Commercial / Federal Holidays & association to religion

by freedmftr88 on September 16th, 2018

Maybe it's time to play killjoy Scrooge and expose the truth on Holidays eh ? Since Holiday season is indeed coming. Which makes me question , why are they usually cauterized together in certain parts of the year ?

Also if you take a look , any day can be a holiday. Anyone can come up with their own. But some are more commercized and popular than others.

I have to say that part of me is a sucker for commercial holidays as well as friends of mine just because pure and simple "It's Fun " .
However on the other part of me , I question why is it so popular in the first place ? They have their religious and or government roots in it , so therefore I'm starting to become a little bit suspicious if there's something going on that most don't know about.
For example Halloween , the more I study about the spirit world , Government hierarchy and The New World Order , etc
it really goes to show just how less scary and creepy the holiday is so maybe the truth is more fun ? It has to do with becoming more intellectual seeing what's behind the curtain of truth I suppose.

It seems like holidays go from religious ( and or government ) to commercial, yet it has this "Fun" hook , line and sinker which gets people's attention. Maybe it has something to do with the capitalism promoting of it.

Would that be kind of dangerous ? And now I'm starting to think how children's toys can be a form of brainwashing.

I don't know , is there a hidden agenda behind all of this ? Of course, Government based holidays remind people to be more patriotic or people won't like them ( perhaps that kind of brainwashing ( * I'm an anarchist by the way * ) .

But what about most of them that are celebrated internationally, most are pretty much religious to commercial.

Some seem to fail in terms of turning people into Christians like Halloween because there are people who are into Horror. However does it make people more conforming to duality ? Like Evil is evil just because they are evil without questioning the why and doing research on all the intellectual factors like psychology , etc ?
( * relating I have been talking about the very subject of evil on some of the latest posts on there ironically. * ) It just seems like it's more simple minded brainwashing conformity.

Christmas and Easter can go either way. Commercial or religious. I remember seeing some meme which was a parody of those Nesquik commercials " Silly Rabbit , Easter is for Jesus."

What do you all think ? Are holidays nothing more but Government and Religious brainwashing tactics ? If so then the tool of using commercialism making it " Fun to Celebrate " has obviously shown that it's effective.

If not then how come people aren't having fun creative parties all the time or having that sort of fun / unconditional loving happy mindset regardless ?
It's like how Christmas is said to just have fun , forgive , forget about the bad stuff and just love life and give the gift of joy.
But with such a positive mindset and attitude , why one day annually ? Know what I mean ?

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