bluesbaby5050: I believe this to be true because............

I recently read that before the 1200's that the English throne was not ruled by the Reptilian hybreds, and that during the 1200's is the century that the English throne was actually stolen, and taken over by the reptilians bluebloods. The king before King John was murdered, and that this was kept a secret for the remaining centuries until this present time. The origins of the Blue Bloods were jewish, and so was Hitler, he was a cousin to the queen of England during the second world war, and they both knew this too. Hitler kept all this a secret for years. Hitler was not a German at all, he was a bastard child, because his mother was a house keeper, and she got pregnant by the owner, her employer! Hitler was born in Austria, close to Germany. I read that he wanted to come into this world to become a artist, and painter, and he did actually paint scenery in his spare time, and that he had gone to school to perfect his skills, but he found out he was not good enough according to his grades from the school he had attended, and all of this was before he became the terrible tyrant that he was. His dark side became dominant instead, and he rose to power to do the damage of the Orion Queens.

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