibilities being the only solution. Now we are left with a decision,either god is a monster who has waged war against his own nature by removing from himself in order to make himself look innocent,and we accept this,or we accept the first and true scenario that no matter how long it has gone on,the lie is revealed and TRUE understanding can begin,or more accurately, continue after four thousand years of deception and hundreds of millions vilified and killed in the most ingenious of ways.

It is just like the Yin and Yang. It is NOT a symbol of conflict,but a symbol that represents the fact that without the one,the other could not exist. Not only do they exist side by side,but they both contain the other.

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