"Concept of Deity” by Dr. John Henrik Clarke

by Silenci030310 on February 1st, 2014

To hold a people in oppression you have to convince them first that they are supposed to be oppressed.

When the European comes to a country, the first thing he does is to laugh at your God and your God concept. And the next thing is to make you laugh at your own God concept. Then he don't have to build no jails for you then, cause he's got you in a jail more binding than iron can ever put you.

Anytime you turn on your own concept of God, you are no longer a free man. No one needs to put chains on your body, because the chains are on your mind.

Anytime someone say's your God is ugly and you release your God and join their God, there is no hope for your freedom until you once more believe in your own concept of the "deity."

And that's how we're trapped. We have been educated into believing someone else's concept of the deity, and someone else's standard of beauty. You have the right to practice any religion and politics in a way that best suits your freedom, your dignity, and your understanding. And once you do that, you don't apologize.

Nothing the European mind ever devised was meant to do anything but to facilitate the European's control over the world. Anything that you get from Europe that you are going to use for yourself, remake it to suit yourself.

Where did we go wrong educationally? After the Civil War, the period called reconstruction, a period of pseudo-democracy, we began to have our own institutions, our own schools. We had no role model for a school... our own role model. So we began to imitate White schools.

Our church was an imitation of the White church. All we did is to modify the old trap. We didn't change the images, we became more comfortable within the trap. We didn't change the images, we changed some of the concepts of the images, but the images remained the same. So the mis-education that gave us a slave mentality had been altered. But it remained basically the same.

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obsrvantlouie: The indoctrination

of and by the religious sects of this world, have been and are in place to confuse and more imortantly to divide. By setting up "deity against deity" fears, jelousies and hatred are bound to spread through ignorant tongues who haven't taken to time to analyze and question their own faith. By providing "some" truths...IN ALL types of religions....headless chickens feel they are in the right to "be-lie-ve" their God to be superior. More specifically, it is the "blind belief" in deity that is the root of the problem. It is the lack of "questioning" self actions and thoughts...and the lack of questioning actions and thoughts of "leaders" that branch into hatred and war. Further leading to division amonst races.

It is the individuals fault for falling for the snake-oil salesmans bullshit.

dvogel: The same happened to

The rest of the Europeans when the Romans/Holy Roman Empire came and invaded. If you didn't believe their version you would be decapitated.

Silenci030310: Thats what happen mexico to,

Thats what happen mexico to, they invaded and force the indians to be catholic too. I was born catholic but i had a hard time believing there beliefs.

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