Ciakar Draconian Reptilians.

by Chris on May 17th, 2013

AKA: The Draco-Orion Empire
Origins: The constellation Draco, 11.5 to several hundred light years from Earth.
Attitude Toward Humans: Malevolent

General Description: Ciakar Draconian Reptilians, or simply "Ciakars" are reputedly one of the most powerful, respected and ancient Reptilian races, and are supposedly descended from royalty. Other, lesser Reptilians are believed in turn to be descended from Ciakars. Ciakars are much larger and more powerful than their cousins. They supposedly have wings on their backs, a skeletal structure comprising multiple spinal columns, yellowish reptilian eyes, dark green or brown, thick, impenetrable and scaly skin. They may allegedly also have two hearts. Through human eyes, these creatures are truly monsters, ranging up to thirty feet in height and several thousand pounds in weight. They may live for thousands of years too. Could Ciakars have been the mythical dragons in ancient human lore? Ciakars are ruled through a monarchy, and have great reverence for their Queens. They are thought to have first come to Earth hundreds o thousands of years ago. Ciakars allegedly eat their prey -- sometimes humans -- live, and get a rush from the dying throes of their victims. They supposedly have a powerful miltary and control many other races throughout the galaxy, such as the Zeta Grey Reticulans, who do much of the dirty work for the Ciakars , such as human abductions Throughout galactic history, Ciakars and the Lyrans (and other human races) have been mortal enemies. As with most Reptilians, Ciakars allegedly continue to this day to seek the enslavement of the human race, and may even be operating from bases deep wthin Earth,s underground. Their fearsome physical attributes and extreme telepathic capabilities make them a formidable enemy.

Draconian Reptilians

Origins: The constellation Draco, from 11.5 to several hundred light years from the Earth.

Attitude Toward Human: Malevolent

General Description: Draconian Reptilians physically resemble other reptilians and may have horned skulls. They are also believed to be larger , stronger and more athletic than their lesser cousins. Draconian Reptilians may range in height from 5 to 15 feet tall. Some of them like, the ones descended from royalty
Known as the Ciakar Draconian Reptilians, or simply "Ciakar," can reach a height of 30 feet tall. The Ciakar, followed by non-royal Draconian Reptilians, form the highest level of Reptilian hierarchy and bloodline. Draconian Reptilians regard themselves as the first intelligent species in the univeres, and view all other races with Great Contempt. They are feared for their unparalleled technology, extreme intelligence and highly-developed cummunication skills, all of which are usually applied to the detriment of other races. They have allegedly colonized many planets through violence and infiltration activities. Some believe they are responsible for infiltrating Earth,s goverments, in order to use its institutions against itself, and aim to eventually dominate Earth completely. They view humans as a vastly inferior race as slaves, and as prey.
Draco Reptilans control all Reptilian Activity throughout the universe. Their advanced skills in genetics and cybernetics give them the ability to control the minds of others, and create hybrid life forms to serve the Reptilian cause, which is the domination of other races,

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