The Coming FOUR Blood Moons

Published on Apr 5, 2013

The coming Tetrad of blood moons with a solar eclipse beginning in April of 2014
Just as the Magi were moved by the triple conjunction of Jupiter and Regulus in 3 BC and traveled to Israel to pay homage to the new born King of the Jews, so we should be aware of the signs in the heavens and what they could mean for us. This is a sign of war coming to Israel and I believe this war will result in Israel gaining control of the temple mount in Jerusalem. Paving the way for the rebuilding of the Temple as prophesied in the scriptures.
Every believer should be excited as we approach the next appointed "feasts" of the Lord which are the feasts of TRUMPETS and TABERNACLES. This is because the fall feasts are the feasts of the gathering ! THE GATHERING, brothers and sisters.

Be it 2014 or 2015, know that HE is at the door!

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