Comet Ison is a Draconian Reptilian Mothership with an escourt fleet in the Solar System.

by Chris on September 10th, 2013

In light of Tolec's released information, we've asked Pa'al, Head of the Galactic Federation of Planets, to comment on the situation. His words, telepathically relayed to me are as follows:


I have been asked to give my statement regarding Tolec and the Andromeda Council. The Andromeda Council has been an ally of ours for many thousands of years. Tolec has likewise been a friend, both professionally, and at times, personally. However, despite our close working relationship with the Andromeda Council, they do not speak for us.

As Tolec has emphasized many times during his tenure speaking on Earth, he is the rightful appointed representative of the Andromeda Council. He is not, however, similarly empowered to speak on behalf of the Galactic Federation of Planets. That role falls upon Sunfire, our consciously activated and chosen incarnate representative; or Tanaath, in the case of direct telepathy, such as now. The Andromeda Council and Tolec do not speak for the Galactic Federation of Planets.

As it pertains to Comet Ison, the truth of the matter is that we do not at this moment know who sent it or why. It is most certainly not ours, as we have no need of something that comes in using a ballistic trajectory traveling at sub-light speeds, regardless of dimension. All of our allies and members have sufficient technology to get a ship into the system in a matter of hours, without requiring the lengthy transit time of a comet. This 'Xanterexx' is not a term or abbreviation of any term known to us.

Regardless of who sent it or why, if it appears to come under ill intent, we will stand in opposition to it. This I can promise you. We will ourselves die before we permit any threat such as this to cause harm to you.

We do not know why the Andromeda Council, if they have data on this Comet Ison, have chosen not to share it with us, their allies and partners in the liberation of this system. The fact remains that they have said nothing to us about Ison, especially not what has been related via Tolec to the public of Terra.

We do not dictate to the Andromeda Council how to communicate with their incarnate representative. Matters of protecting and communicating with incarnates are left up to their 'parent' groups, mostly their own personal family members. The Andromeda Council protects Tolec in their own way. Our standards of protecting our incarnates, and ensuring that their lines of communication remain intact, are different from those used by the Andromeda Council.

I do certainly understand that this matter has raised confusion and uncertainty in those who review the material put out by the Andromeda Council via Tolec, and the material put out by the Galactic Federation of Planets via Sunfire and via Tanaath. In this case, to those who are not attempting to find the truth from within themselves, this would appear to be a bare matter of 'he says/she says' and thus, absolutely unprovable or unverifiable. However, I would urge you to look within yourself. Use the lens of your own discernment in this matter. Do not fear being 'wrong'. Instead, be guided by your own heart and soul. The words of others can form signposts, but it's up to you to make your own road.

This is hopefully the last I will be required to speak on this matter. Be well, all of you."

Statement on Xanterexx Comet Ison - Sunfire of the Galactic Federation of Plantes - 9/8/2013

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bluesbaby5050: Your Correct about this Chris.........

You are correct according to Tannath, and the Silver Legion of Light, and the Galactic Council of Affairs. All NON-believers will always support the Skeptics out there,,,, Until they show up in their back yards! The leader of " The Heavens Gate Cult " from LA. was channeling the Reptilians on Halley's Comet = Hale-Bopp back in the 1990's, believing them to be angels sent from heaven because they were told that they were "THE CHOSEN ONES" and he and all his followers took their own lives an order to be taken aboard the spaceship anchored onto the back of Halley's Comet, because the reptilians were, and do use comets, and asteroids as a means of Tri-Jectory to boost them, and to give them Speed to travel though space. This happens to be well known though out this galaxy for thousands of years. A while back even Alex Collier had made a comment about this event, because he wanted to show his class how some of the reptilians travel, and to show them how the reptilians will fool some Channelers into thinking they are Special, and a cut above all the rest, WHAT EGOS this leader had! The reptilians had used their EGOS to get them aboard their ship. The retilians will always use humans Weaknesses Against them to get what they want! ( So all channelers please be warned ) And what a FOOL this leader was too! Those people were in their astral bodies after their physical bodies were left behind, and they were still solid enough to become food for all those reptilians! I bet when they had arrived on Halley's Comet that they were very shocked, and regretted their choice to do this. These people had sold all their belongings, and took all their life's saving and deleted their bank accounts etc. to support this leader, and to become a member of this cult. This also happened with the Leader in Africa, Jim Jones, when he ordered all his members to take their own lives too, and they also sold all their belongings, and deleted their bank accounts to become members of this insane leader, and his cult. So please be aware of this. Nasa never tells the complete truth to the public.

Tarheel: No need whatsoever to Fear it.

GFoP. GFoL. GCoL.Council of Saturn. Where do they come up with these names?

I'm not giving this attempt at fear manifestation any energy. Besides, Edisonik said to let him handle/worry about any reptilians.

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