Code Name: Artichoke A Full Documentary

by bluesbaby5050 on September 24th, 2014

Code Name: Artichoke A Full Documentary

Frederick, Maryland. More than 40 years after his death, the body of former CIA scientist Dr. Frank Olson has been exhumed. Olson’s son Eric is convinced his father was murdered by agents of the American government because he wanted to leave the CIA.

Dr. Frank Olson was an expert for anthrax and other biological weapons and had top security clearance. Forensic pathologists at George Washington University performed an autopsy and concluded that Olson probably was the victim of a violent crime.

It has been eight years since the exhumation. Eric Olson is still searching for the reasons behind his father’s death in November of 1953. Eric was nine years old at the time. It’s a quest he inherited as the oldest of three children. To solve the mystery of their father’s death. As I continue to say "Its amazing what we do not know about current events and history." This man who supposedly committed suicide was actually a CIA agent, but also a biologist that worked on bio-weapons research. Its sad when a child loses a beloved parent. It scares them for life, and this appears to be the case. I am wondering how he is dealing with finding out his father was murdered??

I remember the anthrax attack on Congress and elsewhere, but I also remember, and will never forget, how it was disclosed that Bush and white house staff had taken CIPRO 30 days before the attack and so were very well covered, but that meant they knew about the attack in advance. So why was it done? What did they hope to accomplish with such a weapon?

It was obviously used on domestic citizens of our nation. Does this mean our government leaders committed intentional murder? If so, that is a capital crime and punishable by a life sentence or death. Lets see some investigation into this below and some arrests and sentencing.
I don't know about anyone else, but frankly, I am sick and tired of these totally insane creatures that call themselves 'human', since they are anything but human. Animals is a better word, or even Lizards, you know, the ones that crawl on the ground and slither their bellies along seeking food.... and whatever else they can grab. [My apologies to the lizards for comparing them to these animals we have leading our nation]. Thank you very much.
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Codename Artichoke - The CIA's Secret Experiments on Humans (2002 Koch) Full Documentary 54 min -

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