Chinese Alignment with Hostile Alien Force Brings Pacific War Threat


pasqualie: I think if govts cutting deals with ets is true

Then all major governments have cut deals with hostile aliens so i dont think its anything new.

I dont think there will be a direct conflict with china or russia. It means nuclear war basically. They might be able to beat the russians in a conventional war but i dont think they can win one with chinese, they have too many ground troops. They have 2 million without a draft.

And i dont think aliens will intervene in a nuclear war either, they didnt intervene with fukishima. so any type of major engagements with military between those powers means mutually assured destruction. I just see it as posturing, what it will be is economic war if anything. Everyone knows the number of nukes available is the enough to destroy the earth a thousand times over so i dont think anyone would be foolish enough to think they can survive a nuclear war. Aside from the radiation which lasts tens of thousands of years, you would be looking at 5 years with no sunlight. I am curious to know what this new hostile alien group is though. My thoughts is americans and europeans have aligned with the reptilians, and possibly the russians and chinese have aligned with the annunaki. Those two have been the two major groups on here for a while i believe. The rest are just small groups allied with one or the other faction if they are on the hostile side. As for the bioweapons, i think russians and americans have their own versions as well. It wasnt long ago that Sars made an appearance in asia. They found it targeted a genotype found in 98% of asians only, so you can guess who made that one.

As for the black goo, its probably just someones nanotechnology experiment.

bluesbaby5050: I must say that the COMMON PEOPLE of both countries are........

Not aligned with any superior et race EXCEPT FOR THIER GOVERNMENT LEADERS. The common folks are just caught in the middle of all this, and they are just trying to surive one day at a time though all this. We can not put the blame on the common people, because we are not in control of the power, or the weapons of mass distruction, and the voting process is rigged in the USA, and in other countries as well . This is just my personal opinion.

pasqualie: as well

chinese military in technology and size of military other than their army will need another 25 years to get on par with the american military in terms of navy and airforce from what I read. So if a war starts, I dont think it will be the chinese that start it. Its just not in their historical pattern, they dont start wars. Also they too dependent on selling their goods to the west. They start war basically all those western and japanese factories stop manufacturing and alot of people out of work. Their military right now is basically a police for the 1 billion they have in population. They have a huge gap between rich and poor and there is growing unrest because of it. Last year some guy in a mercedes there hit a guy on a bike, and he told his driver to go out and beat up the rider he hit for denting his car. There was a riot after that where the city went up and burned all the mercedes and luxury cars, while they went on a rampage before the army moved in. They have too many domestic issues to deal with to want to start a war. They have their own terrorism issues also with the provinces that are muslim that want to separate.

bluesbaby5050: I agree with this topic, and with both comments.................

Do you think they are trying to tell us something with the movie just released in to the public with is titled PACIFIC RIM? I think the military is more advanced in their technology then they let on, and so we have to view advanced moviessuch as Pacific Rim to get the full scope of what is really happening behing the scenes. Then shortly they came out with another one titled Atlantic Rim. I saw both of them, and the technology is far advanced but not impossible.

pasqualie: I stil dont think

chinese start the war. chinese buying russian military hardware and then reverse engineering it or what they steal from other countries through spies. it takes time to build up military. Their navy i think they said will take 12 years or more for russians to build the stuff to get it to size of american navy.

either way they got nukes, americans have nukes, russians have nukes. no one want to risk nuclear war, its why they not sending troops into ukraine.

i know they say nukes wont be allowed, but look at fukishima, much worse than any single nuke and it was allowed so i think any intervention over nukes is just a story told to make people feel safe.

if there is going to be a war it will be after obama gets out. and if there is going to be a war, republicans gonna get back into the white house for that. obama is not going to get himself mired in a war. he knows they cant afford it. republicans wont care they will go to war and if it bankrupts the country so be it. japanese paid for iraq war, but they wont give anymore money after tsunami, so they gonna have to print it or borrow money for a new war if they have one.

also starting a war with china is stupid because like i said they have too many ground troops, so cant win it without nukes. also they would be killing each others economies. us has all their manufacturing over in china, will take a while if they have to move it back. and chinese needs american and european and japanese factories to keep their people working and employed to eat. china is not independent, their population cant afford the goods they make for the west. they have to sell to the americans and europeans. and russians dont buy or make anything chinese need or want other than oil and gas. i just dont see it. also any slight blip like that and the us goes back into a recession and that stock market definitely gonna have a big correction if there is a war with china. there is no money in having a war with china, everyone loses. its messy too. looking at probably 10-20 year war if it happens in a conventional way. And all those allies in asia that are landlocked gonna get steam rolled by chinese army.

i dont see it, no money in a war like that. also in my opinion unwinnable, stalemate at best case scenario. americans would have to implement a draft and that would be very unpopular. if chinese did a draft they could probably get a 10 million man army with little effort in a population of a billion.

bluesbaby5050: I am familiar with the history of these countries mentioned.....

China has the manpower for sure, and Russia has the might, but it would be a big lost for China, and for the reasons that you listed. Russia and China are allies, and they border each other, and both have great resources, and it would be foolish not to stand united together. They are a huge force to mess with, and both countries have some of their military on U.S. soils being trained by U.S. military. China on the U.S. west coast, and Russia on U.S. East coast, waiting for martial law to happen, and if it does then the U.S. will be raped, and pilledged though those 2 forces with the OK from the U.S. government leaders that are in office today, because the U.S military will not kill their own peoples, but the Chinese, and the Russians will not blink an eye at the command when the timing is right, and the common people will be caught in the middle of all this. The U.S. people will not hand over their weapons, but instead will use them to defend, and protect our own people. We would not go down without a fight, because we are not cowards. Our history speaks for itself.

pasqualie: also think about this

say they won a conventional war with china and took over. how are they gonna control china, they couldnt even control iraq with the army there, imagine trying to control a population of 1 billion. chinese government needs 2 million soldiers to police country, americans would have to have at least 2 million soldiers there for next 50-100 years. too expensive.

bluesbaby5050: Most people are not even aware that Russia was allied with .....

The United States of America during the WW2, and they even protected our west and east coasts with their battleships, and with their UBoats against the Germans that hugged our coastlines, and they took many losses from the Russinas guarding each coastline during WW2 with the REQUEST of president Franklin D. Roosevelt. The leaders of Russia, and England, and the U.S. were all in bed together during the WW2, and even after it was over. This was all going on behind the world stage. All 3 leaders sat down and PLANNED what was going to happen with each play. Even Germany was on the same side as ENGLAND, and that's WHY THEIR PALACE WAS NOT BOMBED! That war was done for BIG PROFITS! The common peoples of these countries were not in on the behind the scences plans, and this was another great secret well hidden from the public. Hitler is the Blood Cousin of the British queen, and he was allowed to take refuge in the U.S along with many German scientists. It's all a big game, and we are the pawns. So stop letting them jerk us around at their convience when it suits them. I for one have had enough of this BS on the world stage of PROFITS GAMING.

Tarheel: Careful

Credibility issues abound w/ VT. They are the kings of HHS.
I hope you have a good BS detector. Actiually, I thought OL was jokin on the original post. I think more people tha we know may have that virus I posted about earlier.

But, (go ahead and) do whatcha gotta do.

bluesbaby5050: Your CLUELESS about Gordon Duff, and your ignorant remarks

And your Ignorant Remarks just prove it. OL'S Picture posted with article does NOT explain what he posted. [ Maybe your the one here with this virus you claim others have except you because all you do is fault people's research on TC withOUT doing any research on your own....SO JUST STICK TO MONSANTO IT'S EASIER, AND SO COMMON ....IT'S YOUR THING! ] GORDON DUFF - BIOGRAPHY

Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War. He is a disabled veteran and has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades.

Gordon Duff is an accredited diplomat and is generally accepted as one of the top global intelligence specialists. He manages the world's largest private intelligence organization and regularly consults with governments challenged by security issues.

Gordon Duff has traveled extensively, is published around the world and is a regular guest on TV and radio in more than "several" countries in cluding the U.S..

Gordon Duff is a trained chef, wine enthusiast, avid motorcyclist and gunsmith specializing in historical weapons and restoration.

Business experience and interests are in energy and defense technology.

Visit Gordon Duff's YouTube Channel if you can find the time.

obsrvantlouie: Listen to Gordon Duff

You can listen to many radio interviews with him on and other stations. Their is disinfo every where but Duff has his finger on the pulse better than most......having said that, I think BB mentioned this the other day; TC is one of the most advanced websites available for true/current perspective. Kudos to Quinton for maintaining and tediously improving this site as time goes on.

For my opinion on Duffs article.....obviously when a journalist post a story based on hearsay (credible witness or not) one can only speculate. Unless the reader has direct knowledge of the specific subject at hand/being reported - speculation is a must. This is where discernment comes in and the more knowledgable and educated are able to discern the validity of the article.

All governments are pawns of a faction of ET. ET pulls the strings. Inside the world of politics are separate ET factions vying for control of earth and it's inhabitants.

I would not be surprised one bit if nuclear war or at least one nuclear bomb is dropped 'somewhere'....whether I would be painted as an act of war or terrorism is up to ET and dependent upon how the want to maximize the false flag. All wars are bankers wars could be elevated to all banks are owned by ET.

Extermination of the human race in place of a more viable option (smart enough to push buttons but too dumb to question) I am certain is on the burner. The means to accomplish this goal..."depopulation" is openly discussed and Talked about by human world leaders. The term "new world order" is being said over and over again by the likes of Chuck Hagel, Putin and more.

Disclosure in order to prepare for overt alien control is also an option.

So, what am I saying.....I guess I am saying that unless you have a direct line with the Orion Queen than you don't have much but educated conjecture as to what and why the PTB are propagating.

The world, countries, resources and population is run like a game of monopoly......all the people go round the board never collecting $200 dollars while the rent gets more expensive with each roll. Countries are targeted for assimilation or destruction based on the threat or added value it offers.

Japan - there is a reason Japan is being allowed to drown in radioactivity.....Japan is probably one of the most advanced nations spiritually. The ideals of the Samurai have transcended time and created strength of character, intelligence and spiritual awareness. I always wondered why I was attracted to Japanese animation like: dragon ball z, rouroni kenshin etc......not only are these extremely entertaining and well thought out shows....they are full of plot lines that lead one to discovering self and also discovering the system.

Japan is being targeted for destruction by the PTB because they have let their 'people' become to aware. Can I prove this? No.....but observation and research indicates a strong possibility I am correct.

Always question and don't believe at face value.....however, don't be afraid to try and tie the knots together. Try to look past the surface reasons for global events and determine who benefits.....very few events on a global scale are happening by natural means.

Tarheel: Well said

Pardon the hotheaded psychopath's remarks. She is her own worst enemy and continues to be the architect of her own demise. That's what happens when someone thinks they're genius.

I frequent VT and there's ALWAYS something controversial to see there.

There was zero ill-intent in my remark and was sent to serve as only a head's up. You know me, and if I had wanted to say Duff's a POS, I would have said, "Duff's a POS". Although we don't always agree, I appreciate the civility you exhibit and the insight you provide ,OL.

bluesbaby5050: YOU Show Your True Colors all the Time Tarheel calling people...

Names that You NEVER KNEW, and never ment PERSONALLY. No one enjoys your favorite names you choose to use for people. They can be found thoughout this site on many posts. You should be ashamed of yourself. As we can see by your nasty remarks your still far behind. I don't recall anyone saying I was a genius including myself on Truth Control. That's just you Tarheel be you. You target many people on this forum in this same manner. Change yourself, and you change the world.

bluesbaby5050: There was NO REASON to tell OL to pardon any of my remarks,


bluesbaby5050: Thanks...... I have posted many of Gordons Duffs material on

Truth Control. Gordon speaks the truth, and I'm always in favor of the truth. I do listen to the radio shows that he is a guest on as Gordon is one of my regulars that I do listen to. I don't own a TV anymore, because I got rid of it 12 years ago and I never missed it. I have better things to attend to in life then being brainwashed by the BOOBTUBE. Too bad more people didn't do the same as I did....Oh well.

HebrianDaniel: never mess with russians you

never mess with russians you dont know what secret weapons they has.
they hide 1 of the most deadliest biological weapons.
they secretly have bioengineers and bacterias maker.
that why china dont want to ever try war with russia.
russia proved that they has the most heaviest nuclear weapons
they throwed weapon somewhere called tsar bomba a weapon that weigh 50 megaton which very heavy!

Tim Lovell: it was meant to be 100

it was meant to be 100 megatons BB but they reduced it to 50 megatons for the test bomb..

bluesbaby5050: Hey Tim........

I think your ANSWERING HD, because I never did mention anything in this post about bombs of any size. Check it.

Tim Lovell: oh sorry BB I didn't see that

oh sorry BB I didn't see that doh sry!

bluesbaby5050: We do not want to.......

Confuse the members now do we Tim ? LOL! Mistakes do happen Tim, so don't get upset over this. :-)

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