Compassion is not Weakness

Compassion, tolerance and kindness are not signs of weakness. In fact, they are signs of an open heart, love and STRENGTH. Conversely, those who lack these traits are often conflicted, confused and frustrated with their lives.

When we treat others with compassion, we not only share our love in an effort to help another, we strengthen our own souls and become even more open to receiving universal light. When we are not compassionate, but instead intentionally evil toward someone who is in pain...our soul becomes stained and hardened. Our progress, learning and growth process is retarded...and in most cases...reversed.

If you are with me so far, please understand the differences between these responses to someone who is in pain and suffering:

SYMPATHY: Observing and understanding another's pain and suffering.

EMPATHY: Observing and understanding another's pain and suffering, but it resonates with you because you have had the same or similar experience in your life.

COMPASSION: Observing and understanding another's pain and suffering, but with a genuine desire to help and alleviate another's pain and suffering.

When I can, I choose compassion. Sympathy really does not help either party. Empathy can result in the transference of the pain and suffering you are trying to help resolve. Everyone needs help from time to time, so don't forget how powerful and long lasting karma can be. Karma is a force that cannot be sidestepped.

Be powerful, strong, determined and free...while simultaneously being understanding, compassionate, tolerant and kind to others. It is possible.

"The art of peace is based on four great virtues: Bravery, Wisdom, Love and Friendship, symbolized by Fire, Heaven, Earth and Water". - Morihei Ueshiba.

My path is about learning, growth and sharing. Your thoughts are welcome. Love and Light

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bluesbaby5050: Campassion is a VIRTUE!

A person needs to understand what compassion is. Compassion is needed to understand Humanity.The Main component is LOVE! Negative ET's do NOT USE Compassion. Learn to THINK with/from Your Hearts!

Tarheel: Yet ANOTHER great post, Starperson.

I would put this in the "Nurturance of Life" category, closely RELATED TO & ALIGNED WITH the ability to "see the divine in all".

Follow it up with a dish of gratitude and you have the ingredients for Life's triumvirate.

fluxed: Evolution exhibits

Evolution exhibits opportunity, considerate, technical, compact, inclusive, supportive, ordered, stability, love ,peace, harmony, pretty, perception,
protection and to refine solutions, with millions of years.

Nature is subject to the law(s) of evolution.

On this world, humans and more, those in power / positions of leadership,
exhibit the opposite and go against the grain of their own evolution.
Out of greed and being DRIVEN.

Wealth is another word for greed. It is an alias to greed.

The less greed , the more compassion.

LoveTruthPeace: thank you

starperson thank you so much for your post. This has been something I have been struggling with very recently and finding this post out of nowhere is to me a sign from God. I used to always think of my Love as a curse and recently had conflict within myself because I felt like I was too nice to people. Even when I knew someone was using me or exploiting me, I found myself unable to "be mean" and even when I did do something to someone out of revenge I always felt so guilt striken and remorseful. I started to wonder if maybe I should just become a mean person and do to others what they have always done to me, but I knew deep down I could never be that way. So I started thinking of my Love as a blessing and only a curse because it's nearly impossible to live a life of love in a world full of hate. This is just more reassurance to me that God is still listening and that I made the right choice to stick with my Love. Always Love Truth and Peace to you.

Tarheel: Love is THE most powerful force in the multiverse.

Never think you're cursed by Love. It cannot happen.
I, myself, am a hopeless romantic. But, there are reasons for it that I shouldn't delve into at this juncture.

Here's a saying of mine- "True love is unconditional, and it is rarely found. Most people NEVER experience it, and the rest don't know what it is."

Starperson: Your love is a blessing, embrace it

Love will be a source of strength for you on your journey. Always listen to, and speak from your heart, and your will path will become clearer and brighter. Thank you for sharing your kind words.

Tarheel: TRUE LOVE knows no boundaries....

True love knows no boundaries and is therefore unconditional.

I submit to you that when TRUE love is found, "deus ex machina" (God made it happen).

Starperson: Man, I don't like to

Man, I don't like to bump my own post, but in this case I am making an exception. At least four posts in the past couple of weeks are from members who are taking on the pain of others (human and non-human) into their hearts and souls.

While Empathy is an admirable trait, it can cause so many problems with your physical, mental and spiritual well-being and growth.

I started to write a comment for your post moonsstar, but I realized a wise man (please smile) had already posted my thoughts.

Life IS about passion. Always follow yours with the guidance of you heart and intuition. To help avoid attracting and accepting another's pain and negative energy, I suggest you choose Compassion over empathy and sympathy.

I hope this resonates with someone here. Love and light to you all. No more bumping myself :)

obsrvantlouie: Star ima have to

Start digging through your older posts; as you offer genuine, truthful and spiritually inspiring posts. This is well written and enough cannot be said on this matter....this is a huge obstacle people face today. In order to advance spiritually, it's not enough to just "open" the heart but to develop the ability to listen to it and incorporate compassion as you've stated above.

This is why corporations and infomercials try to "play on the heart strings"...hoping that if they are successful in dropping a person DOWN from compassion to sympathy..the person will then feel sorry enough to be persuaded to by their product...let alone the subliminal and symbol literacy the infomercial "likely" had already employed.

Great post

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