The Coming :SHIFT"

by Tarheel on June 21st, 2012

Very good piece about some of what will be occurring. I hope you find this helpful.

Excerpt- "Many in the spiritual communities are awaiting the Event (or events) that will awaken the masses and trigger the Great Shift in Consciousness that will eventually transform the world for the better.

“I feel that we don’t actually go anywhere. We still stay on planet Earth, yet move into a Higher dimension upon it. Can you clarify this for me please?”

It is true, you don’t actually “go” or even “move” anywhere, except deeper within you to the part of you known as your higher self / soul / true self (which is your connection with Source). You will attain a higher level understanding, a bigger picture understanding, of the process of life and of your journey here. This understanding comes from many “aha” moments and insights that arise in you as a result of following through with your inner guidance promptly and consistently.



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wmarkley: yup

thats kind of what i thought too.

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