Coast to Coast AM Interview with Marshall Vian Summers, Are ET forces influencing World Events.

by Chris on March 23rd, 2013

Visionary and conduit for divine messages, Marshall Vian Summers discussed how ET forces are influencing world events and capitalizing on human frailty in order to gain control of Earth. He first received "briefings" from angelic sources known as the "Allies of Humanity" back in 1997, with a second set of material arriving in 2005.

The Allies have been observing interfering ET presences on Earth, and seek to make humanity aware of their activity, Summers said. These ETs of several races are here in search of resources, and have been influencing people in power, as well as creating hybrid beings, since they can't breathe our atmosphere, he detailed.

Earth is considered by these ET groups to be a "biological storehouse," but the Allies warn of accepting ET technology-- we shouldn't give "the keys to our kingdom" for "trinkets from space," Summers commented. Knowledge or a "deeper intelligence within us" can keep people free from the ET intrusion, he added. For more, see the Declaration of Human Sovereignty.


Marshall Vian Summers is the author of over twenty books. His message presents a new vision of humanity's future in a larger Universe of Intelligent Life and an urgent call to prepare for the great waves of change now facing the world. These shifts include resource depletion, catastrophic climate change and environmental degradation, escalating conflict as well as an intervention by forces from beyond this world who are seeking to take advantage of a weak and divided humanity.

Coast to Coast AM Interview with Marshall Vian Summers

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bluesbaby5050: According to Marshall V. Summers...........

The GOOD ET'S ARE NOT INTERFERRING,IT IS NOT ALLOWED. Some of their Science teams are watching,and gadging the Earths movements,and monitoring the underground Lava pressures,and the flows,and it's activity,and the Electromagnetic Field around this planet,and they are testing the polution levels in the water ways,and the oceans,and the Earth Quakes activies, and our atmosphere for amounts of polutions,and the types of chemicals that the goverments are spraying into our air,making us sick. They also warned the people of Earth NOT TO TAKE ANY VACCINES,AS THEY ARE LOADED WITH HARMFUL NANO TECHNOLOGIES IN THEM TO CHANGE, OUR BODIES,AND NERVOUS SYSTEMS! This Nano -Technologies are also contained in the chemicals in the sprays that they are saturating the people with.(This is what this Morgellons Disease is all about. It wires the body to malfunction,in it's movements,and brain wave activies. The goverments are then able to control the people infected with this,and they can short out the bodies electric- firing systems.) And then the Science teams have to report their data back to the Andromeda Galactic Committies to see what is happening on,and in this planet.They are also watching to see how to ease this planet into it's new era of the higher dimentions without this planet clashing/crashing with any moving objects from off world. This is why people are seeing so many spaceships in the skies.They are NOT making choices for the humans,because this is all up to them,and how the humans are to evolve.They are in our solar system to monitor the other planets,and our sun's activities for radiation levels from the suns flares, and from Nuclear power plants,and it's effects on the surrounding areas. They do this in other solar systems,and galaxies as well.

kevy7: why do the reptilians not alpha draconians ?

have loads of themselves or hybrids within our society's walking among us if you look around you will notice they are everywhere they are the most sadistic narcissistic characters i have ever met. they are like robots almost with no real emotion no empathy just your everyday working class citizens pretending to be nice human people when really their the serpent children from draco. they get off on power and think they can do what they like to anyone but i see an end to them in the future. they control the earth at the moment from what i am aware of and from what i understand a group of nordics are planning on retaking control of the world and i hope they do. there is also a lot of reptilian blood in humanity that is why i think some of humanity is not great either. but then their is the humans without the reptilian genes i call them the genuine ones that i think they are good people.

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